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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

One last thing…


I didn’t want to have to write this on a day filled with actual Jets news, but this is the last post I’ll be writing for Jets Journal.

I’ve decided to leave The Journal News and today is my last day.

As a lot of you can probably tell, I have loved every minute covering this football team. From Chad Pennington, through Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez, Eric Mangini and Rex Ryan it’s been a blast.

I will admit I was a little nervous about writing a blog. They demand constant feeding and attention, and frankly there are not a lot of women blogging pro sports. I wasn’t sure if I’d spend a lot of days deleting profanities.

That didn’t happen.

I have really enjoyed reading your comments and insight about the team, and more than once followed up with a coach or player to see if there was more to it. I can’t tell you how much I will miss the give and take with you.

Thanks for making this worth the nights and weekends, the 1 a.m. phone call with Mike Tannenbaum to announce Favre’s arrival. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I hope to be covering sports again and soon. In the meantime, you can follow me at twitter.com/janesports and I’ll be starting up a roller derby blog. That’s me in a black mouthguard, sneering at Rita Wayward. You can find info on my league, Suburbia Roller Derby, at suburbiarollerderby.com.

Hopefully though, there will be another pro sports blog in my future that I can stock with audio and video clips.

When that happens, I hope I’ll see you there.

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746 Responses to “One last thing…”

  1. David

    Wow, I hope this is a positive move for you, Jane. Whoever takes over here will have big shoes to fill. I hope we have the good fortune of finding you on a future Jets blog somewhere else. In the meantime, maybe you’ll make a roller derby fan out of me. Everyone loves girls on skates. :)

    Cheers and all the best to ya!

  2. Alex

    Thanks for all the time you’ve put in. There are a good many of us, I;m sure, who are very grateful. Good luck rollergirl!

  3. JayM

    I’m sorry to see you go and you will be missed. You did a great job covering the Jets and Rangers. I would like to wish you luck on your next endeavor and know you will do well. Thank you.

  4. JetOrange

    It’s a sad day. I would like to thank all the people in your life that encouraged you to go into journalism. Your talent, your dedication and your insight will be sorely missed.

    Thank you for being you

  5. joe b

    Another BLACK DAY for Lohud. Jane McManus, who did an outstanding job covering the NY J*E*T*S for us and Ernie Palladino, the Giants long time beat writer were let go. When they let Andrew Gross go I was very disappointed, especially when there was no replacement for quite a while. Jane finally stepped in and at first I wasn’t too thrilled. After all it was a female covering my NY J*E*T*S, But after just a few blogs I realized we had a person who really loved and put her entire soul into what she was doing. Jane & Ernie we will miss you both. Sorry to see you go but I am sure you both will land on your feet wherever that road may take you.

  6. joe b

    Lohud this is directed directly at you and whoever you send us as a replacement. These J*E*T bloggers and Jane were like a little internet family. We bled green as a family. She read our little blogs and answered our questions. I hope we don’t go through what we went through when Andrew was let go. Jane not only covered the J*E*T*S, she also covered the Rangers and HS softball. You seem to overload these reporters and than discard them. How many more outstanding reporters are you going to just kick out. Tony P. Joe Lombardie, Andrew Gross, Ernie Palladino and Jane were people who gave you their all and “Poof, just like that they are gone.

  7. David

    Nice one, Joe. Andrew Gross was also outstanding and this board did fall into a bit of a tailspin until Jane manned it up. I guess this board is kind of like the Jets…the players change, but the fans continue to rally around the jersey. Here’s hoping they keep it worthwhile for us.

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  9. Herman69

    Joe Lombardi had the vision to leave very much on his own before the total collapse of the Journal News sports coverage he helped rise to excellence. I believe the others also left of there own volition (sp) including Jane.

  10. ErikSec.309


    This hasn’t always been the most visited blog, but that does not reflect poorly on you. You are by the far the best blog host in the area and yes, our little family will miss you dearly. Please let us know where and when you catch on.

  11. joe b

    Joe Lombardi saw the writing on the wall.

  12. Jane McManus

    Thanks for saying all those nice things! It’s true that Ernie and I opted to leave, and I am sorry but I don’t think the paper will cover this as a beat going forward. Perhaps someone will keep up the blog, however. You guys deserve a place here.

  13. Dan

    Jane I wish you the best and just maybe you will end up
    reporting for the Vikings with our friend Favre…LOL
    Best of Luck…...

  14. Dan

    I wonder if I should try to run this blog?With my knowledge
    of football and my open mind on new players,I think it would be sure thing.With Ryan’s decision to go with Sanchez
    I believe it will be a very long season for the Jets and
    once again rival fans will be chanting SAME OLD JETS by week three….Maybe we should of persuaded” You know who”
    to stay a little bit longer!!!!! I’M BACK….

  15. David

    Whoa Dan…

    If you take over we’ll have to Paraphrase John Thompson, after he once defiled Manley field house, “Lohud Jets Blog is officially closed” (ha ha).

    JetOrange seems to be a levelheaded wealth of information…perhaps Lohud should appoint him interim blog director.

  16. Alex


    That’s not a bad idea! Up to it, JetOrange?

  17. Alex

    Just read that the Mets’ Oliver Perez is out for the season. Recently, I posted here that there must be some kind of talisman working against Clemens. Now I have to think that somewhere out there, probably in Philadelphia or Atlanta, somebody is sticking many pins into a tiny Mr. Met replica. There’s no other explanation!

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  19. simplysimon2

    I was a hard sell. I loved Andy and you were a usurper. Silly me. You turned out to be great as well. Loved your sidebars. It’s a tough business. Good Luck.

    Simply, Simon

  20. AKA....Drew

    This was mentioned on TJB a few months ago…..Us Jet fans are Joe Nameth and Jane McManus is our Suzy Kolber…

    It has been a pleasure following you Jane. I was a little skeptical about a woman reporting on my Jets but you have done a great job. So much so that I ignored the other guys (who couldnt tweet as fast as you could) You will be missed by this fan….Big time.

    Good Luck

  21. notjustQBs

    Dear Jane,

    We have really enjoyed your work in the paper and on this blog.

    I only hope we can learn of your next effort so that we can follow along on your output.

    Thanks for everything.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  22. Comma


    I don’t have anything new or interesting that hasn’t already been said. As the magnificent bastard that I am, the first thing I could only think of is how this sucks for me. I basically just found this blog and it’s like I’m just now walking into a movie and the credits are rolling.

    So, although it may sound repetive please be well. Whatever it is you want in life I hope you obtain. Remember this time and all the people your work touched. Good luck setting up your roller derby blog (which kind of sounds like fun). I don’t think you’ll start up a pro sports blog again. However, if I’m flat out wrong and you do I hope I’m in the stands somewhere.

    See you when I see you

    -The ,

  23. Comma

    Alex and Dave

    I’ve seen JetOrange at the Jets Insider message boards where the big dogs run. I think he’ll just go back there but its worth asking.

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  25. subzero2401

    Well, now that there is no reason for me to ever read the Journal News ever again, what am I going to do?

    Jane, thank you for everything. You are the absolute best and we will obviously miss you. Best of luck to you!

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  28. joe b

    I guess it is off to Siberia for us J*E*T and giant fans. Apparently LoHud doesn’t care about us. This isn’t the first time we were in Limbo. But I think it may be the beginning of the end for blogging

  29. David

    You could be right, Joe. The newspaper industry is an industry in decline and I get the feeling that the Journal News probably doesn’t have the resources needed to swim with the bigger fish.

  30. Alex

    Alas, I think you guys are right. If so, I am really going to miss “yous,” as Archie Bunker would’ve put it. I’ve never had more fun as a Jets fan; that can be taken well or poorly! But, seriously, I find this site therapeutic. Misery loves company!

    And when I drop in on other blogs and I see how disrespectful the participants generally are with each other, I value this site more than ever. Name-calling is rare, even when we disagree mightily with each other. This is the classiest site around. Sorry if it goes, really sorry.

  31. David

    Alex, you hit it right on the head. If you find a close facsimile to this place in the interim, please post the link and maybe we can move our little community into another remote corner of the Jet universe. I read from a lot of different places, but I don’t have the desire to dive in posting in a dumbed-down mainstream moshpit, either.

  32. ErikSec.309

    I still can’t believe this has happened. What am i going to do? Do I join the Post, News, or Bergen Record blogs? Please someone, send a good link. I’ll miss you guys.

  33. David

    What do you think, Eric? Pick the best one and maybe we can follow you through the door.

  34. joe b

    Here we are, hours away from our looked forward to match-up with our biggest rival and we have no coverage from LoHud. Or should I say NoHud. As a J*E*T fan I feel that NoHud has turned its back on us. I know the newspaper business is taking a terrible hit from the internet. However as a fan of football and especially the J*E*T*S I do not understand this move at this time. Two weeks before the start of the season. There hasn’t been a football article (J*E*T*S or giants) since Wednesday. Will we be seeing this blog just lay stagnant or will there be future post from your staff. Jane and Rick were outstanding journalist and I am sorry to see them leave. But what is in our future with your paper regarding the NY J*E*T*S.

  35. ErikSec.309

    Please someone update me blow by blow on this entry about tonight’s game. I’m in Florida on vacation and I’m heading to a movie…..Well, at least until the end of the 3rd qtr.

  36. David

    I wish I could be watching this game, but the only games in my area are Cardinals/Chargers (why???) and Bills/Steelers. I’m going to be following it on the CBS Game center.

  37. David

    I know Ill be talking to myself here, but oh my god is this team having an issue with penalties. One quarter down and they have 7 for 70 yards, They won’t be able to win many, if they rack them up at this pace. They’d better get it fixed…

  38. David

    Well, I couldn’t “see” it, but on the balance, I think the offense might be ahead of the defense, in terms of progress. The Jets D started like swiss cheese, but tightened up a bit in the second quarter. Sanchez had a solid half and seems to have a good thing going with Chansi Stuckey. Reason for cautious optimism on the offensive side of the ball…

  39. Alex

    Our secondary was looking AWFUL in the first quarter but solidified in the second. Our takeaways have been saving our butts. Shepherd is getting picked on mercilessly; much of the penalty yardage that David refers to is due to Shepherd. I’m starting to see why Philly let him go.

    Sanchez started slowly again, but has really picked it up. Stuckey was great getting that TD into the end zone from about the 12, where he caught the ball. Sanchez’s throw, I must admit, Clemens could not have made, though Clemens has other strengths. Still Sanchez is only going to get better-a scary thought for the rest of the division/league.

    David: I’m getting the game through Channel 3 from Syracuse; I think it has to do with the Jets’ popularity around here because of the Cortland connection.

    It seems Jet Orange has left. Right?

  40. David

    Cheers to ya, Alex. Thanks for sharing the visuals. I think you must be right about Cortland helping with the broadcast. I was in Syracuse today for a pop warner game, but that’s another story…

    I wondered if Shepard looked as bad as the game center made him appear. How is bust-boy Gholston looking? I noticed he contributed a penalty and 1 tackle, after a 17 yard gain.

  41. David

    It’s looking like Sanchez has flat outplayed Manning in this game….I know it’s only preseason, but that is really impressive for a green rookie.

  42. joe b

    Just in case you people at NoHud missed it. The J*E*T*S beat the giants tonight 27-25

  43. Alex

    Gholston actually had his first sack, but gave it up stupidly via a helmet-to-helmet hit on the QB. Dumb, just dumb.

    Stuckey really impressed me with his tenacity on several plays, not just the TD dogfight (sorry M. Vick) into the end zone. That’s dogfight as in old WWI airplanes. He did a great job of preventing one pass from being intercepted. Sanchez owes him one.

    Here’s an idea. Too much rum to say for sure it’s a good one. I hear that Yahoo hosts web groups; though we’d miss Jane, for sure, we could at least talk to each other rather than “disband” forever. Any tech-savvy guys out there who might enjoy moderating? It could be googled too, in case anyone else might want to join later on. Just an idea.

    Glad Rex lost his virginity tonight!

  44. joe b

    Please, after tonight’s game. Let’s put all these Clowney stories away until he does something against starters. I guess we can just keep posting on this story until someone take over, if anybody ever does.

  45. joe b

    JetOrange, I posted this story last week when you mentioned about Fred Mautino and Mike Ditka. I collect sports memorabilia and one of my pieces was the actual game program, jetOrange, right now I am looking at page 37 of the November 5, 1960 official program of the Syracuse/Army game. Some of the names on that team were Art Baker, Ernie Davis, Fred Mautino & his brother Lou of Reading Pa. and a back name John Mackey who was a sophomore. Al Vanderbush (General) and Frank Gibson were the Army captains. The kicker was Frank, not Tom, Blanda. Syracuse had tri-captains, Al Bemiller, Fred Mautino and Dick Riemer. HOFer Walt Sweeney was on that team and the legend Ben Schwartzwalder was the coach…Alex I know Caster has 2 long TDs. I think the other one was a 10-15 yarder. He was over 200 yards on about 5or 6 catches. He was a high school football coach at Rye Country Day school for a while down here in Westchester. That is just outside of Port Chester and Rye. Jerome Barker may have had the other long TDpass.

  46. ErikSec.309

    Did Clowney even get thrown to? I’m happy Gholston just made it to the quaterback. Now, they can start working on basic tackling.

  47. David

    Well, I guess the bottom line is, that the available receiving corp didn’t seem to pose any problem for Sanchez, so I think it’s safe to assume he’s got enough weapons in house to work with. I wouldn’t touch Poison Marshall with a 10 foot pole…I might throw rotten fruit at him.

  48. ErikSec.309

    I think I’m going over the the Nj.com blog. It seems like one of the better blogs. there were no posts on the entry about the game so it seems like we can all go over there and make it like old times. The link is on the side of the page.

    • Jane, Please let us know if you ever manage another Jet blog.
  49. David

    Alex, I don’t imagine setting up a yahoo group would be all too difficult. Maybe, the handful of us die-hards here can just string 1,000 posts up on this thread…

    It’s nice to have a place to vent on game day…

  50. Alex


    I posted a message to you on NJ.com, but it has failed to appear. Perhaps I have to wait for a moderator to evaluate it before others can read it?

  51. Alex


    My post just popped up. I’ll be monitoring that blog and this one, as long as it continues to exist. David, are you aboard too? Joe?

    Pretty sure JetOrange is gone. For a regular and avid poster, he’s been quiet for a long time.

    I had to change my name to AlexUpstate to use the new blog! That blog is much more security-conscious!

  52. joe b

    mine just popped up

  53. joe b

    noclown is my new name. Tried about 25 names first

  54. JetOrange

    I’m in, I will follow you guys anywhere, NJ.com
    Okay :

  55. ErikSec.309

    I just blogged.

  56. Jane McManus

    Sad to see you guys go but glad you found a new place to go. I’ll let you know when I pop up somewhere else.

  57. joe b

    Keep in touch Jane. We will be looking forward to hearing from you. Does tour Roller Derby team ever get on TV. If so let us know. I might even drop in at The Murrays rink some night. I use to go ice skating there when I was younger. and as a little kid, I would go camping on the same spot before they built the rink and all the stores on Tuckahoe road.

  58. JetOrange


    We have been focused and correctly so, on what you have brought to the table. It must be also noted that your very nice. Would you consider Bristol ? I was hoping Espn execs read the thejetsblog, unfortunetly we are buried now around page 3

  59. Jane McManus

    I saw that J-O, and I appreciate that you think so highly of me. I will consider everything, but first, I’m taking a few weeks to chill out, go to the pool and watch preseason football. After that, you will see my byline again!

  60. David

    I think that’s a very good choice…next best option. I’ll be DavidDark over there. :)

  61. JetOrange

    Jane , time to chill , richly deserved, you know it hard for multi-taskers to relax. Expect a call or a tweet Monday from Bristol, or they have the staff meeting Monday and formulate a compensation package that will knock your skates off, proposed and executed on Tuesday. It was that PodCast that put you over the top. Good organizations are about talent, finding it,using it and keeping it.

  62. JetOrange

    Hey guys I’m trying, having a problem with security ,I assume.
    Jane, one last thing, as you sit by the side of the pool, everyone thinks highly of you, this blog is a testament to that, it ain’t only us, it’s colleagues, other writers, players… you did good

  63. Alex

    I think that since it’s easier to post at this site and since we can use our regular names, I’m going to post material here until the site is closed down.

    I read on the other blog that some were critical of Stuckey. Not me. I was impressed. How can anyone see negatively the tremendous fight he made to get into the end zone? The energy and savvy he exhibited in preventing that interception? Like David, I’m fine with Stuckey as #2. If we can get a top-flight WR, then great-just shift Stuckey to #3. But no way should he be headed to the scrap heap. Why would anybody think so?!

    Joe, I don’t recall any balls thrown Clowney’s way, do you, now that you’ve had a chance to see the game again?

  64. JetOrange

    Last week I was questioning why they would run Stuckey on a reverse ? The answer was demonstrated in his touchdown run. the guy is elusive….

  65. ErikSec.309

    Well, I think I’m gonna stick to blogging over there. It’s just not the same here without Jane. I mean I love you guys and all, but I do need some updates (although part of me says that JetOrange could give supply great info). See ya, hopefully soon.

  66. joe b

    I have a feeling they will be looking over the waiver list as soon as it is released. They released 4 players today. Whittacker and Pizzotti were on the list. I know you guys don’t want Marshall. But I would take him in a heartbeat. I think Bart Scott would get in his face and let him know what this team is all about. How would you guys feel losing Cutler and getting Orton. He has a right to be upset. Is anyone else having trouble getting on nj.com tonight ?

  67. ErikSec.309

    Nj. com seems to be working fine right now. Oooops, I said I was gone. It’s hard to stay away.

  68. joe b

    This is a great article about the money hungry owners and the stadium we are paying to build http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/31/sports/football/31tickets.html?_r=2&partner=TOPIXNEWS&ei=5099

  69. Colour1

    this was one of those mornings that started with:”WTF” happened??? I’ve been out of town and haven’t the time to check in with you and Ernie? As I start up my computer I start to load up my Jet’s/Giants blogs. Only to read that Ernie and you have been let go???? Thats when I said: “WTF” this can’t be?? We were just on your web-cast together!!! We even e-mailed one another!!! I had heard that “cuts” were coming but this as I said on Ernie’s blog is just out right “STUPID”!!!
    I have had so much fun waking up to your blog and Ernie’s blog!!! That it brought me back to the days of being right there in the mix of it all! What you did was bring the fan into the locker room, you brought us with you to the interviews! This is some thing that the news paper reader could never have had without you!
    God bless be well!!
    you have my e-mail address stay in touch! my prayers with your family!

  70. TexasDave

    Ok guys. I have been enjoying your posts for some time now though I rarely post. I am a Jet fan from day 1 of the Titans. It is ashame that this blog will soon be shut down. At any rate I would like to be able to ID you over at NJ.com. So far I believe we have “Alexupstate” for Alex. “Nocloud” for ErickSec.309. “DavidDark” for David. Now how about the rest of you guys.
    Joe b

  71. JetOrange

    JetOrange44, how original
    Joe b = noclown

  72. joe b

    Texas Dave.. I also go back to the Titans. I was at the first home game in the old Polo Grounds. Been hooked ever since. I actually went to a NY Football Giants game with the cub scouts. God, that was so long ago. Went to many NY Giants baseball games. Saw Jackie Robinson steal home plate against the Giants. Still a Giant baseball fan even though they haven’t won it all since I was 14 years old.

  73. TexasDave

    Joe b—Oh no! I was a die hard Dodger fan when I was a kid. Used to go to the games with PAL tickets during the week and payed to see Sunday doubleheaders. Would also wait for balls hit over the fence at Ebbets field during batting practice for free pass into the ball park. Jackie Robinson! Very fond of him but with his arrival from Montreal the O’Malley greed set in. Instead of 1 pay for a double header fans would have to vacate and buy a second ticket. Man did this bring the fans in from Philadelphia. When them der Bums left many of us die hard Brooklyn fans couldn’t take it. When the Dodgers were out of town with the Giants on the road I would go up to the stadium and root AGAINST the Yankee’s. But they stayed and now I root for them. Home is where the heart is.

  74. Erik Sec.309

    Ummmmmm….ErikSec.309 here = ErikSec309 on NJ.com

  75. Nerf

    THIS BLOG SUCKS!!! Can we get some info other than this Roller Derby crap? It’s almost time for the games to start!!!

  76. TexasDave

    Joe b—Do you remember the Brooklyn Dodger football team? Ace Parker was their quarterback and they wore tomato red uniforms. Boy Nerf I bet you love this after your last post. I am sorry, buy you will probably be ready for roller derby and Brooklyn Dodger, New York Titan football after the season begins. Do you really think that we are going to win many games with a loud mouth Coach who will wind up eating many of his words? Yes he is very entertaining but what kind of team will he produce with so many old nearly worn out over paid veterans. Like the owner, I doubt that he has to much of an idea of what is going on. He needs to first produce before spouting off so much. The newspappers love him. but will the fans?

  77. joe b

    I was too young, LOL, to remember Bklyn Dodger football. They were in the 40s and we didn’t have TV back in those days. I remember listening to the Giant/Colt sudden death game on the radio because of the home game blackout rule. All home games were blacked out back then. Todays fans are spoiled, However there are some teams that will have games blacked out this year. Especially with the economy and the price of tickets an PSLs. I remember the Happy Felton Knothole gang show. One of the guys from our LL got on the show. I am approaching this season cautiously. I might even get to the Roller Derby. It is in my hometown, Yonkers NY.

  78. Erik Sec.309

    Nerf – Pay attention

  79. Drumr


    It’s with dismay that I learn of your departure. This blog was informative but also lively and fun under your guidance. I can’t imagine it can remain that way. I’ll look forward to catching up with you sometime, somewhere – else. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. It would be a shame to learn you didn’t receive the same from your employers. I’m sorry we all can’t watch the season unfold together. THANKS!!!!!

  80. Colour1

    I remember watching roller derby as a kid with my cousins before dinner!! Great memories!!! Yes we ITALIANS eat dinner sometime around noon!!! Hey this could be fun???? We will all miss Jane but she’s got to do what she’s got to do!!!
    Nerf I don’t think you would like it to much loseing your job that you love so much!! Jane loved her job and loved the blog and all of us that chimed in with our thoughts!! The web-cast’s were lots of fun and a great way to be apart of the writing staff that brought us a lil closer to the players and the action. Say a prayer and lighten up!

  81. Alex

    Joe b,

    A while back-I think it was on the other blog- you said that you thought that the Jets’ 0-8 record against Philly included preseason games. I don’t think it does. I say this because I seem to remember a preseason game a few years back in which Brooks Bollinger mounted a furious second-half rally that won the Jets the game. I think I can recall one other time since then that the Jets have prevailed, in preseason, of course. Is Philly the only team that the Jets have never beaten in the REGULAR season? Anyone out there know? Anyone out there still with this blog?!

  82. TexasDave

    Joe B,
    “Anyone out there still with this blog?” Yes the blog is still breathing. We won’t give up till they cut the cord. Hopefully a few of the regulars will report in.

  83. David

    Oh my God…has anybody read this over on Cimini’s blog?


    If there is any truth to this, I’d like to see the GM fired before it could even occur…Trading Harris for Marshall would be a miscalculation to rival the Favre move from last year.

  84. JetOrange

    Sometimes Cimini is right.. not often but this time. I have a concern that Joe B may be on the other side of this but I feel pretty strongly. Denver is looking for David Harris and a Pick for Brandon Marshall. I couldn’t send Harris to the Broncos for Marshall and RECEIVE a second round pick. And I’m a guy who thinks the world of Cummings, Trusnick and Westermen.

  85. David

    It would be total fools gold to make a move like that. Cimini is right on so many levels, about the consequences. Aside from the fact that I think Harris should be a mainstay for years to come; If I’m Leon Washington and they make that move without satisfying me, I’d say “I’m f***ing out of here, after this year.” Brandon Marshall is not worth any of this.

  86. Colour1

    They haven’t cut the cord yet! So in honnor of Jane lets keep it going!!!
    Now “WTF” is this “BS” trade all out!!! Thats “BS” to even think that Marshall would turn around?? Has “TO” made any turn around??? We need the back-bone of David Harris and if the front office can’t see this we’re never going to get past the the end of the season! Forget wild-card forget play-offs! This is just out-right STUPID!!!
    Keep this going!!
    Love ya Jane!

  87. Alex

    I just read Cimini’s blog entry. I thought it was a promo for a SciFi movie, because it certainly inspired horror in me. Crapiola Pudding.

  88. David

    Yeah, I think we might carry this thread to the playoffs…

  89. joe b

    Alex I read it wrong. They haven’t won a regular season game with the Eagles. They own them in preseason. I would have to think real hard before I trade Harris for Marshall. I think that if they are talking about it than a trade is possible. How much input do you think Bellechicken had in bringing up the tampering charge. I would have liked Putzier as a TE option. He at least catches some passes and can block too. Comparing Marshall with TO is ridiculous. He has no on the field issues. His team mates like him and he has a good reputation around the league. It’s personal with the organization. If you think he is the only guy in the NFL that does some of the things he does, your dreaming. He is just one of the guys who got caught. We are just kidding ourselves if we think our team is set with the WRs we currently have on our roster.

  90. joe b

    Brandon Marshall Cleared of Battery Charges, Sets Course for ‘New Life’
    Posted: Aug 14th 2009 6:40 PM ET by CHRIS BURKE (RSS feed)
    Filed Under: Broncos, NFL Police Blotter16 COMMENTS
    An Atlanta jury cleared Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall on a pair of misdemeanor battery charges, finding him not guilty after a two-day trial.

    Marshall was arrested in March 2008 after an argument with his then-girlfriend Rasheedah Watley.

    “It’s been almost over a year and a half and I’m just happy that now, legally and emotionally we can move forward and hopefully get past thing,” Marshall told the Denver Post after the trial concluded. “For me, I’m excited about the opportunity just to start over. It’s a new life almost.”

    But will the verdict help settle his NFL career?
    Continue Reading »

  91. joe b

    We love our athletes but http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=hruby/061228

  92. David

    Thank God he has been freed to move on, emotionally…now he can devote all his attention to his pacifier.

  93. Alex

    Humor lives on despite the prospects of horror!

    Harris HAS to stay.

  94. joe b

    Jane, this should interest you..”Whip It” (Oct. 2)
    Is there anything more fun than roller derby? OK, don’t answer that. But this flick about a rebellious teen (quite a stretch for Ellen Page!) who trades her beauty pageant crown for roller skates looks like a blast, with help from Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis and Drew Barrymore, making her directorial debut. Um, finally?

  95. joe b

    Guys would you take some of these players on the J*E*T*S..http://nflcrimes.blogspot.com/

  96. David

    Is there really a whole lot of talent on that list, Joe? I’ll take your basic pothead and traffic scofflaw. I don’t want the prima donnas, Wife beaters, murderers, rapists or Romanowskis of the world.

  97. joe b

    David, maybe not. But these are just the guys that got caught. Unfortunately the prima donnas, wife beaters, murderers, rapist and Romanowski have SUPER BOWL RINGS

  98. David

    Thank you NFL Network…I get to see the game tonight. Don’t want to blink and miss the starters…hope the scrubs put on a good show.

  99. David

    I expect the starters to stuff the scrubs. Vick at wildcat…just go after him. please…can’t believe they bit on a fake to Kolb. Now Shepard for PI…is it time to cut this guy? he sucks.

  100. David

    Vick trips over his own dogs…

  101. David

    This is pathetic…I feel like I’m in midseason form. Will go away and regain my senses shortly.

  102. David

    Wow…I’d make the starters go another series on defense…that was a sorry display of defensive football from a first team defensive, against a second team offense. I don’t care how vanilla they played it…no excuses.

  103. David

    Oh My…as bad as the D was, the o made up for it. Sanchez…just amazing. Simply beautiful exclamation point to a one drive game.

  104. TexasDave

    What do you guys make out of the Jets putting a claim on Pats QB Kevin O’Connuel

  105. David

    I think they just wanted to pump O’connel for info…

    I just cut Wallace Wright.

  106. David

    Danny Woodhead is suddenly looking impossible to cut. Erik Ainge is suddenly looking like a #2?

  107. David

    Preaseason passer rating, at this moment

    Sanchez – 111
    Ainge – 110.2
    Clemens – 47.9

    Apologies to Alex…I wouldn’t have expected this outcome from the beginning, either.

  108. David

    I like Jack Simmons, but he has dropped an awful lot of passes in this preseason…a couple too many today.

    I’m gonna start the woohead fanclub. Somebody remind me what calkruck has done to make the team ahead of him. Woodhead has been fantastic tonight. They have picked up yards in the preseason without a big fullback leading the way.

  109. David

    Alright, I’ll look forward to any and all counterpoints or perspectives tomorrow. I hope I didn’t drive the survivors away with my spontaneous diatribe….

  110. Alex

    Woah, David! A little caffeine with your rum?!

    Clemens has some bad luck though, doesn’t he? That INT should have been a completion to Wright, off whose hands it bounced. Another mitigating circumstance is that Clemens doesn’t get to play for very long, has no chance to get into a rhythm, unlike Ainge, who has played many more series than Clemens in the preseason. Also, they don’t seem to call anything long when Clemens is in there, again in contrast to the other QBs. I just know, as I’ve said many times, Clemens looked great against the Ravens’ tough D in a real game and with a shitty O line. Still, all that being said, Ainge’s arm on the bomb to Clowney looked superior even to Sanchez’s! A pretty play, even if it ends up consternating Joe b: Clowney needs to do it against another team’s ones. Joe is right. We need to see it. Don’t want to hear “potential” anymore!

  111. David

    Just warming up for the regular season, Alex ;)

  112. Alex


    That’s a frightening thought! I wonder if this site has the capacity to handle you! You didn’t seem quite this excited during the last REGULAR season. Are you sure you weren’t on a caffeine iv?!

    This season is, really, going to be a lot of fun. Actually, I don’t mind getting my info from you guys and from other blogs and then posting my responses on this one. How many posts do you think this page can take before it implodes? I guess we’ll find out!

  113. David

    I had a couple of games last year when I think I got animated, but I was on the excitable side last night…ha ha.

  114. joe b

    I have seen Yankee blogs over a thousand that they had to add a second page. It all depends on how long NoHud leaves it on or if the assign another author !!!!!

  115. joe b

    Clowneys Td ? Was that against a 4th or 5th teamer? Or did one of the ball boys put on a jersey ? By default, nobody really stood out, he still has a job.

  116. Colour1

    Yes we’re still hanging in there on this site???
    It’s time that Clemens ask for a trade because the JETS just don’t trust him to carry the team. For the last few years they’ve gone around him and now it’s time to move on. I know all you Clemens fans out there think I’m crazy to say this but, face it they just don’t trust him. He’s got talent, enough to start somewhere else, but not for the BIG APPLE!!!???
    Jane lives on!!!

  117. Alex


    I hate to say it, but I think you’re right about Clemens. I don’t think they’ve given him even one long pass play to try, while the other QBs have gotten several.

  118. Alex

    I just read that Clemens has an elbow injury from the Ravens’ game. A sore elbow explains some of it.

  119. Erik Sec.309

    A few notes:
    1) Clemens doesn’t have nearly the upside that Sanchez appears to have.

    2) Clowney is still very suspect.

    3) This should be #1 – DON’T TRADE HARRIS!

    4) Simmons cut – good.

    5) Sign Leon now!

    6) Sign a veteran WR – on of Philly’s?

    7) Let’s get on with the season!

    8) If this thread will stay up, I will post (but also post on NJ.com)

  120. Alex


    After seeing Sanchez in action, I have to agree with every single point you make. I’ve made some of them myself.

  121. David

    It will be fun to let the season begin and see what happens. I ‘m happy enough with our receivers and most concerned with defensive penalties.

    Side thought, I heard that Ben Watson was on the bubble in NE. If NE cuts him, do the Jets move to scoop him up?

  122. JetOrange

    121 Posts, I tribute to Jane and her work. LOHUD you made a mistake, it is very difficult to admit, but you made a mistake.
    David ,

    Ben Watson, would mean Chris Baker beat him out

  123. Erik Sec.309


    Don’t be too concerned about the 2 phantom pass interference calls. I don’t know what the ref was looking at.

  124. joe b

    Eight days to kickoff. Keep the Alka Seltzer handy. We have been waiting 9 months for this date. New coach, new players. A revamped defense with a rookie QB. Even with all these improvements we are predicted to be 8-8 by most of the writers. Last year 8-3 after 11 games and we thought we were going to the playoffs. Than Mr Favre went color blind and found the other team more than he found his own. Teams are going to crowd the box unless we get a proven WR. They will make Sanchez beat them with his arm. None of our receiver strike fear in the eyes of the defense. I hope I am wrong, but I will keep a loaded gun on my coffee table. Hopefully I wont have to use it. I remember SBIII. I thought this was the beginning of dominance for the J*E*T*S. Wishful thinking. When Joe Willy sold his soul to the Devil we were sent to Limbo for the rest of our lives. The curse of B’way Joe hangs over us. Hope we don’t have any building jumpers during the season..

  125. David

    Good stuff guys…you all make this a worthwhile place to keep checking in on!

  126. David

    JO, it doesn’t surprise me that Baker would beat out Watson in NE. The Jets should have never let Baker get away, but if Watson were to get cut, would he have enough left in his tank to add a little extra juice to that position? If you couple that possibility with his knowledge of the Patriot Offense, he could conceivably pay a big dividend to the Jets when they meet in that first match-up.

  127. Alex

    Might want to watch out for that JO abbreviation! But, yeah, letting Baker go was a particularly stupid mistake. Better Watson than journeymen, I guess, especially since he could, as you say, provide valuable info.

  128. joe b

    Does anybody feel comfortable with this cast of characters as our WR corp #5WALLACE
    WRIGHTWR6’1”197253North Carolina
    COTCHERYWR6’0”203276North Carolina State
    CLOWNEYWR6’0”188242Virginia Tech
    1 to 55

  129. David

    Joe…yes, I do. Another teams throwaways are not likely to be any better than what we’ve got at this point. They have been in the system and deserve their shot to show what they can do. The Jets passing game was the least of their problems in the pre-season, so why be so quick to throw them under the bus?. Have a little faith and give them a chance.

  130. joe b

    Cotchery and maybe Stuckey could start for another team. The other 3 would have a hard time just making any other team in the NFL. So if Cotch or Stuckey get hurt were in BIG BIG trouble. Thank God for Keller.

  131. joe b

    David, what did they do when they got their shot in the preseason games. Absolutely nothing against 1st team Ds. We are not going to be playing teams with all their scrubs during the season. I love your optimism. But we as J*E*T fans have become too complacent. Smith did absolutely nothing when he was given a chance. Wright had his drops. And you know how I feel about Clowney (Mr, August). I’m happy to see Woodhead make the team. But I just wonder why and how many touches he is going to get with the backs we have. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t touch the ball 15 times all season.

  132. David

    Joe, I doubt Woodhead will get a lot of touches either, but I still thought he did more to earn the roster spot than Caulkrick (sp). I like the way they are pairing Jones and Washington together in the backfield at times and I think they will live without the extra fullback. Jones and Greene are both tough enough to clear bodies as lead blockers, if necessary.

  133. JetOrange

    I guess its not Watson, it looks like Alex Smith, too much of a receiving TE , me thinks for Rex.
    Danny is a hedge until Leon signs , hopefully this week.
    I can’t believe that fossil , Larry Izzo, over Cummings, mistake.
    Only 5 WR, Que Pasa ?

  134. Erik Sec.309

    I’m very suprised that Cummings didn’t make the squad….I’m very skeptical about TE and WR, but oh well seems like this is the team we’re rolling with.

    Joe – Get the alka seltzer ready and put away the gun.

  135. David

    Agreed on Izzo over Cummings…

  136. joe b

    I’m on the roof ready to jump. Waiting for Rex to announce his next moves. A WR, P, and TE to compliment Keller. If Cotch or Keller go down it’s season over and I’m jumping. Maybe, I’m also a chicken !!!!!!

  137. joe b

    NE just traded Richard Seymour to Oakland for the Raiders #1 draft pick. Don’t be surprised if Bellechicken doesn’t swoop in and trade a 1 & a 4 for Brandon Marshall.

  138. TexasDave

    Joe b
    Don’t wait. Go ahead and jump now. Why bother waiting? This will be a typical Jet (Met like) season. There is no hope for the playoffs with this cast of characters, namely coach and owner. One interest only. Selling those expensive tickets for the new stadium. Players too old expensive and banged up as the season progresses. We need youth and a whole new approach. The Jets should have signed the Giants defensive coach. I personally see little hope for this franchise. How can any team enter the seasom without a decent kicker and first rate receiver and expect to move ahead. By the way before you jump don’t forget to put on a parashute. If you don’t have one an umbrella may help.

  139. joe b

    It’s only a one story ranch, so I should survive. I have seen this scenario for too long. I guess it’s in my genes. I am a SF Giants baseball fan (1954 World Series Champs), a Philly Flyers fan (74 & 75 Stanley Cup Champs) and NY J*E*T*S (69 SBIII). I am accustom to near suicidal attacks. So i am 0 for 102 with my 3 favorites. I can’t even get 3 numbers on my Lotto ticket (3 0f 6 win a free ticket) for 2 years. I must have been Adolph Hitler in an earlier life. I thought when I first got my season tickets in 65 it was a good move. Now they want $15,000 for PSLs. I just can’t win !!!! I’m like Rodney Dangerfield ” I just get no respect”

  140. David

    Oh my God, put away the kleenex box and give it a few games, at least. Why bother even being a sports fan if you are intent on cutting your throats before the season even starts? I honestly don’t know what this season holds. I see reasons for hope and reasons for concern, but until the games start palying for real, I don’t think anything will be clear. It’s too soon to throw on the chicken little outfits…

    Relax, enjoy life a little. Embrace the possibilities while you can. After all, if it does go as bad as some think, why deny yourself the one chance you’ve got to dream a little. Everybody starts with a clean slate this week. Go Jets!

  141. calhob

    A first round pick for Seymour? Isnt he too old for that? Yikes.
    And I love what Woodhead did, too. He is a good guy to have on the team, and I think they could use him during the season…not running up the middle, but he could burn LBs around the outside with his speed.

  142. joe b

    What is this all about..Is there a trade for Clemens or Ainge in the making http://blogs.nfl.com/2009/09/06/jets-get-qb-oconnell-in-trade-with-lions/

  143. David

    Hmmm…I hope they aren’t trading Ainge, because I think his value is on the rise. He’s got a lot of upside in his future.

  144. joe b

    How would you like to have Chargers Shaun Merriman on out team? I sure as hell would. And than this is reported….Chargers LB Shawne Merriman was arrested Sunday on suspicion of choking and restraining his girlfriend as she was leaving his home.

  145. joe b

    Well the J*E*T*S addressed their TE, backup RB and Punter situation and released Danny Woodhead. That leaves WR as our only other need. With 4 QBs on the roster it in inevitable that a trade is coming. Maybe not Marshall but someone who is considered a definite #1.

  146. Alex

    Possibly, Joe, but they carried four QBs last year too. Ainge was the fourth, after Ratliff. As Cimini notes, do they really want to go into the season with no QBs with NFL experience? Clemens would appear to be staying, and Ainge is too good to let go in a trade unless they can get a top WR in exchange. Let’s see.

  147. David

    I don’t really see the QB’s factoring in a trade either, unless somebody throw something really enticing at them. I think they honestly want to keep the four for the season…but what do I know? I read somewhere that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see one of them hit the IR.

  148. TexasDave

    Well here we are the season soon to begin. What it all holds we sill soon find out. At any rate the week (if you include the upcoming Sunday) will produce a win, win, win situation for me. Should the Jets win, GREAT. Lose? I get a free cup of coffee. The local Exon station gives free coffee every Monday morning that the Texans win. So if we lose I get to drown out my sorrows in a cup of (I am sure not to good) coffee. Now thats what you call living high on the hog. As for the Jets. 4 QB’s doesn’t seem like a good thing when they have a number of other issues. Must be something else brewing besides that impending coffee.

  149. TexasDave

    One has to wonder? Could the Jets be hanging on to O’Connell for a few days to get info on the NE playbook and then trade him to Denver?

  150. Erik Sec.309


    Is there another top WR available besides Marshall?

  151. joe b

    Possibly Boldin from the Cardinals, Occhocinco may be available, Steve Breaston in Arizona, Bryant in TB, Moore or Colston in NO, Avery in StL, Edwards in Cleveland and Jackson in SD. But these teams don’t need a QB. These guys could become available for a #1 or #2. Possibly FA Matt Jones. I’m sure there are probably a couple of very good #2s who could become a #1. The 3 guys we got outside of Cotch & Stuck just won’t cut it.

  152. joe b

    Practice squad set..No Woodhead…..RB Jehuu Caulcrick, (6-0/250/Michigan State/Findley Lake, NY)
    DB Emanuel Cook, (5-10/185/South Carolina/West Palm Beach, FL)
    ILB Kenwin Cummings, (6-3/250/Wingate/Maxton, NC)
    S Keith Fitzhugh, (5-11/205/Mississippi State/Jacksonville, FL)
    WR Marcus Henry, (6-4/212/Kansas/Lawton, OK)
    DT Matt Kroul, (6-3/280/Iowa/Mount Vernon, IA)
    OT Ryan McKee, (6-6/291/Southern Mississippi/Daphne, AL)
    TE Jack Simmons, (6-4/246/Minnesota/Mundelein, IL)

  153. David

    Just say no to Ochostinko…

  154. David

    I see Mangina is up to his old tricks again. So glad we don’t have to deal with this kind of suspense…


  155. Drumr

    The Jets are doing the same thing Mangina’s doing, it’s just that we’re doing it with our punter – and it could be anyone back there next week.

  156. David

    Ha ha…I’m thinking Weatherford will stick this time. He’s got to be a significant upgrade over Hodges. I was honestly surprised Hodges even outlasted the rookie, early in the camp.


    If we’re gonna get a top rec.we’re gonna have to give one up.I see clownny and a QB,going

  158. Colour1

    158 posts!!! and LOHUD still doesn’t get it!!!
    Jane lives on!!

  159. TexasDave

    The coach must be sleeping in today. 2;27 and still no new kicker signed.

  160. johnny

    Someone mentioned where to go, for Jets news & discussion…
    I know it’s kind of retro, but lots of knowledgeable Jets discussion still goes on in the Jets Newsgroup – - alt.sports.football.pro.ny-jets .
    More people only make it better. Check it out.

    Good luck, and thanks, Jane!

  161. Colour1

    Jane will be playing I think at the PAL in Yonkers on October 10th!
    for tixx
    It’s a same that the Journal news has done this! even Mike Dougherty was let go! Now “our” hometown paper is made up of reporters that we can’t ask any qestions and or have fun with!! Just “AP” thats “BS”!
    Shame on you “TJN” of all times to to this as well! sh*tty holiday season???

  162. Erik Sec.309

    I heard the punter was awful in practice today. He averageg 35 yards and completely shanked 2.

  163. Alex


    Here’s what you said a while back on this thread:

    “It’s time that Clemens ask for a trade because the JETS just don’t trust him to carry the team. For the last few years they’ve gone around him and now it’s time to move on. I know all you Clemens fans out there think I’m crazy to say this but, face it they just don’t trust him. He’s got talent, enough to start somewhere else, but not for the BIG APPLE!!!???”

    How right you may turn out to have been! Favre said today that the Jets KNEW he had a torn bicep, that he offered to sit out and let Clemens play, but that the Jets didn’t want that and preferred an injured Favre. As you say, they just don’t trust Clemens-or certainly Mangini didn’t. I’ve always thought that Favre selfishly didn’t want to give up his consecutive-start record and that the effect was that Clemens got shafted, as did the fans and Favre’s teammates. Do we believe Favre? Or was I right all along?

  164. joe b

    GUYS, Do we believe Favre? It’s easy to say what he said. But why didn’t he say it sooner. If he was a team guy he would have sat himself. Why play and damage the arm more. Just another excuse for his failures. The Devil made him do it. PLEASE, I’m not buying that bridge in Vegas.

  165. David

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of Favre’s mouth anymore. I honestly think he may be a pathological liar. It wouldn’t surprise me that Mangini would try to cover it all up, but I think Favre knew what he was doing last year and certainly had the power to take himself out of the equation, if he had wished to. The organization bent over forward for the guy and he used them accordingly.

  166. JetOrange

    Favre had a type of injury that was not going to get worse, the thought may have been , if they back off throwing in the middle of the week they could nurse him along. Favre has thrown Mangini and Tannenbaum under the bus, no reason to be nice anymore. The Jets, Tannenbaum, Mangini and Ryan are all in agreement that Kellen Clemens was not a viable alternative, IMO this incident seems to prove this concept, I thought there was some doubt, apparently not..

  167. Colour1

    I may not be all the “stat guy” like so many of you guys on this blog, but what I can do is see somethings that some of you over look. One was that Favre was a liar from the get go! HOW? He was only useing our team for the warm up for minnie! I believe that I posted that some time ago!!! The funny thing is that for days no one even cross me on this??? But it’s true. The man we once admird is no more than a sham!!
    I feel bad about Clemens!! and even if Farve said he was ready to go, that’s not what the Jets paid for!
    The Jets have a BAD way of getting former championship player’s “QB’s” with less than one year left in the tank! Tank being the “opt” word here. I don’t like to wish bad things on anyone but Farve is not welcomed back here in NYC!!! He never had any intention of being a JET! and thats something that has to be in your blood forever!
    Jane lives on!

  168. TexasDave

    Well there you have it. According to the Jets GM Favre was telling the truth. Get the picture of this sad outfit. SELL MORE SEATS!

  169. David

    He might have been telling the truth, but if he didn’t feel he should have been playing, do you think a player of his stature could have been forced onto the field by the likes of Mangini and Tannenbaum. He did pretty much whatever he wanted last year and I doubt this situation was much different.

  170. joe b

    SYDNEY (AP) – The IAAF declined to confirm a Sydney Morning Herald report that Viking QB Brett Favre has male and female sex organs.

  171. Colour1

    Joe B.
    That get’s the “WTF” was that all about????LOL!!!
    “TJN” we’re still here!!!!!

  172. Colour1

    Let us pray for one minute today!

  173. joe b

    Original story Sydney (AP) – The IAAF said Friday it has received the results of gender tests on South African runner Caster Semenya but is still reviewing them and will not issue any final decision until November.
    The International Association of Athletics Federations did not confirm or deny Australian newspaper reports that the recently crowned women’s world 800-meter champion has male and female sexual organs.

  174. joe b

    This is a must read to all season ticket holders http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/jets_psl_scam_should_be_last_straw_RTvoOTr0UnN9NlhDoxdpvK/1

  175. joe b

    Dusten Keller is on the J*E*T*S injury list (TOE) for Sunday. Oh Boy here we go again.

  176. Alex

    Is he listed as probable?

  177. Alex

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please fasten your seatbelts. There’s no telling how much the Ryan Express is going to lurch and tomorrow. Air-sickness bags should be kept handy, just in case, but the crew is hoping for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

    That is all.

  178. joe b

    2009 record 5-11. Hope I’m wrong. But

  179. David

    I can’t wait, but first for me is a 9 AM kickoff in Pop Warner league, which I’m discovering is not good for a singing voice. It’s impossible to watch the kid’s team without cheering at the top of the lungs. I should be home just in time for Jets kickoff, which will make for quite the double-header. Go Jets! (and go Screamin’ Eagles ;))

  180. David

    Ohmygod…forgive my OT detour, but I don’t think I’ll see a better game today, then the one I just saw. Screamin’ Eagles 33-28 in a game that went back and forth to the wire. I have no voice left…I hope the Jets don’t torture me today.

  181. Jane McManus

    Happy opening day everyone! It’s good to see you all keep it going. I am really curious to see which Sanchez shows here, the one versus St. Louis or the one who struggled against the Ravens. Joe b I think you are low-balling on the record so that you don’t get disappointed. As for me, the other game I’m very interested to see will be the Vikings and Cleveland. How crazy is it that Brett comes back to face Mangini in the first game?

    Should be an interesting season…

  182. David

    Woo hoo…you rule, Jane!

    I haven’t figured out who I should be rooting for in that Browns Vikes game. I’m hoping they take each other out in a sideline collision.

  183. David

    Stupid penalty by Ferguson…way to hand the 3 points right back to the Texans.

  184. David

    Nice kick and coverage saved his bacon…

  185. David

    Decent first half…Sanchez looks wiser than his years. Texans have thrown the kitchen sink at him. I don’t think our “horrible” receiving corps has stunk up the joint, either. Texans defense is no joke.

  186. David

    hasn’t, I meant.

  187. David

    C’mon…lets hear some enthusiasm, Jets fans!

  188. Erik Sec.309

    Guys and Jane,

    I was so impressed. For my complete impression fo the game, go to NJ.com…......Good things are in store.

  189. Alex

    We can at least put our air-sickness bags back into the pocket of the seat in front of us-away but handy. It IS New England next week.

    But wow. Sanchez was so impressive. The Jets’ brass was right, I have to admit. And Stuckey did several good things today, besides hauling in the wide-open TD pass. He plays harder than he’s gotten credit for, perhaps because of Rex’s in-your-face attitude.

    D was spectacular-so much fun to watch for a change.

    David, congrats on the PW win.

    Jane, nice to hear from you and know you’re still tuning in occasionally. It’s been a long while, though, since a female presence posted here other than you.

    Joe, I think you’ll allow that the Jets may win more than five games this year. Jane’s already called you on it!

    It’s only 1-0, but this is a happy day in Jets’ land.

  190. David

    I know I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, but positives for next week are the fact that the Jets open at home and the Pats will be coming off a short week. It might be chance to jump up surprise them…

  191. joe b

    Guys & Dolls (Jane) I stated that I hope I’m wrong. But one game does not make a season. Go J*E*T*S please make me wrong. I can take it.

  192. David

    No it doesn’t make a season, Joe, but let yourself enjoy the moment anyway. :)

  193. joe b

    I was very happy with the win. Actually ecstatic. But I still question our depth at WR. Marks 18 completions were to 4 players (10 to WRs Cotch & Stuck, 4 to Keller and 4 to Leon. There has to be more options. What if one of the 3 receivers gets hurt. Do any of you have REAL faith in Clowney, Smith or Wright to come in and get the job done. I would rather have Marcus Henry on the active roster than any of these 3. The D s as good as it gets. The O is limited with the current cast of usual suspect. They are all talented and exceptional players. But my main concern is depth. Shonne Greene is a plus for the RBs. But there is no one to fall back on the WR corp. Being a 50 year fan I have been here and done this before. GO J*E*T*S

  194. TexasDave

    Great Win. However before you get to excited you need to go to http://blogs.chron.com/jeromesolomon/2009/09/texans_performance_inexcusable.html and read “King Solomon’s Nind.” Next week will apparently be a much better indicator of what one might expect. That is not to say that this was not a great win but this article does raise some questions as to just how well Houston played.

  195. Alex

    I saw that Schaub’s QB rating was 56 or so. Great D! Has anyone seen a rating for Sanchez yet?

  196. joe b

    Sanchez had an 84.3 passer rating. He was in 17th place so far. With 2 games to go.

  197. Colour1

    you have my e-mail address!!! Stay in touch!! WE miss you more than you know!!
    I e-mailed “Pony Tail” about fall schedule!! I see you’re going to be at PAL in Yonkers on my B-day (10/10)!! won’t miss it!!!

    Great start to the J*E*T*S* season Sanchez played well, lets see how “NE” and “Pitt” treat him!!!

  198. joe b

    They don’t play Pittsburgh this season.

  199. Alex

    The Jets’ll see ‘em in the playoffs, Joe!

  200. Alex

    And thanks for the QB rating. I was guessing it’d be in the 90s, so I wasn’t far off, as complicated as that stat is to total up.

  201. joe b

    Hank Baskett is available. GET HIM

  202. Jetorange

    Joe B.

    I love your passion… These receivers are not as bad as you think….
    Gibson over Baskett

  203. joe b

    I’ll take anybody over our 3-5. I don’t know if this is passion or penance. Just get us some insurance. If these guys would just show me something maybe I would agree. If Clowney had something to give to the team I think they would use him. He has been around for 3 seasons and can’t get on the field. Smith is a one dimension player and Wright is a special teams player. Cotch, Stuck and Keller can’t play every single play. They need a breather once in a while.

  204. joe b

    PS, I have not been a Clowney fan since the beginning of last season. Him and the J*E*T*S acquisition of Brett Favre. When that trade was made and Chad was released for nothing (no draft picks) I predicted that Miami would be the J*E*T*S in the season finale and knock them out of the playoffs.

  205. David

    Baskett’s stats are very pedestrian and he has a guy who has had his chances.

  206. joe b

    One of the real puzzles was the lack of involvement of Baskett in the offense in 2007. After catching 22 passes as a rookie, Baskett grabbed just 16 last season. Where was he? Well, the offense evolved with Jason Avant having a larger part of the action, so both Baskett and Greg Lewis had their roles diminished over time.

    Baskett didn’t let that get him down. He led the team in special teams production points, he blocked very well from the line of scrimmage and he caught whatever was thrown in his direction. That he seemed to get fewer chances was one of the many questions about the offense, and it leads to the question of where and how Baskett fits in moving forward.

    He seems to have what the Eagles would like in the red zone – toughness, size, leaping ability, strength. Yet Baskett rarely had balls thrown in his direction inside the 20-yard line even with all the trouble the offense had scoring touchdowns.

    Baskett’s next step in the offense is to continue to work on his game and see how it all develops. He is a character guy, a good player and someone who may get his chance this year to really blossom. There should be more competition at wide receiver, so we will find out how Baskett fits in during the spring and in training camp.

  207. JetOrange

    Joe B

    If you look at all the “big receivers ” that the Jets brought in, ie. Huey Whittaker, Mario Urutia, and giving Marcus Henry every opprotunity, the Jets apparently value a big receiver in this offense. it will be interesting to see if the Jets put in a waiver claim for Hank.
    The jets may have painted themselves into a corner, all this publicity on Mr. August may make him uncuttable. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing . If they do sign, Hank, Coleman may be seeing the Turk, unless Rex will match Drew up against Welker this week…

  208. JetOrange

    Joe B.
    Pulled this off of KFFL, a lot of teams interested in Hank but maybe not the Jets

    NFL | Several teams have shown interest in Baskett

    Comment (0)
    Tue, 15 Sep 2009 17:08:00 -0700

    Aaron Wilson, of the National Football Post, reports several teams contact the Philadelphia Eagles about trading for WR Hank Baskett, who was released Tuesday, Sept. 15. The Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs were some of the teams that had shown interest in Baskett, according to a league source.

  209. joe b


  210. David

    My own opinions aside,I really don’t think is gonna happen from what I have been reading..

  211. mike K

    So here’s a guy who “has everything the Eagles need”, yet they “never passed to him” and then released him? No, this doesn’t mean the Eagles are run by a bunch of half-wits with Down Syndrome (though the Vick signing still has me scratching my head). It means he’s not any good. Rex Ryan isn’t going to get starter material out of him in 4 weeks when Andy Reid couldn’t do it in years. If anything, he’ll be a depth guy, and the Jets don’t need depth at WR, they need a legitimate deep threat. I don’t think a move like this is going to happen unless it’s a big trade within the next 5 weeks, and if so I don’t think it’ll be worth what the Jets will have to give up considering they can always draft someone next year. The team is still young.

  212. David

    Well said, Mike K.

  213. joe b

    Mike K, Where is the depth at WR? Do you mean Clowney, Smith and Wright ? That’s all they have behind Cotch and Stuckey. Maybe they are looking in a different direction. But they better get someone soon. Because if we lose one of them the price will go way up.

  214. joe b

    Baskett to the Colts. I guess we’re all set at WR. Keep our fingers crossed, nobody gets hurt. We lost 2 QBs in one quarter a few years ago.

  215. joe b

    Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said today that Vikings QB Brett Favre is a destructive teammate who will leave Minnesota in worse shape than when he arrived.

    “Everywhere he goes, he craps on everybody,” Harrison said in an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio show. “He goes to Green Bay and he leaves them with a bunch of noise. He goes to the Jets, they give him a bunch of money … he plays bad and he craps on them.”

    The NFL fined the Jets, GM Mike Tannenbaum and former coach Eric Manginia total of $125,000 on Wednesday for concealing details of Favre’s arm injury from the weekly injury report last year.

    Harrison, now an analyst for NBC, said that Favre, who joined Minnesota in August after an offseason of indecisiveness, will eventually cause trouble for the Vikings.

    “When things go bad, it’s everyone else’s fault,” Harrison said.—Sean Leahy

  216. florham park to taipei

    Noticed that Jane McManus (the Jets blog writer at Lohud) also just announced that she is leaving. What ’s going on?

  217. florham park to taipei

    florham park to taipei
    September 17th, 2009 at 10:21 pm
    Noticed that Jane McManus (the Jets blog writer at Lohud) also just announced that she is leaving. What ’s going on?

    Oops. THought I was posting this on the Yankee lohud blog site. Never mind.

  218. David

    So…thoughts about this weekend’s game?

    I love the brashness that Rex has brought to this team, but I have to admit that Ray Rhodes statement made me cringe a bit, this week. I didn’t think the Patriots looked real impressive last week, but they will always bring their very best for the Jets, so they don’t need any extra incentives.

    Key to the game, in my mind, is definitely the run game. The Bills were able to run on the Pats last week, so if we can establish it early, we will have a real chance. I’m optimistic about Sanchez, but I don’t want to see him have to carry the day against the evil emperor.

    Win this week, and I will line myself up for the kool-aid.

  219. Alex


    Belichick quit as coach of the Jets after one day. I get it, that he didn’t want to work with Parcells and wanted all the power. Fine. But can anybody tell me exactly WHY he hates the Jets so much? Why is he so bitter toward this organization? Why is it a special pleasure to him to beat the Jets? If there’s a good reason, then I don’t remember it. Someone-please-refresh my memory, because from where I stand, it just doesn’t make sense.

    I can certainly see why the Jets would want to beat HIM; he abandoned the franchise. Why does he particularly hate us?

  220. David

    All I can think of is that he might have felt like he was pawned by the organization. Mr. Hess brought him in ahead of Parcells and named him “head coach” as a formality, while they waited for Parcells to be free of the Patriot strings and assume the mantle. I’m sure the resentment swelled deep within his pea sized heart, until Kraft got a hold of him and worked that angle to his advantage.

  221. Alex

    Makes sense, David. Thanks.

    As for tomorrow’s game, I see the Jets winning by about a touchdown, as in 24-17. Our DBs are going to get a workout, because unless Jenkins gets hurt their running game is going to amount to a lot of nada. Let’s see how Lito plays this time. Glad to have Ellis back.

    I also want to see how the Texans do this week. For all we know, we actually beat a good club last week, one that looked that bad because (I’d love to be right about this) we were that good.

    It’s about time we beat Billy Boy at home, in front of Joe and all the other lucky fans who get to go to the games. I know that what I’m about to say will not happen, and that I’m way ahead of things here, but wouldn’t it be the ultimate fairy tale if the Jets were to win the superbowl with a rookie QB and a rookie coach?! One of the greatest sports stories of all time. Sing to the Beach Boys’ tune: “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were champions, and we didn’t have to wait so long!” Beyond the time we’ve ALREADY been waiting!

  222. TexasDave

    Alex! Stop dreaming. It would be nice if you were right. Sorry! No way this will happen. Houston is not to be honest (living in Texas,) all that good, and they were also poorly prepared for the Jets and their 1st yr, 1st game QB. Lets hope the Jets don’t embarass themselves with all that cheap, imature, bush league boasting.

  223. Alex


    I DID say “I know that what I’m about to say will not happen.” Just a fun and tuneful thought.

    I agree about too much trash talking. And, sure, the Texans probably are that terrible. But it’s early yet in the season. I can still dream for a few more hours, right? No harm done, especially when you’re a fan of this franchise forever. You can, too. Reality will rear its head soon enough, I’m sure!

  224. joe b

    Oh Boy!!! There’s a conflicting report on ESPN that NT Kris Jenkins might miss the game against the New England Patriots due to a back injury. Jenkins, according to the same source, missed today’s practice. He was also limited in Wednesday and Thursday practice sessions.

  225. Ry Mac

    why hasnt this blog been taken over by somebody else yet?!

  226. David

    Crap…if Jenkins back is already busted, I’ll be pissed. He’s like an old man with a “hitch in his cranky” (whatever that is) or something. I hope that report is wrong. He could at least last two full games before throwing out his back, lifting his 700 lb. baby Huey, during playtime.

    I hope that report is wrong, Joe.

  227. David

    PS if he starts tomorrow, I take it all back and send him to Joe’s house for retribution :))

  228. TexasDave

    Where is JetOrange? He usually has reliable news/observations on what’s up.

  229. Alex

    Injury-report news? I haven’t yet heard what Joe b heard-and I hope I don’t get to hear it.

    TexasDave: As far as I can tell, JetOrange posts on here only occasionally, since this site has become more or less a kind of “delayed” chat room among friends, rather than a moderated site with fresh info pumped into it regularly by a moderator. Glad he still drops by sometimes, but I think he’s on NJ Jets more often.

    If Jenkins’s back really is bad enough for him not to play (I heard he hurt it lifting up one of his kids while playing with them), then “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” will probably turn into the “California Dreaming” that you mentioned, to keep up with the archaic musical puns. Funny thing is, I never was a Beach Boys fan nor a very big Mamas and Papas fan. But those songs were definitely in the culture as I was growing up in my teens.

    If Jenkins is really out for today’s game, then I’ll have to come up with a sombre song-maybe Sam the Sham’s “Little Red Riding Hood,” with Belichick as the big bad wolf! But seriously, can we win today if Jenkins is out? What do you guys think? I know that Rex thinks his players can cover for each other, but Jenkins is a unique player. Can we win this game without him?

  230. joe b

    NYJ from the NFL Network
    Erik AingeQBIllnessDid Not Participate In Practice—Damien WoodyTIllnessLimited Participation in Practice—Kris JenkinsDTBackLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Sione PouhaDTAnkleLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Wallace WrightWRHamstringLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Kellen ClemensQBright ElbowFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Mike DevitoDEHamstringFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Shonn GreeneRBRibFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Bryan ThomasLBAnkleFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Jamaal WestermanLBQuadricepFull Participation in PracticeProbable

  231. joe b

    Sorry Alex, but it has been reported for several days. Check NFL.com for injury reports. These are the things Bellechicken use to do. It could be just a ploy to make NE thinks he will be out.

  232. joe b

    This is the full game report from NFL.com on todays game New England Patriots at New York Jets
    NamePositionInjuryPractice StatusGame Status
    Jerod MayoLBKneeDid Not Participate In PracticeOut
    Dan ConnollyCBackLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Julian EdelmanWRAnkleLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Steve NealGBackLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Rob NinkovichLBCalfLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Myron PryorDTCalfLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Matt SlaterWRElbowLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Wes WelkerWRKneeLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Terrence WheatleyCBKneeLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Tom BradyQBright ShoulderFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Adalius ThomasLBFootLimited Participation in PracticeProbable
    Erik AingeQBIllnessDid Not Participate In Practice—Damien WoodyTIllnessLimited Participation in Practice—Kris JenkinsDTBackLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Sione PouhaDTAnkleLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Wallace WrightWRHamstringLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
    Kellen ClemensQBright ElbowFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Mike DevitoDEHamstringFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Shonn GreeneRBRibFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Bryan ThomasLBAnkleFull Participation in PracticeProbable
    Jamaal WestermanLBQuadricepFull Participation in PracticeProbable

  233. joe b

    NEWS FLASH … Welker OUT

  234. David

    Halftime and my glass is feeling half empty. Jets are an improved team, but may have talked themselves into a corner this week. Offense better step up and bail out the defense to open the second half or the D is gonna wear out on us.

  235. David

    Glass getting half full. Shitty break on those endzone passes, but the rookie showed great poise. Fingers crossed…sitting in my lucky karma spot on the couch.

  236. David

    I could do a backflip right now. This was no joke and our rookie is for real. Go nuts, Jets fans….I know that I did today. :)

  237. joe b

    Loved the game. But we still need a deep threat. Clowney has been invisible. Can’t keep throwing those underneath passes

  238. joe b

    Tom Brady is a self centered jerk. He started off the field before the game was even over. No congrats to Sanchez.

  239. David

    That’s the NE way, Joe. They are self centered jerks and that made it even more pleasurable to watch. I know you and I disagree about the receivers, but I raise my glass to you. Love the moment, Jets friends!

  240. Jane McManus

    Pretty interesting game. Nice adjustments on offense at halftime and Sanchez has completely shown he can handle pressure and think on his feet. Next week against the Titans will be an interesting game, especially if Tennessee is healthy, unlike NE.

  241. Alex

    Looks as if “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” is continuing to beat out “California Dreaming.” Glasses raised indeed! A happy day in JetsLand and a blow struck against the Evil Empire! Great to see David’s glass go beyond full to overflowing. Sanchez is obviously the real deal. Wow. Just a rookie.

    At least this week Brady ran off the field ungraciously because he’d been soundly beaten, rather than because he wanted to avoid a reporter. He’s not so smug anymore as he licks his wounds!

  242. calhob

    Happy Birthday gift to me!!!

  243. joe b

    There were several things about this game that stand out for me. Winning was #1. Mary Brady not throwing a TD was #2. Mary Brady losing his chance to tie the consecutive wins record of 23 by Jim McMahon was #3. Watching the J*E*T D hitting Mary Brady was #4. Watching Mary leaving the field without any handshakes was #5. Bellichicken almost crying and his dead fish handshake to Ryan & Sanchez was #6. But my favorite was the look
    Mark Sanchez had after shaking Bellichickens hand. It was like “What the Hell was that all about.” That’s 2 in a row for the J*E*T*S over the Patsies. I know I said 5-11 but I love being wrong. Everytime I predicted 11-5 or 12-4 I was wrong. So hopefully my predictions keep coming back and kicking me in the BUTT.

  244. Alex


    You’ve had much to say over the last year or two (as long as I’ve been with this site), but your last post is the one I’ve enjoyed most. Music to my ears!

    And belated thanks for the injury report before the game and for directing me to NFL.com in the future.

  245. David

    You know with all my screaming at the TV on Sunday, I forgot to notice what Gholston was doing. I didn’t see anything on the stat sheet from him….BUST, BUST, BUST!

  246. Alex


    I read that they were playing nickel through most of the game, so he didn’t get to play very many downs. I still fear that you’re right anyway, but it HAS taken some pass rushers two or three full years before they got to be great. Let’s hope; we Jets fans are really good at it!

    On another subject: I know that we were 4.5 point underdogs in Houston. Does anybody recall the same info for the NE game? And has anyone heard by how many points the Titans are sure to be underdogs?

  247. Alex

    I just checked the Pro Football Weekly power ratings and I have to say I’ve lost all respect for that feature and its writers:

    Posted Sept. 22, 2009 @ 12:17 a.m.
    By PFW staff
    1. New York Giants: First major win for Eli without Plax even bigger than it seems.

    2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Narrow loss on road doesn’t tarnish them in our eyes.

    3. Baltimore Ravens: We hear you, Ray Lewis. You’re still among game’s best.

    4. Minnesota Vikings: Took some time to get going, but once it did, no stopping A.P.

    5. New Orleans Saints: Brees and Co. not tired of cruising on (Big) Easy Street.

    6. Indianapolis Colts: Defense couldn’t stop Dolphins, but Peyton did his thing.

    7. New England Patriots: Brady looked flustered vs. Jets’ “organized chaos.”

    8. Atlanta Falcons: Hard to stop when air, ground games both are clicking.

    9. New York Jets: Numbers nothing special, but Sanchez’s command sure is.

    10. Dallas Cowboys: Hey, at least the stadium’s all it’s cracked up to be.

    How do you rank NE ahead of us?! It is BEYOND absurd. Check the DEFENSIVE numbers and then tell me they’re “nothing special.” What crap.

  248. David

    Go check out the Fox and CBS power rankings, Alex. Those will make you feel a little better. :)

  249. Colour1

    Hey Gal’s and guy’s! sorry I missed the game(on business in NC) but I have seen the hi-lites and what I’ve seen T-Rex made the right decision to go with Mr. Sanchez!!!
    Jane, how much of this “Crabtree” thing is real??? What could be the back-lash???? To me it’s a lil blown up if you ask me???

    First time in the history of the Jets the game ball was given to the fans!! Does this mean we can go from bar to bar carrying the gameball on our shoulders in “WP” screaming and carring on all drunk’d-up!!!!????LOL!!!

  250. CCC

    ver cool

    I have a lot of respect for roller derby

  251. Alex

    I recall the same lull last year as the Jets cruised to 8-3. Just about nothing being said at this site. But-whoah!-as soon as we got one loss, the switchboard lit up. And it stayed that way to the bitter end. We Jets’ fans just don’t know how to deal with success, right?! I hope to hear virtually nothing starting around 4:00!

  252. JetOrange

    Well the team is doing well, but its not the same without Jane… One month

  253. joe b

    I am still a little skeptical about this season. I remember last year ragging about Favre all the time. Then when we went 8-3 I let my guard down and said maybe I was wrong about Favre. Then ZAP, Favre became color blind and started completing passes to the other guys. I have been through oh so many of these starts. As I have been stating all the time, what do we do if Cotch, Stuckey or Keller gets hurt? We still don’t have a proven backup WR. So I will watch todays game with great expectations. Hopefully they will still be there after the game. Go J*E*T*S

  254. joe b

    No Westerman and NO CLOWNEY. This definitely makes me nervous. Brad Smith and Wallace Wright are our backup WRs. Maybe the J*E*T*S have finally given up on Clowney and are going to make a move for another WR

  255. David

    Dierdorf just got off a sarcastic wisecrack about those butt-ugly jerseys (sorry, Joe).

  256. Colour1

    J*A*N*E J*A*N*E J*A*N*E!!!!! J*E*T*S J*E*T*S J*E*T*S!!!
    I don’t care who doesn’t like the throw-back uni’s!!! I love them!! where can I get one!! My birthday is coming up!!!
    Great win!!! This game ball goes to our own Jane McManus!!!!

  257. David

    Well, they made the throwbacks look good today. Next week will be another tough one, but this team is no joke….and I don’t think Sanchez is a rookie anymore.

  258. joe b

    Nobody can tell me they weren’t worried about this one. What happen to our receivers. Cotch was the only one who showed up. Keller and Stuck were invisible. TJ did absolutely nothing today. Let’s give Greene some carries. Lets make a deal for a #1 with TJ. 15 carries for 18 yards doesn’t get it done.

  259. David

    Yeah, I’d like Greene to get some carries, but everyone who thought this team would be 0-3 right now, should settle down and give them the credit they deserve. They have problems that need to be addressed, but they have done nothing but exceed expectations and it’s about time to quit griping and give them a standing O for one frickin week in a lifetime…

  260. Alex


    I just don’t see them going 2-11 the rest of the way. Just giving you a hard time! NO ONE could have known they’d look this good and be 3-0. NO ONE.

    A very tough offensive line gave TJ a lot of trouble. It won’t be like that every week.

    Here’s my standing O. Tough road game next week.

  261. joe b

    Alex Two big games next week. We play N.O. and the Pats play Baltimore. I kind of felt that Atlanta would give the Pats a better game today. Very disappointed with the results. We have Miami in 2 weeks. Sorry to see Chad get hurt, but a little relieved for our D. I am disappointed with TJs performances recently. 10-15 plays each game without any results. Sanchez is coming along but he has made some bonehead plays that luckily haven’t really hurt us yet. I still feel that we have to bring in a top flite WR. That’s the missing piece in this puzzle.

  262. David

    This from Peter King’s column…

    “Awful, awful, awful Jets’ throwbacks. The only thing worse on the Giants Stadium field Sunday was the officials’ garb. I believed I said the old AFL officials’ unis made the men in stripes look like creamsicles when these things debuted in the opening Monday-nighter at Foxboro. Ditto.”

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/peter_king/09/27/mmqb/5.html#ixzz0SQIdhkOx
    Get a free NFL Team Jacket and Tee with SI Subscription

  263. Colour1

    I’m going to say something that most of you won’t like. Do you remember Chris Chandler??? A.K.A Chrystal Chandler????!!! Well Your boy Chad was just that Chrystal Pennington! When the Jets knew they could get Favre it was the perfect time to get rid of the broken glass wear!! He has had at least one “good” injury from day one! The Jets just needed the right excuse to unload him! He’s done fineato! stick a fork in him play-time is over!
    The guy I feel bad for is Clememns! He should ask for a trade! The Jets have no intentions of starting this guy.
    Sanchez play real well, still baby steps but real well!
    Lets see what N.O. Sean Payton’s “D” will bring!! You can bet some heavy blitz package!
    How bout dem NY Titians!

  264. David

    I’ll play the part of Joe this week and say…I hope I’m wrong, but I think they might get their first L in New Orleans this week. If they can walk in there and pull a win off the Saints at this particular moment in time, I will be very impressed. The Saints are firing on all cylinders right now. The Jets are a very good team, but they are still sanding out some rough spots. It stinks that I won’t be able to watch this game either this week, as have to attend my nephew’s birthday dinner, which will leave us with the Bills game as the primary telecast.

  265. Alex


    Same with me, except that I can resort to the $300 I spend annually for DirecTv. It works out to about $100 per game for the (on average) three or four games that I don’t get because of the Bills. Looks as if this year the $300 will have been worth it! Don’t forget, you can get a soaking from DirecTv too and can then receive the games on your cell phone, if you have one!

    Because they are underdogs, they just MIGHT rise to the challenge. They seem to like adversity. Their closest game to a loss was last week, when they were favored. What I love most about this particular Jets’ team is that I can count on them to be competitive.

    By the way, I would not want to be the one trying to block Calvin Pace in Miami in week five! Somebody is going to have cleat marks all over his face!

  266. Colour1

    Alex and David
    It’s and old thing that was really big in the 80’s! it’s called a “VCR”!! When I’m out of town, which is about 30 something times a year on weekends I tape games and car racing so when I get back it’s without those long drawn out commercials!!
    And both of you and the rest of the guys went completely past my comment about Pennington??? Out for the season! God works in strange ways!
    The NY Titians better bring there “A” game this week N.O. is no joke!! Washington looked great, it’s time to have a break-out game for him!

  267. David

    I’ve always liked Pennington and wished him nothing but the best, except if it came at the expense of the Jets. I think his playing days are likely through after this third strike, but bet he would make a very good coach.

    Alex, I usually will go to the neighborhood grill to catch Jets games, when they aren’t televised locally, but since I’ll be at the brother-in-law’s, I will just be sh*t out of luck. Maybe it will be an NFL Network replay game next week, but there is no real substitution for seeing the game in realtime, because of the suspense factor.

  268. Alex

    Colour1: the VCR doesn’t help if the game is not shown because of the Bills; David and I live upstate and have to put up with Bills’ fever every year. A crappy Bills’ game trumps an exciting Jets’ matchup around these parts, if they’re playing at the same time.

    David: Yeah $300 for one game. watched on a cell phone, is way too much, even for the Jets, unless you’re a really rich guy!

    David, you spoke for me regarding Pennington. Classy as all getout, but, as Colour1 notes a few posts back, fragile beyond the norm.

  269. joe b

    Hey, I’m on vacation this week and I gotta keep the wife happy. Just snuck out of the room into the computer room at the hotel. So now it’s back to the misses and this blog is all your until Sunday….See you guys than

  270. JetOrange

    Drew Barrymore stars in “Whip It,” where roller derby rules.

  271. Jane McManus

    Saw it! My team is doing an appearance in New Rochelle this Saturday afternoon for the general release. Then Oct. 10 we have a bout at 7, Teacher’s Pests vs. Club Scouts.

    What a game this Sunday. Sanchez will have to crank it out to keep up with the Saints’ O. I’ll be tweeting throughout the game. Then Monday night Vikings-Packers should be wild.

    Agree with Alex about Pace – this defense is strong without him and I am sure he wants to prove that he is necessary because the Jets have done fine so far without him. Harris, Scott and Pace, what a wall.

  272. Colour1

    your tourney is at the PAL ctr??? Thats my birthday!! I may be going out of town??? But if not I”ll be there!!!
    As I said: N.O. will make Mr.Sabchez a man this weekend!! If some of you don’t know, Sean Payton went to the Bill Parcels school for defence!!! IF he comes out with a bruse he’ll be ok? if not they want to drop the hammer on every down!
    As For Alex and David I’m sorry about the Bills(TO) infecting your TV!! Now thats a bummer!!They may as well be in the Canadian league! Check ESPN programing for replays!!!
    Jane I was just on with Mike “D” about his covering “BS” stuff and not the Giants but this takes the cake, you being still out here with us! We love ya!

  273. Alex

    Colour1: Yes, “infecting,” a very nice choice of words!

    Jane: We do enjoy your occasional returns. I’m sure all who remain loyal to this site will agree that we hope you’re doing well, both personally and career-wise.

    By the way, I usually don’t drop in on Cimini’s blog’s comments because they tend to be so often needlessly insulting, but I was curious about something a few days ago and checked the comments to one of Cimini’s posts. It’s worse than ever! A couple of guys were attacking each other and one of them responded with VERY graphic images involving the other guy’s mother, replete with detailed sexual positions. These guys HAVE to be still in grade school. Absolutely juvenile. I love this site, especially since I have no Jets fans to talk to way up here. It blows my mind how civil we always are with each other. Even when I teased Dan about him marrying Favre, he knew I was teasing him and didn’t blow a gasket! Classy, classy, classy.

  274. Alex

    I meant that the site’s former moderator and those who post here are “classy.” Dan’s not the only one who deserves the label!

  275. Ry Mac


  276. David

    Don’t tell me Cotchery isn’t a legitimate #1. This from The NYDN:

    “Ever so quietly, Cotchery goes into tomorrow’s game in New Orleans ranked third in the NFL in receiving with 18 catches for 285 yards and one TD. Only Indianapolis’ Reggie Wayne and San Diego’s Vincent Jackson have more receiving yards.

    Cotchery so far has outplayed Brandon Marshall and Braylon Edwards – two receivers whose names popped up in trade rumors with the Jets all summer. Marshall has been a disappointment in Denver’s new offense with 12 catches for 128 yards and one TD while Edwards has 10 receptions for 139 yards.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2009/10/03/2009-10-03_jets_wide_reciever_.html#ixzz0SuN8YkQD

  277. joe b

    Until we get a legit #1 WR the Ds in the NFL are going to crowd the box. Take nothing away from Cotch. He is an excellent WR but he doesn’t require double coverage. Stuckey was invisible today. As I stated on 9/27 Sanchez had made some bonehead mistakes that didn’t really hurt us. However todays mistake cost us the game. The D did their job and Cotch did his. I just turned the TV off. Can’t take it anymore. J. Cotchery571027
    D. Keller331023
    L. Washington424015
    C. Stuckey1808
    B. Smith 1 14 0

  278. David

    This game had nothing to do with anything but rookie moments. Sanchez was bound to have one of these days, but I really can’t see hanging it on anyone else. On that first pick, I saw Smith cutting across the middle looking pretty wide open and that’s where I was hoping he was going to put the ball. He locked onto his deired target and threw the ball right into double coverage in the corner.

    Jets will bounce back….this is a team that is still coming together and the future is going to be bright. I would like to see Shonn Greene carry the ball more…

  279. Alex

    Greene looked really good hitting the holes-quick and powerful. Did he do any pass blocking or have any blitz pickups? I don’t recall seeing him in there on a pass play, but that may just be the rum’s fault.

  280. David

    I can’t say I noticed either, Alex, but I was also hitting the bottle out at the bar (yes, I managed to see the game), with some friends.

  281. Colour1

    Sean Payton did what I said he would do!! Make the kid make rookie mistakes!!!
    Now we can only hope that learns from this outing and get over it!!! Game over, time to move on!!

  282. Alex


    Glad to hear that you got to see the game. Real Jets’ fans want to see the game, win or lose. If it’s “lose,” we still want to see how it happened and to speculate on what adjustments the team might want to make.

    When Jones ran in the TD, I really believed they were going to pull off a miracle. The Dolphins are dead meat (er-fish) next week. The unleashing of Calvin Pace is near.

  283. Colour1

    Now look guy’s as much as I want to say we got this one in the bag. I can’t, Taylor still has a couple tricks in his bag and “BP” going to take this game lyeing down! I see this as a game that will prove that we have a very strong team and that “T”eam REX will put up a helva fight!!
    IT just sucks that our gal Jane isn’t in the huddle for us to let us know what the mood is with the camp and how Mr.Sanchez is taking this rookie lose?????
    GO JETS go Jane!

  284. David

    Well, Joe, if this is true, it looks like you are gonna get what you wanted. Let’s hope this bonehead is worth the trouble, because he might not even be available to play after Goodell gets through with him. Methinks we will see a lot more Smith and a bit of Clowney in the interim.

  285. Alex

    It’s true. Stuckey is gone, Braylon Edwards in. There are already mocking comments from Browns’ fans about Edwards’s selfishness-and as David notes, he’s already in some kind of night-club boneheadedness. Let’s hope Rex can make him over into our version of Randy Moss. Jason T. will also be missed on special teams. Wonder how high the draft pick will be as well.

  286. joe b

    This move will open up the offense for the J*E*T*S. Let’s look at this as our cup is half full not half empty. I don’t know how any of you could have been satisfied with our offense prior to this trade. Stuckey had a good first game but then he disappeared. Don’t convict the guy if we don’t know the circumstances yet. This guy was a hanger on of Lebron James. PLEASE!!!

  287. joe b

    Also guys. These guys are 23-28 year olds. What were you doing when you were 23-28 ? I’m sure we all had our moments. I wasn’t a saint during those years.

  288. Alex

    True, even Randy Moss matured over time.

  289. David

    We shall see…I am obviously hoping for the best. If he can get on the field and attract some defensive attention it will be a good start. When you consider the fact that Cotchery is playing with a rookie QB, who hasn’t come close to pitching a 300 yard game yet, he’s had a pretty remarkable season so far. If Edwards can be a threat, it will help Cotch be even more productive.

  290. joe b

    Alex & David It looks like both of you are open to giving this move a chance. I think all of us J*E*T fans will have a different outlook on this trade in a few weeks. The J*E*T players seem to be excited. He has some good friends on this team. Watching last weeks game I didn’t see anything that made me feel good about Stuckey. He couldn’t separate from single coverage to help Sanchez in the attack zone. I thought he would have been a decent #3 not a #2. With Edwards stretching the field Cotch & Keller will have field days. Sanchez will have more & better options and TJ, Shonne and Leon will find holes to run through. Rex will probably run the ball more but the passing options will always be there. Once a team overloads the box look for the long completion to any one of our receivers. I think on passing downs you may even see our other TE catching some passes now. GO J*E*T*S

  291. joe b

    On Jets Confidential yesterday Greg Buttle made a few points about the J*E*T offense now with Braylon Edwards. One of his scenarios was scary for defenses. He had Cotch and Edwards on the outsides with Keller at TE, Shonne and TJ were in the backfield and he had Leon in the slot. Defenses wouldn’t be able to crowd the box and he said he didn’t think any LBs could cover Leon. He also said the running game would benefit greatly from this move. Just something else for Ds to think about. If we take 3 out of the next 4 we will go into the break at 6-2. I think everybody would be happy with that from a rookie QB.

  292. Alex


    Agreed. I do worry about the 30 drops he’s recorded, though. I wish I knew how many of the drops were game-changing. I’d hate to see us rely on Edwards for a game-making catch only to see him drop it in the end zone.

    Still, if he behaves himself, he ought to open up lots of options for the offense, as you point out. I’m hoping he’ll morph into as good a soldier as Wesley Walker or Al Toon. If anyone can do it, Rex seems to be the one.

  293. joe b

    You have to look at drops in different ways. Was it a clear drop, off his hands, a diving catch or bing bang contact catch. How many times was he thrown to. Last year Lavernius had 10 drops and nobody complained. So Edwards had 6 more drops over a 16 game schedule. I’ll take that with the upside, coverage and opening up the field, he brings. Everybody drop some. .Hey, I even dropped a few.

  294. David

    Happy Friday, Guys. I saw the Buttle comments and he did get me a bit fired up. I have to admit that I really like Buttle, as an analyst.

  295. Alex


    Where can I find Buttle’s comments? I’ve obviously not seen them.


    The drops that were statistically accumulated were based on (I admit I can’t recall the exact wording) balls right to him that he should easily have caught. Whatever way they phrased it, the suggestion was that they were all real drops, not dive plays etc.

  296. Alex

    I’m sure that someone else has had the same thoughts, but if so I’ve not seen them or heard them yet: Two blockbuster trades with the Browns and I’m sure Mangini is sincerely trying to make his team better, but has anyone else been wondering if Mangini is also (or perhaps even primarily?) trying to stick it to Belichick, since the Jets are in the same division as Belichick? Those limp handshakes do come to mind!

  297. joe b

    Alex it’s still only 6 more than LC had last year. An over a 16 games schedule it’s 1 every 2 2/3 games. It’s not a stat that concerns me. And he had 4 different QBs throwing. I don’t know where they come up with these numbers. The NFL does not keep that stat. I don’t really care about the drops, I look to the positives that will help the entire team. #1 he will spread the defense, #2 He is a big deep threat, #3 He is a great BLOCKER, #4 He will make our running game better, #5 He will help Cotch & Keller, #6 his new team mates have seemed to embrace himand #7 Stuckey wasn’t helping us offensively.

  298. David

    Sorry, Alex…I should say that I heard the comments on the Jets Extra Point show. If this pans out, we will anoint Joe the emperor of our little universe…if we haven’t already.

  299. Alex

    Actually, I see that Joe quoted Buttle in an earlier post that I hadn’t seen because his post must have been coming up while I was posting my response to an earlier message of Joe’s. Sorry I missed it, Joe, because it is, indeed, a fabulous scenario, with plenty to think about. I love the idea of Washington loose among linebackers.

    Is Mangini sticking it to Belichik? What do you guys think?

  300. Alex

    And, yes, I almost forgot: Joe, despite his aw shucks demeanor, is the emperor. It’s a tiny universe these days, but I’m glad it’s there.

  301. Alex

    I notice, by the way, that we’ve topped 300 posts. Jane’s final headline that started it all has become very endearingly ironic: “One Last Thing” has become never-ending. I wonder what the capacity is for this thread?!

  302. Alex

    I just read that Cotchery is probably out for Monday night because of his hamstring. That (injury to a starting WR, let alone their best) was Joe’s big nightmare, which appears to have come to pass.

    Not so bad now with Edwards.

  303. joe b

    It’s time to give Shonne Greene some more touches. Shonne has a little of both TJ & Leon. He can bust through a hole and cut back with the best of them. Hope to see more of him this week. As far as Clowney goes I don’t get it. He has been in the league for 3 years with 1 regular season reception. We only get to see him against 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers in the preseason. The one time we got to see him with the 1st O he caught Marks first pro pass but there was no separation after the catch. The DBs in this league just seem to shut him down. Maybe if Cotch is out we will see him in the spread. If he doesn’t get in with Cotch out it’s time to let him go and activate Marcus Henry. Marcus looked good when they threw his way during the preseason and with his size we are really big in our receiving corp.

  304. David

    I hope Cotch isn’t out on Monday night, because without the double threat, we will still have the same problem. I completely agree with Joe’s assessment of Shonn Greene and I would definitely like to see a lot more of him.

  305. David

    PS…I don’t know if Mangini is sticking it to Beli, but as others have noted, he is doing more to help us toward a championship, then he did when he was our coach.

  306. joe b

    This Miami game and the next 3 before the break are all MUST WIN and very important games for the J*E*T*S. Three are against division foes and the other against a conference foe. NE losing to Denver gives them 2 conference loses already. By going 4-0 in the next 4 we will finish the first 1/2 of the season 7-1 with a 4-0 division and a 7-0 conference record. The 2nd half gets a lot tougher. We start with the Jags & NE and we finish with the Falcons, Colts & Bengals, with the Panthers, Bills and Bucs in between. Our Buffalo game will be played in Buffalo on a Thursday night and everyone knows how we play in Buffalo. Still no word on whether Cotch will play or not. The defense will have to step up big in the next three. We all have seen rookie QB have their way against previous J*E*T teams. Hopefully this is not your fathers jet team. GO J*E*T*S

  307. David

    I’m hearing that Cotchery is expected to play…I hope he is okay to go. I think we will need him more this week, than next week at home against the Bills. I’m chomping at the bit for tonight’s game and took tomorrow off, so I can enjoy it properly. :)

  308. Alex

    Same here! Tomorrow’s slated for recovery. I’m really looking forward to seeing Pace make up for lost time; he’s going to be an animal tonight. Last time I actually ENJOYED watching the Jets’ D run onto the field was in the Klecko days. Hope as many Jets’ fans show up in Miami as usual. Nice to have an additional “home” game every year! Enjoy the game, guys. Now, where’s that bottle of rum?!

  309. David

    Ha ha…great observations, Alex! You’re right on about the D (although I also liked ‘em for a while with Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones) and the Miami home crowd. Enjoy the rum…I’ll be working through the 12 ouncers, with my Jet friend, Dave. Go Jets!

  310. David

    Oh shoot…Cimini is reporting that he doesn’t think Cotchery will be a go tonight. That does not bode well. I hope he is wrong….

  311. David

    Whew…he is playing tonight. Now we can get a look at the new receiving corps, as it is intended to be.

  312. David

    Halftime Observations….I didn’t like the way our defense started, but am feeling better about things now. Two fake punt…are you kidding me? The guy who got juked out of his socks, by Weatherford, should be on the waiver wire tomorrow. Hey, Clowney has caught three balls! Granted, not big yardage, but they were pretty important catches. One more half to go and my fingers are crossed…

  313. joe b

    Where is Bart Scott??????? And again we are making a rookie QB look like Joe Montana. The defense has been on the field too long. If they don’t get it together we may need tomorrow off to ease this hangover.

  314. joe b

    Hey, what do you think about that Edwards trade so far. And granted Clowney is playing well. I’ll tip my hat to him. However the D is gonna be right back on the field.

  315. David

    well, Joe…I think both receivers are giving us hope…and yeah, we’re instantly in love with Edwards. Defense has got to wake back up here!

  316. joe b

    It’s like Deja vue all over again.

  317. joe b

    Back to Back games with O sacks

  318. David

    Wouldn’t have thought the defense would have let us down, but we treated Henne the way Mangini used to treat untested QB’s. WTF? I’m so upset by this game. If we don’t trample the Bills next week, I’ll be beside myself.

  319. Alex

    Someone remind me . . . WHY was Miami 1-3? The D disappointed tonight. I thought they’d lock ‘em down on Miami’s last drive. No such luck. Very disappointing. There are several positives, but I’m still disappointed.

  320. joe b

    Well, after agonizing on this one all night I have to say that maybe this team isn’t all we thought it was. Which leads me to believe that we could possibly lose one of the remaining 3 games before the break. First off the defense only has 4 sacks total. There are 13 individual players in the league with 4 or more sacks. We only have 4 INTs in 5 games. We haven’t had a 300 yard passing game and only 1 100 yard rushing game. And that was only because TJ had two big runs at the end of the Texans game. Sanchez played well enough to win last night, but he is still a rookie. Edwards had a nice game and Clowney finally show me a little something. I have been knocking him since last year. We needed two trick plays to stay in this game. That shouldn’t have to happen. We made Chad Henne look like Joe Montana. He was 20 for 26 for 241 yards. They were 9 for 14 on 3rd down and we were 4 for 11. TJs second TD was not a TD, but Miami used a challenge on the play before and couldn’t challenge again. I am sure the Miami heat had something to do with the poor showing by the D. If we don’t start playing consistent ball we may find ourselves in our usual spot in the NFC east. That spot is not at the top.

  321. joe b

    One more thought for the day. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO DUSTIN KELLER? Game #1 he had 4 catches for 94 yards and a TD. Since game #1 only 8 catches for 87 yards with 0 catches last night. We need him to step up his game. Cotch was just a decoy last night. Why even use him, he could have done more damage to his hamstring. Can’t stop thinking about what a terrible loss this was. When Miami comes to our house we better stick it to them.

  322. Alex

    Yeah, Joe, good question. Looks as if Keller’s been game-planned out, for some reason.

    Also disappointed with Pace’s contributions. It’s not as if there were none, but he did not have the monster game I was expecting-and looking forward to.

    Poor David has been stunned into silence. Understandable.

  323. Alex


    One more thing. Two weeks ago, I pulled your leg about the Jets going 5-11. I am now not so smug. I really don’t think they’re going to go 5-11, but it now no longer seems quite so impossible.

  324. David

    Yes, I’ve been burying my head under a pillow, since the loss. I still think this a good football team, but it’s never a smooth ride for a Jets team. I’m not saying Pace’s play had anything to do with the Monday night game (hell, they all stunk on defense), but I was concerned that his inability to practice with the team for 4 weeks might create some communication or chemistry miscues. I’m guessing it may take him a couple of weeks to morph back into the Pace we are looking for out there.

    Bad news that Cotchery’s hamstring is aggravated and supposedly Brad Smith got his foot stepped on the other night. We don’t need to get thin at receiver. Edwards may be a monster, but he still needs help. Let’s hope Clowney can build on Monday night’s performance for us.

  325. Alex

    Whaddya say about Clowney, Joe? Seriously.

  326. JetOrange

    Joe B ..
    Haven’t been around for a while… Gosh, what do you think of Braylon Edwards and the Clown. Smith has that Quad, ( what up with Quads this year ?), I just don’t think its prudent to play JayCo. Gives you starters of Clowney & Edwards with Wallace Wright as your third. Who woulda Thunk?
    Wright may be Okay, I look back at the pre season chemistry with Sanchez..

  327. joe b

    This is what I said Tuesday morning. “Clowney finally show me a little something. I have been knocking him since last year.” As I have said in the past that I love being wrong about some things. J*E*T*S at 5-11 is one and Clowney is another. However the great J*E*T Defense could also be another. If this team collapses like some of the past teams it will be a fire drill for some of our star players to get out of town. I think our #1 need right now is a pass rushing DE. That should be addressed with the 2010 draft unless Tanny can pull another great deal out of his hat. Miami was a MUST WIN game and we didn’t win. Buffalo and Oakland always give us problems and than it’s Miami again. If we lose any one of these games it means we finished the first half 2-3 in our last 5. We could possibly lose all 5, it’s not impossible. Again I hope I am wrong. We need to be more effective on offense and spread the ball around. Keller has just about disappeared and we are not using our RBs properly. No sweeps, everything right up the middle. Let’s get wide and spread both WRs out not just one. Move Keller to the slot more. G*O J*E*T*S

  328. David

    Did you guys read this from Cimini? Another Chrebet in the making?...

    “Interesting note from today’s practice: Practice-squad RB Danny Woodhead was wearing a new uniform number—83, Chansi Stuckey’s old number—and working with the wide receivers. Perhaps, with the injuries to Cotchery and Smith, Woodhead was switched to wideout. I’ll get back to you on that”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/#ixzz0U26lweSY

  329. Alex


    It’s confirmed now. He played Wes Welker’s role in defense practice a while back and must have impressed somebody. Hey, I’ll take another Chrebet-or the promise of one at this point of WR injuries! Joe was right all along to worry about potential WR injuries.

  330. David

    Yeah, I could definitely see him developing into a good slot receiver. Those little guys are tougher to tag, cutting across the middle.

    Here’s a real nice piece on “The Clown”:


  331. joe b

    It’s a little ironic that we are here the night before a must win game against Buffalo getting excited about Danny Woodhead and David Clowney playing tomorrow. Thank God for the Braylon Edwards trade. Imagine playing the next couple of games with Stuckey as our main receiver. And this is what I meant when I said we needed more receivers earlier this year. I still have high hopes for Marcus Henry. I like the Woodhead move it could open up a few things for Sanchez the way Welker does for Brady. Don’t know if I will put him in that class just yet. Clowney must perform at the highest level he can taking over for Cotch. Last weeks game was his coming out party. Tomorrow he has to even better. But we can’t take this game for granted. The Bills always play us tough and they will be playing for their coach’s job. The weather may also effect the play and Sanchez will get his bad weather baptism. Let’s hope he can play in bad weather because it is just October 18th. Edwards always seem to rise for the occasion against the J*E*T*S. If we can’t run against this defense something has to be changed. Greg Buttle had mentioned about spreading the ends wide moving Keller out with Leon in the slot. It sounds like they may be thinking about Woodhead in the slot with TJ and Leon in the backfield. G*O J*E*T*S

  332. joe b

    THIS ARTICLE WAS POSTED BY ADAM SCHEIN ON FOXSPORTS. We are witnessing the “same old Jets.”

    It’s an absolute bust.

    Look, how the Jets lost to Miami was “embarrassing,” according to head coach Rex Ryan. And he’s right.

    Calvin Pace’s postgame chatter doesn’t seem to add up. (Nick Laham / Getty Images)
    And to make matters worse, Calvin Pace, who missed a plethora of tackles, had the chutzpah to tell The New York Times that Chad Henne was a “clown quarterback” and the Wildcat was a “gimmick offense” after the Fish humiliated the Jets defense.

    Um, Calvin. Hello? The Dolphins destroyed you on Monday, circus music and all. You might want to stop talking.

    While the Jets need to be smarter with their commentary (don’t stop talking about yourselves and lose the bravado, just stop ripping the other teams!) the Jets are not about to collapse.

    This isn’t Joe Walton meets Rich Kotite here.

    The “same old Jets” loser mentality was eradicated the minute Rex Ryan walked in the door. And it was fully put to rest the day they beat the Pats.

    The Jets lost on the road on Monday Night Football to a good team. It was bad. The season isn’t over.

    And look for the humbled and focused Jets defense to hold Dick Jauron and the Bills to 10 points. And finally, the Jets will get to the quarterback.

    For a daily Boom or Bust on New York Sports, watch Schein and Chris Carlin weeknights at 6est on SNY (DIRECT-TV 639).

  333. David

    If the original weather forecast is holding up, I’m afraid the Jets passing game is going to get neutralized by the elements anyway. Crap weather is always a great equalizer for a crap team, so I hope the Jets are strong in the trenches today against the crap-team dujour. If I have to by my co-worker a sub tomorrow, I won’t be happy.

    I’d like to see to get the Jets get on top and bury them early, as I probably won’t be able to see the second half, due to a conflict with my son’s game. Finger’s crossed…

  334. joe b

    David, Enjoy your kids game. Years from now you will look back and really appreciate them. Watching my two sons play sports was a greater high than sitting in front of any TV watching these over priced professionals. Enjoy your day with your son. He will always remember you being there.

  335. David

    Thanks, Joe…I really appeciate those sage words. I will be there in time for his kickoff. I hope the Jets don’t make me miserable in the interim..ha ha. Cheers to you!

  336. joe b

    I get OJIDA watching this team. They don’t know how to win. They play down to the level of the competition. It’s like sitting in the dentists chair. 0 points in the 2nd half and OT. Stupid penalties, interceptions and a bad snap on what could have been the game winning FG. I am not very optimistic about the final score. Finally a positive move by Lowery. Another false start, are you kidding me. 3 win & 3 straight losses. This team is not as good as we think they are. If Rex was upset with last weeks loss at Miami he has to be Totally p*ssed with this performance. We will be real lucky If we win the next 2 or we could be 4-4 at the break. My prediction of 5-11 is looking better every day. I am declaring right now that I will not waste another Sunday sitting in front of the TV watching this poor excuse of a team anymore. I would rather go shopping with my wife or even change baby diapers than watch this team. After all it is still S&*T we’re watching.

  337. David

    Wow, I left to watch my son’s game after the first quarter and got home in time to be supremely tortured by the Jets. They should have just kept running the football. Can Sanchez bounce back from a game like that? I’d be hard hard pressed to recall a worse game by an NFL Quarterback.

    Tomorrow, I wake up and go to work in Bills country and the nightmare will follow me into the working week. You’re right Joe…my kid’s game was much more enjoyable. If not for that, I’d be tempted to go upstairs and smother myself with a pillow (joking of course…barely).

  338. joe b

    Watching this team is overkill. I can’t take it anymore. However it is my own fault. Earlier I predicted 5-11. So why do I watch a team I felt could only win 5 games. I am going to raise my record to 7-9. I won’t make it a priority to watch the game. If I am not doing anything else I will watch them without any expectations. It’s like being married to a women and knowing she is cheating on you with your friends and you can’t leave her because you love her. Is that sick or what? David enjoy your son and his games. You will be a much happier man. G8o J*E*T*S I don’t believe I just said that.

  339. Alex

    Internet service was down all day for me, so this is my first chance to vent. Hartsock’s penalty was the worst, in my opinion. You don’t hold when you’re driving for a game-winning field goal unless your QB is about to get blasted out of his shoes. It was a running play, for crying out loud. The worst would have been no gain. Run a few more plays and then kick the game winner.

    Swagger is one thing, but lack of discipline is another thing entirely. Stick to 5-11, Joe. I hope your son’s team won their game, David.

    I almost forgot the Jets’ injuries. How quickly the kryptonite can strike and render a shiny bright team the same old Jets. Mind numbing.

  340. David

    Yes…stupid penalties did not help us. When you have a young QB, having a miserable day, you can’t back him up into situations that will force him to press. The Jets appeared to do that several times down at their own end of the field.

    So what’s next? We go to Oakland, where nothing good ever seems to happen for the Jets these next two weeks could easily make or break the season for this team. I shudder to gues which it is likely to be…

    PS: My son’s team lost to an undefeated team yesterday, but they made the playoffs, so we live to see at least one more week of Pop Warner football.

  341. joe b

    Big Jenks done for the season. Put this year in the rear mirror. It over we can’t stop the run without him.

  342. David

    I’m not going to throw hope down , the toilet yet, but I do admit that we are looking more like a .500 ball club now.

  343. Alex

    Cimini reports that the Jets are looking into trades, one of them being for Shaun Rogers. If we get him, we may just end up with zero draft picks for eternity, but at least the season may be salvageable. It would then depend on Sanchez’s rapid-and I mean rapid-maturing.

  344. David

    Hey, I still enjoy dragging other writers’ threads into here to discuss with you guys…even if it does seem to be just us three stooges hitching down the empty highway to get picked up by the occasional passerby.

  345. joe b

    We have a rookie QB and a Rookie Coach. We accepted the fact that Sanchez would make rookie mistakes. But we didn’t expect our D would play so poorly after the way they played against N.O. Now without Big Jenk in the middle they will have to adapt a whole new philosophy. Shotty has to call moreplays off tackle & sweeps. Last week he called a few early to Leon & TJ and they worked. Then he totally forgot about them. Hopefully Sanchez will learn from these next two games. He really hasn’t had that breakout game he needs. Oaklands pass rush will put some pressure on him early and open up short passes to the RBs. Make the plays safe for Sanchez. Look to Edwards & Cotch over the middle and Keller wide. But most important we have to get to Russell on the blitz.

  346. David

    I agree about the running game, Joe. One of the things that has always bugged me about Schott, is his Wiley E. Coyote mentality. When something is working, he outsmarts himself by getting too cute. Sometimes, when something is working (particularly with the ground game), the best thing to do is to keep running it until the opposing defense proves they can stop it.

  347. Alex


    Bull’s eye on your stooges comparison! I also agree about Schotty. But how do you rack up 300+ yards on the ground and lose?

    Sanchez does not look good in bad weather-and we’re only in mid-October! What’s going to happen when surfer boy faces teams in November and December (and January-haha!)?

    Yeah, Joe, Oakland looks not so easy after they beat the Eagles. Make the plays safe for Sanchez indeed.

  348. David

    Methinks we needed to run for 400 yards to win that game, Alex. We just might have been able to…

  349. Dan

    Boy!Jets were smart to let Favre go??He was 8-3 before he got hurt in 2008.6-0 this year and is playing like a true MVP.Ryan is looking like a fool,should of shut up and sat
    the rookie QB and bring him in games when the games were out of reach.In a previos post I did say we would be chanting SAME OLD JETS.Ryan has proven he is a long way
    from being a good head coach.This team is going in the wrong
    direction,as for Pennington the guy is a boy playing in a
    mans league.He would be a practice squad QB on any other
    good team…............

  350. joe b

    Dan go crawl back into that hole you just crawled out of. Six games does not make a season. Come back when and if the Vikings win the Super Bowl. He planned this whole scenario. Wouldn’t get surgery for the J*E*T*S so they released him. Than he got surgery for the Vikings. He screwed everybody involved. Let’s see what he does late in the season. Go back to your Viking Blog.

  351. Alex


    Why bring up Pennington? Have you been drinking?!

    Joe is right: Favre screwed everybody involved, and I’m thinking perhaps Clemens more than anybody else.

    All Favre says is “Aw, shucks” as he screws people! As if charisma can cover up the damage he does. Such as the time he ratted out the Jets, who had treated him like gold.

    Let’s keep this blog to JETS’ FANS AND STOOGES, not Favre idolators.

  352. David

    Ooh boy, you sure showed us Dan. Even knuckle dragging morons have their day, but we’re only 6 weeks into the season, so talk is pretty cheap at this point. Favre is lucky to have Adrian Peterson running behind him, but lets see if his body holds up for a full 16 games,

  353. Alex

    Life may be cutting Sanchez a break. I just read on ESPN News’s crawl that Seymour may not play on Sunday because of an unspecified “illness.” I’d like the boy to live a little longer.

  354. JetOrange

    Nedd to beat the Raiders, in Sept. I thought this game was a gimme but after the Eagles game, the Raiders look very tough. Beat the Raiders and Miami is our Superbowl, 5-3 at the Bye, were in it, anything less were done. If Rex is a defensive Genius, he has to show that he can stop the run in the next two weeks.

  355. David

    Man, did we need this! Was concerned about Leon, but confident in Greene. Gotta give it up for Clowney now…he proved he belongs.

  356. Alex


    I sincerely hope you broke down and ended up watching the game, in spite of your resolution a few days ago NOT to watch. A shutout is always fun when your team is the one accomplishing it! Especially in Oakland. I heard that it was the worst home loss for Oakland in team history. Sorry to hear Leon’s leg is broken, but Greene did impress; David is right to feel confident about him, though I have yet to see Greene catch a pass-or at least I don’t recall it. His hands have been said to be a problem in pass-catching.

    Clowney owes Edwards! Still, he did have a good game. I still have to wonder about this team’s offense when the weather gets lousy. Let’s see how it goes in November and December.

    Meanwhile, let’s relish this one. Miami won’t be so easy.

  357. Alex

    And, I almost forgot, Pace had his monster game-at last. Three sack and two strips, both recovered by us.

  358. joe b

    Hi guys. This is what I said when Cotch got hurt & I did watch the game. Jets should be willing to honor the contract offered to Leon.
    October 10th, 2009 at 9:18 am
    It’s time to give Shonne Greene some more touches. Shonne has a little of both TJ & Leon. He can bust through a hole and cut back with the best of them. Hope to see more of him this week. As far as Clowney goes I don’t get it. He has been in the league for 3 years with 1 regular season reception. We only get to see him against 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers in the preseason. The one time we got to see him with the 1st O he caught Marks first pro pass but there was no separation after the catch. The DBs in this league just seem to shut him down. Maybe if Cotch is out we will see him in the spread. If he doesn’t get in with Cotch out it’s time to let him go and activate Marcus Henry. Marcus looked good when they threw his way during the preseason and with his size we are really big in our receiving corp.

  359. joe b

    How sad is the state of the NFL today. In yesterdays 12 games 6 teams score 1 TD or less. And now Commissioner Godell is talking about expanding to Europe. The economy is in a FUNK and this guy doesn’t even know it. Cleveland has not scored a TD in 4 of their 7 games. The Raiders, Buccaneers and Chiefs look like the keystone cops, the Rams have lost 17 in a row and Detroit has lost 23 of 24 in the last two seasons Some of the UFL teams could beat these poor examples of an NFL franchise. Stop worrying about expanding. Fix what needs to be fixed here first. The NFL draft has to be addressed first. The rich are getting richer. Weak teams are making desperate moves to get better by trading their top picks for a quick fix that only last 1 or 2 seasons. The top teams are picking high in the draft and getting stronger. Restructuring the draft is a must to solidify the league.

  360. David

    I’ve been wanting to see more of Shonn Greene since week one. I was surprised it took them so long to get the guy a carry, but I don’t think he’ll have any shortage of carries from here on out. I think is going to be a very tough back to stop.

    Joe good points about expansion and I am not anxious to see my team make that trip. Imagine a west coast team having to visit London or vice versa? The London based team would have to log record miles every season. What a logistical cluster-f*ck that would turn into.

  361. Alex

    I was thinking the same thing. Jetlag (no pun here) is not too much of a problem for people aged around 20, but as they approach 30 and then 40, it becomes, for almost everybody, an increasingly serious issue, and, as David implies, it becomes an advantage for the teams in the middle time zones. Oakland to Berlin is almost half a world away!

    And Europe has already shown a disdain for “American” football. So, why shove it down their throats? Didn’t anyone learn anything from the demise of NFL Europe?

    Irresponsible pipe dreams.

  362. JetOrange

    Hey guys, Jane has just been announced as a writer for Jets Insider…

  363. Alex


    Thanks for the good news. I’m sure that the three remaining stooges wish her all the best. She really did do an excellent job when she ran this site. Good luck, Jane!

  364. joe b

    David Clowney: Curbing his enthusiasm to get to the next level.

    By Jane McManus
    JetsInsider.com Feature Columnist

    October 28th, 2009

    Jets WR David Clowney has learned from his mistakes and had a break out game against Oakland last week where he scored his first NFL TD. (JetsInsider.com Photo)
    FLORHAM PARK, NJ – When David Clowney was at his lowest this season, upset that his fastest years as a wide receiver might be wasted on the bench, he talked to fellow Floridian Leon Washington about it.
    “He talked to me, ‘Keep your head up keep grinding you’ll get your chance eventually, somebody gonna go down or something isn’t going to go right and they’re going to need you,’” Clowney said. “He always talked to me about things like that just to keep my head up.”

    So when Clowney and Washington texted in the wake of a season-ending injury to the running back last week, even as Washington was in California recovering from surgery to set the bones in his lower leg, he had unprompted words of encouragement.

    “He said he was real hype for me, real proud the way I played,” said Clowney, who sent Washington prayers and good wishes for recovery. Washington is set to return to New York today.

    After starting three straight games as starting WR Jerricho Cotchery healed from a hamstring injury, Clowney has eight catches for 151 yards for the Jets, and last week scored his first touchdown in the 38-0 win over Oakland.

    “I got so much love for the game I just want to be out there,” Clowney said.

    But that desire can get twisted and Clowney can admit that he was angry earlier this season. After sitting for nearly two years under former Jets coach Eric Mangini, the wide receiver thought he had impressed Rex Ryan with a preseason of catches, including a memorable 48-yarder from Mark Sanchez against St. Louis.

    But once the games started to count, the man from Delray Beach, Florida was firmly on the bench.

    It came to a head when Clowney voiced his frustration in a tweet after the win over the Patriots on Sept. 20, “A bit disappointed about my playing time but very happy and satisfied about the win.”

    He followed that with another one that said the team came first so he was going to keep grinding. Ryan was upset when he learned of the first one, but Clowney and Ryan talked it out and Clowney said they understood each other.

    Clowney showed up on the inactives list against Tennessee not because of the tweet, but because he hadn’t been putting in the effort like he needed to. He let his performance slip during practice as he became more disappointed.

    “I let me not playing in the first two games as much as I thought I would especially after the preseason, affect me in practice,” Clowney said. “I let it bother me let it get to me and I can’t do that, I’ve got to be professional.”

    On Wednesday, Clowney was sidelined with a sprained left ankle, but said he’d be ready to go against Miami this weekend. Cotchery, who was limited in practice with the hamstring, said he also expected to be ready to play.

    “I feel I could’ve practiced today,” Clowney said, but added that the Jets trainers are more cautious and don’t want to repeat Cotchery’s setback.

    Ultimately, the trip to the inactives list might have set Clowney straight with Ryan, who told the player he was a fan of the way he stretched the field. The Twitter angle might have gotten overblown as a reason for the benching, but the wide doesn’t disagree with the decision.

    “It mainly had to do with my performance in practice and I completely agree with coach, I was slipping in practice a little bit and I can’t do that,” he said.

    Still, he emphasized that he didn’t want to come off as a guy gunning for glory, but rather as a player who wants to be in the game.

    “When the team is winning you want to be a part of that win,” Clowney said.

    < < BackDiscuss This ArticlePrinter Friendly VersionMore Stories

  365. David

    I’m sure you guys have read this one by now:


    Both teams have been talking too much crap, but never underestimate Porter’s ability to prove himself as king of the idiots. I really can’t stand this moron, so the Jets better not let us down on Sunday, because I really don’t want to hear another peep out of this butt-face for the next 12 months.

  366. Alex

    Yeah, the guy’s an ass. Now, where’s that rum bottle? Can’t afford to take tomorrow off, so this week the rum will be only for fortification rather than medication! Hope the weather’s good for Sanchez. I really want us to win this one.

  367. David

    I hope I’m not delusional, but I think the Jets are going to deliver for us today. The defense wants to atone for it’s Miami debacle and the Jets should have a pretty full arsenal of weapons on the offensive ball today. Gotta go up and watch at the neighborhood pub today. Gonna bring my 10 year old along with me for the first two quarters, so I hope the Jets don’t let us down.

  368. joe b

    Last nights Yankee/Philly game got 3300 post on their blog site. The Yankee fans have a love/hate relationship with their team that changes on every pitch.

  369. joe b

    SAME OLD JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too many frustrating games to bear

  370. Alex

    Can we put a hit out on Ginn? In this paranoid world, I’d better be clear that I’m kidding. But he is all that stands between us and a 6-2 record.

    That ref’s call on the two-point conversion cost us the game. What the hell did he see?

    Still, we should’ve won, damnit.

  371. David

    Jets just can’t put it all together can they? Today, the special teams let us down, but Ginn was still the hitman. I was being taunted by some guy with two teeth, until I finally offered to leave him toothless, if he didn’t STFU…Guy was a 49’ers fan to boot. Mind you, I’m not normally violent by nature, but wtf….grrrr.

  372. joe b

    Gotta sit back and say this is a learning year. Also they said Sanchez had big hands. I don’t see them helping him. Maybe he is not used to a slick hard football. So don’t let Clemens go. 378-127 total net offense, 104-52 rushing and 251-52 passing. Cotch, Keller and Edwards made some great catches on bad throws that helped his numbers Some of the blame has to go to the coaching staff. 12 men on the field, Two 2 pt conversion failures. They over think too much. Sanchez needs to gain some confidence. He looks like a little spoiled brat when it doesn’t go his way. On both KO returns Woodhead gave up the outside position. Why didn’t they show him what he did wrong on the first one so he wouldn’t do it again. So we finish the first half at 4-4 losing 4 of 5 after going 3-0 to start the season. 5-11 was my early pick. But after a 4-4 start I think the best they can do will be 7-9. But I’ll predict 6-10. That will give up a possible top 10 pick.

  373. David

    I think we are what we’re likely to be this year…I’ll stick with my earlier call of an 8-8 year. Special teams let us down bad yesterday. I think a lot of Mark’s throws are attributable to the fact that he seems determined to put the ball in a place where only his guys can get them, since the Buffalo disaster. I’d rather see him throw the ugly ball into a guys feet, than the pick 6.

  374. joe b

    There are no free rides in the 2nd half of the season for the Jets. Sure you can say TB but the team seems to play down to the competition. Four of the seven teams we play have winning records right now. Buffalo has already beaten us with a second string QB and it is going to be cold in Buffalo on Dec 3rd at night. Sanchez cannot handle a cold slick football. He never played in the cold before. His off season training should be throwing passes to Clowney in Jan-March outside at the Jets training facility. Get him acclimated to east coast winters. 5-11 is looking pretty good right now. Sorry guys this is like Deja Vu all over again.

  375. David

    I’ll hold you to that prediction, Joe. On any given day the Jets have shown they can beat or be beaten by just about any kind of team. They are capable of playing good ball, if they could quit shooting themselves in the foot.

  376. joe b

    I was talking on the phone to a friend of mine. I asked him if he saw the game yesterday and he said no but I think the Phillies won. I said no I’m talking about the Jet game and the Yankees won. He said he doesn’t watch sports and I was stunned. He told me he would get so upset when he was a kid if his team lost so he just stopped watching. After I hung up I thought to myself, how much grief have I had watching my teams over the years. Wish I could just stop and be like him. Is there some kind of sports junkie rehab center anywhere? If there was I would go to Rehab!!!!!!!!!!!

  377. Alex

    I love the levity, Joe. I sometimes wonder if we’re just a bunch of retards here (no offense to anybody)! We’re junkies all right. Unfortunately, there’s no rehab possible for us. But IF we ever win another one, it will be sweeter than any Yankees win ever. Sweeter than any 49ers win ever (at least I assume, David, that we three stooges still have most of our teeth-more than two, at any rate). Sweeter than just about any win in sports. The payoff for all the pain will be tremendous.

    I still recall being a teenager in Queens (Elmhurst) when we won. My two friends and I all ran outside with newspapers that we were tearing up like confetti and throwing it all around and jumping up and down and then-we noticed: no one else was doing anything! The streets were all just normal! That’s when we realized that, though we’d won, NYC was still Giants territory, even in Queens. I wonder what the next one will be like, especially in NJ, I guess, these days. I wonder if we’ll be alive to see it.

  378. joe b

    Alex, when the JETS were going to the SB I was working for a soda company in New Rochelle. There were about 40-50 Giant fans. They all said the Jets would lose by 40 points. I insisted the Jets would win. Everybody wanted to bet me but they wouldn’t give me the points that the books were giving. One afternoon at a meeting I said the Jets would win outright and everybody jumped in my face and wanted the bet. One guy said “I’ll give you 10 to 1 odds even”. I was cornered and said OK to a $25.00 bet. Well at least 15 guys said I’ll take that bet. I was stubborn and said OK to all . After all it was only $375.00 at the time. Well when the Jets won I went to work very early on Monday, stopped at a stationary store and bought 40 Daily News papers. I put one in everybody’s mail bin. When they came in in the morning I heard to words that still ring in my head LUCKY & FIXXED. They wouldn’t give the Jets credit and unfortunately only 3 of the 15 actually honored their bet. I heard excuses like, I was only kidding, I wouldn’t have taken you money (Yeah Right) and I never made that bet. I kept a list of guys who didn’t pay and when I see them now and than I remind them right in front of their friends they still owe me $250.00. Even when I go to a funeral I always tell someone He still owes me $250.00. I know I’ll never see any of that money now but the following August I had the privilege to go to work with another 40 Daily News papers showing Mike Battle jumping over a Giant defender for a TD with the Jets beating their great NY Giants. Some memories will always remain like your memory of….. still recall being a teenager in Queens (Elmhurst) when we won. My two friends and I all ran outside with newspapers that we were tearing up like confetti and throwing it all around and jumping up and down and then-we noticed: no one else was doing anything! The streets were all just normal! That’s when we realized that, though we’d won, NYC was still Giants territory, even in Queens. I wonder what the next one will be like, especially in NJ, I guess, these days. I wonder if we’ll be alive to see it.

  379. joe b

    Alex, Hopefully we will all still be alive. LOL

  380. Alex

    That’s another thing that keeps us going, Joe: The humor! By the way, I still want to beat the hell out of Don Shula sometime in a dark Miami alley for not covering that grass field. On a good, dry field the Jets would’ve kicked their asses.

  381. David

    Ha ha…my friend and old college roomate was just talking about that sloppy field the other day, Alex. I recall him punching out a ceiling tile, after that game. Unfortunately most of my Jets memories are nightmares…I’m still waiting for the really big one, because I was too young to appreciate the first.

  382. Alex


    Forgot to thank you for the story about all those Giants’ fans eating crow. You were sure the Jets were going to win. I recall that I really really HOPED they’d win, but confess that I didn’t have your confidence.

    I think they’re going to get better this year, even with Jenkins and Washington gone. I am stupidly going out on a slender limb and predicting 6-2 for the second half. They’ve been competitive in every single game and sooner or later the bounces are going to start to go their way.

    One last thought: from all I’ve read, Gholston has an amazing athlete’s body, impressing both players and coaches, so I’m wondering, can they pull a Brandon Moore and try converting Gholston to a new position, maybe offense? Tight end? He seems to have decent speed. Think the Jets’ brass have ever considered such a move?

  383. joe b

    Alex, I wasn’t sure about anything. I was just sick and tired of listening to them go on about how bad the Jets were gonna get beat. I just had to do something. After all we had Joe Namath and they had Earl Morrall. I normally never bet on sporting events.

  384. Alex


    A while back you pinpointed the year etc. for Namath’s greatest game. Do you know how I’d get access to the game’s stats? My recollection is that he threw for 497 yards on only about 15 completions (and not many incompletions either!). I just want to make sure my memory isn’t getting too foggy as I age!

    On the NJ Jets site I put a young Namath-basher in his place not long ago. He said that any QB can have one exceptional game and cited other QBs who’ve had 500-yard games. When I pointed out that Namath did it on only about 15 completions, the guy just shut up. It just might be the best ratio of yards per completion in NFL history.

  385. joe b

    Alex, the other long TD pass was to John Riggins. Go to this website and scroll down to 9/24 games http://www.profootballresearchers.org/Linescores/1972.pdf

  386. joe b

    Ed Bell also had a 60+ yard TD.

  387. David

    Cool link, Joe. I can smell the bubble gum scent wafting off the football cards, when I peruse some of the names.

  388. Alex

    I’m very grateful for the link too, Joe. I didn’t recall the 13 incompletions, but the math is still staggering, especially with the old-time passing-game rules. It works out to 33 yards per completion! I’d love a DVD of the whole game, and for the umpteenth time I complain that the game is never shown on NFL’s Greatest Games.

    It was Unitas throwing for 376 yards, too. Why would the powers that be not consider the game a classic?

    Thanks again. You just made my day.

  389. joe b

    Here is another site with a little more on the game. Caster had 6 for 203 and Eddie Bell had 7 for 197 . http://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/197209240clt.htm

  390. joe b

    On another note, there were 4 receivers who went over 100 yards in that game. I would think that would be an NFL record.

  391. Alex

    Nice point! I’ll bet you’re right.

  392. Alex

    One thing that’s cool about the new site Joe recommended is that you get a blow-by-blow summary of the scoring. It reminded me of just how see-saw the game was. Close until the very end, which is really how I remember it first-hand (via my t.v. in 1972). Another reason to cry foul that the game’s never been on NFL’s Greatest Games, which don’t often go further back than the 1980s. I guess they’re in love with all the gaudy QB stats that resulted from all the QB-enhancing rule changes. You know: Joe Montana and all that west-coast offense crap. Boring. You want excitement: watch this 1972 Jets-Colts game.

    Joe, you remember what may have triggered Namath’s great performance? The Colts were all crowing about their new-style zone defense, geared toward stopping the long-passing game. It was just a challenge to Namath, and, as usual when he was in his heyday, he made them eat crow.

  393. joe b

    Asked Randy Lange, the Jet beat reporter if that was a record
    Randy Lange Said:
    “joe b, it happened three times after that game in Jets history. Sept, 21, 1986, Jets (Wesley Walker 6-194, Al Toon 7-111) vs. Miami (Mark Clayton 8-174, Mark Duper 7-154); Nov. 27, 1994, Jets (Rob Moore 7-124, Art Monk 5-108) vs. Miami (Mark Ingram 9-117, Irving Fryar 5-103); and Sept. 28, 2008, Jets (Laveranues Coles 8-105) vs. Arizona (Larry Fitzgerald 8-122, Steve Breaston 9-122, Anquan Boldin 10-119).”

  394. Alex

    So-not even close to a record if the Jets alone have done it a total of four times. I wonder if Namath’s 15 completions for a 33-yard average per completion is a record? I’ll bet anyone with a similar yardage total took way more than 15 completions to reach it. That is, find anyone who had 15 completions in a game and see what their average per completion is. Namath has to be on top in this one. Once I saw a list of 500-yard passing games and their QBs, and I recall that some of them had 30 or 40 completions to get there.

    An amazing game.

  395. joe b

    It’s nice not having that knot in my stomach. I’ll enjoy my dinner to-nite.

  396. David

    Wow, I’m starting to think the Jets might not be the worst team in the meadowlands. The Giants are in an incredible tailspin. A lot of games were kind of going our way today, but the Giants gave the Chargers that one. I was hoping the G-men would hang a 4th loss around the Chargers necks, but what a stupefying mismanagement of that last series inside the Chargers 10. I knew the Chargers were going to come right back down their throats. Manning has a hell of an arm, but he has the mobility of a statue…If their is a more lead footed QB in the NFL, somebody point them out for me.

    Well, it’s nice to marvel at the ineptness of somebody elses team for one Sunday.

  397. Alex

    You guys are hilarious: and I agree with all you say, especially about Joe’s stomach. I am remarkably relaxed tonight, which shows that fans need the bye week just as much as the players and staff. At least Jets’ fans need it. Yeah, David, I watched the second half of the Giants’ game: “it’s nice to marvel at the ineptness of somebody elses team for one Sunday.”

    New England two weeks from now. That might be our season on the line. I am, obviously, still stupidly hopeful.

  398. David

    Wow, Cutler’s 5 pick night gives him 17 on the year. At least our QB can play the rookie card for his miserable outings. I’m really glad we didn’t bring Cutler to the Jets. Viva Sanchez! :)

  399. sunny615

    Sanchez sucks.

  400. David


    I’m officially though with this team for the year. I’m too old to suffer this form of continuous torture. These overpaid fools should be forced to forfeit their salaries to the bleeding working class schmucks who give up their hard earned dollars to be bitch-slapped like this, time and time again. They can call it the tortured fan endowment fund or something…God knows they don’t deserve it. I’m more disgusted than I have ever been, by this team…over and out.

  401. joe b

    Just got home from Buffalo Wild Wings. My two sons took me out to watch the jets today for my birthday. When the jets scored in the 4th quarter I said the Jags have us right where they want us. This is jet protocol, score and allow the other team to keep the ball till the final play and score. Just something I have grown accustom to. I said 5-11 early and I added another game later to 6-10. I am now declaring that there is no way in hell that this team wins more than 6 games. Even if they do I won’t know because I will not be following them anymore this year. I won’t even spell them with a capital J. Rex keeps saying this is a good team. I am sick of all the talk, I want results. Don’t tell me, show me. I am watching a replay of New Rochelle HS vs Monroe Woodbury HS in the NY state quarter finals. It’s much more entertaining than The jets. I don’t know why so much hope was put on this team with a rookie QB & coach. Reality is a terrible thing when you are a jet fan. You never get what you hope for, just everything you hoped you wouldn’t get.

  402. Alex

    I’ve been at this too long to retire, David. I’ll watch ‘em to the very end, but I guess that defines me as a Jets’ masochist. Or is that just the price of admission to the Jets’ fan club?

    A sad way to top 400 posts.

  403. Alex

    Joe gone too? Just one stooge left this year, I guess.

  404. David

    Happy Birthday, Joe! I hope those crappy Jets didn’t spoil the day too badly for you. At least you had time out with your sons…I hope that soothed the pain. My 10 year old was stranded at home with strep throat and he called me at the bar to direct some appropriately aimed hex and some karma at the TV. The Jets started playing much better after his call, so I credit him with the temporary surge.

    I was thinking the exact same thing as you, after we got that last score. When the Jags fell down short of the goal line, I knew it was over. My friends asked why I thought it was bad that he fell short of the goal line, but I knew they were gonna drain every last drop of blood and sink us. I walked out of the bar right there to spare myself the last bit of agony.

  405. Alex

    I know that this is crazy to think and even crazier to say, but with NE losing late last night, there is still a glimmer of hope left for these Jets (sorry, Joe: jets). They can still win the division if they win next week and end the year “tied” with NE, whom they’ll have beaten twice. That’s the only way they have a chance at the playoffs. But even as I say this, I have to think, how far could they possibly go in the playoffs anyway? Lowery looks as if he couldn’t cover my mother out there, and Sheppard can’t tackle to save his life.

    All I can think of is that sometimes a team will inexplicably come together and finish up strong, as the Colts did last year and the Jags are doing this year. But I’m not holding my breath. David, can your son do anything more to help out here?

  406. joe b

    Guys, I am amazed that we are still grabbing at straws. Do either of you think we can beat NE or Indy or Atl or even Cincy. I don’t know if we can beat Buff, TB or Carolina. We would need 5 wins just to be 9-7. I don’t see it. Even all the callers on WFAN & ESPN are complaining this week. We may get totally destroyed by NE this week. Especially after last nights game. They will be looking for some source of revenge on us. Also if Miami goes 9-7 they would go ahead of us based on head to head record. Rex decided on our starting QB 2 weeks into preseason. He didn’t even give the other guys a shot. Clemens didn’t get to throw downfield at all. Every pass play they called for him were short screens & outs. They didn’t want him to look good. Rex made a big mistake and is too stubborn to make a change. There have been a few games we lost where a change was necessary but didn’t happen. Too much trash talk that after a while didn’t seem to motivate anybody. Kerry Rhodes has been terrible and Bart Scott hasn’t been anything special either. Sanchez is playing like a rookie making his mistakes. They said he had huge hands but he hasn’t been ableto hold on to the football. He may become a franchise QB, but not this season. He should be benched like Vince Young was and become a student for the rest of the season. Make him really, really want his job back. Take off the kid gloves. He has been pampered long enough.

  407. David

    No, Joe…I’ve seen the light…err, darkness and my glass is well below half empty, where the Jets are concerned. I’m not saying I will completely stop watching them, but I’ll be less likely to go out to see them, if they aren’t my regularly scheduled telecast and I certainly won’t be thinking about playoff possibilites. I’ll just be looking for signs that they can learn from their mistakes and play with some heart. I have to admit that I’m even cynical about those prospects right now.

  408. joe b

    Just to show you how much LoHud thinks about the jets I went back a few post to find thisjoe b
    August 26th, 2009 at 6:47 pm
    Lohud this is directed directly at you and whoever you send us as a replacement. These J*E*T bloggers and Jane were like a little internet family. We bled green as a family. She read our little blogs and answered our questions. I hope we don’t go through what we went through when Andrew was let go. Jane not only covered the J*E*T*S, she also covered the Rangers and HS softball. You seem to overload these reporters and than discard them. How many more outstanding reporters are you going to just kick out. Tony P. Joe Lombardie, Andrew Gross, Ernie Palladino and Jane were people who gave you their all and “Poof, just like that they are gone. I WILL BE GOING BACK A COPYING SOME EARLIER QUOTES JUST FOR FUN.

  409. joe b

    September 3rd, 2009 at 10:53 pm
    Woah, David! A little caffeine with your rum?!
    Clemens has some bad luck though, doesn’t he? That INT should have been a completion to Wright, off whose hands it bounced. Another mitigating circumstance is that Clemens doesn’t get to play for very long, has no chance to get into a rhythm, unlike Ainge, who has played many more series than Clemens in the preseason. Also, they don’t seem to call anything long when Clemens is in there, again in contrast to the other QBs. I just know, as I’ve said many times, Clemens looked great against the Ravens’ tough D in a real game and with a shitty O line. Still, all that being said, Ainge’s arm on the bomb to Clowney looked superior even to Sanchez’s! A pretty play, even if it ends up consternating Joe b: Clowney needs to do it against another team’s ones. Joe is right. We need to see it. Don’t want to hear “potential” anymore!

  410. joe b

    What ever happened toErik Sec.309
    September 4th, 2009 at 7:21 pm
    A few notes:
    1) Clemens doesn’t have nearly the upside that Sanchez appears to have.
    2) Clowney is still very suspect.
    3) This should be #1 – DON’T TRADE HARRIS!
    4) Simmons cut – good.
    5) Sign Leon now!
    6) Sign a veteran WR – on of Philly’s?
    7) Let’s get on with the season!

    If this thread will stay up, I will post (but also post on NJ.com)

  411. joe b

    joe b
    September 12th, 2009 at 10:35 pm
    2009 record 5-11. Hope I’m wrong. But

  412. joe b

    Remember when we felt so good about this season.joe b
    September 21st, 2009 at 10:24 am
    There were several things about this game that stand out for me. Winning was #1. Mary Brady not throwing a TD was #2. Mary Brady losing his chance to tie the consecutive wins record of 23 by Jim McMahon was #3. Watching the J*E*T D hitting Mary Brady was #4. Watching Mary leaving the field without any handshakes was #5. Bellichicken almost crying and his dead fish handshake to Ryan & Sanchez was #6. But my favorite was the look
    Mark Sanchez had after shaking Bellichickens hand. It was like “What the Hell was that all about.” That’s 2 in a row for the J*E*T*S over the Patsies. I know I said 5-11 but I love being wrong. Everytime I predicted 11-5 or 12-4 I was wrong. So hopefully my predictions keep coming back and kicking me in the BUTT.

  413. joe b

    September 27th, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    I just don’t see them going 2-11 the rest of the way. Just giving you a hard time! NO ONE could have known they’d look this good and be 3-0. NO ONE.
    A very tough offensive line gave TJ a lot of trouble. It won’t be like that every week.
    Here’s my standing O. Tough road game next week. Alex, How about now LOL

  414. joe b

    David it wasn’t too long ago we all felt like this.David
    October 12th, 2009 at 2:01 pm
    I’m hearing that Cotchery is expected to play…I hope he is okay to go. I think we will need him more this week, than next week at home against the Bills. I’m chomping at the bit for tonight’s game and took tomorrow off, so I can enjoy it properly.

  415. joe b

    These were just some excerpts I thought would make all of us have a good laugh.

  416. David

    Thanks, Joe…we could certainly use a good laugh or two right about now. Maybe Dan will bounce through here sporting a clown nose or something ;)

  417. joe b

    Eric 309 is over on jets NJ and it sounds like he is ready to tighten the noose and jump Posted by eriksec309
    November 16, 2009, 4:08PM
    People that need to stop talking:

    1) Rex Ryan – Don’t ever sya that the the fans need to “bring it.” Personally, I (along with thousands) of other Jet fans that have been going to games over the past 10 years have brought our enthusiasm. What have we gotten in return? Year after year of dissapointment. This team finds ways to lose. They find ways to let the fan base down.

    2) Woody Johnson – Telling us that this team is a playoff team? Playoff teams give up special teams td’s? Playoff teams have defensive meltdowns in the most critical situations? Playoff teams don’t complete the easy screen pass for a td? Playoff teams don’t tackle well? Playoff teams don’t sack the QB or force that many turnovers…...please.

    3) any Jet player or coach that tells us that this defense is ranked 2nd in the league. If you watch this defense play on a week to week basis, you know that it is not that good. That is a truly misleading stat.

    4) Any exec. that can think of a reason why any Jet fan should pay a PSL to watch this team/franchise let us down over and over again.

    • I will continue to cheer for this team because I am a fan, but honestly, I have to try and stop caring so much because it’s not good for my physical or mental health. I says thanks every day that I am a Yankee fan.
  418. Alex

    I say thanks too, Joe. I did have a good laugh or three, as you expected. 2-11 on the way to 5-11 is starting to look good!

    I’m no Yankee fan, so I don’t have that to fall back on. Maybe Syracuse basketball? I’ll still watch the Jets/jets, every down, every year, as long as I’m still alive. So what if I’m most of the way to brain-dead? How else do you explain such ridiculous loyalty?!

  419. David

    SU basketball…yes, Alex! I’m psyched to see how they match up against Cal tomorrow.

  420. joe b

    David.. We have a kid from my area playing at cuse. His name is Mookie Jones. He was a legend around here when he was in HS at Peekskill. I go to about 80 high school games a year. That’s all sports. Of course it’s easy cause I am a HS Softball & Volleyball official. When I am not working a game I am attending one. Saw Mookie about 30 times. I really enjoy HS sports.

  421. Alex


    Devendorf and Harris were foolish to depart the program early. Of course, Devendorf acted foolishly on many occasions, but I really liked Harris: as a player, as an imposing athletic physique, and as a person. Cliches were always at a minimum when he spoke to the public. Actually, I think my wife had a crush on him, for all the same reasons that I liked him!

    Joe, I actually prefer to watch HS, college, and minor-league baseball. It’s a purer form of the game than the pros, with all their free-agent movement. I love the enthusiasm at the so-called “lower levels.” Same for college and HS basketball. When I was a kid I was a Mets fan, but I also knew the players on the other teams, even the Yankees, and I even knew the bench players! No way these days.

    Also, Joe, as an official, how do you deal with some of the crazy parents that (I expect) get in your face when a call goes against their kid? My best friend once umped for summer leagues and had to deal with that kind of shit all the time; it was the only unenjoyable part of umpiring for him. The kids and coaches he could deal with; the parents, not so much.

  422. joe b

    The HS sports I officiate are girls softball & girls volleyball. I can honestly say I haven’t had a parent get in my face ever. HS rules are so strict and the girls are perfect ladies at that level. Recreation ball is a totally different animal. Especially mens softball. Many of them were their HS star and they think they are never wrong. I have ejected many player from games on their own conduct. Once the F Word is used they are gone. Close calls are the main cause of problems. One team thinks they are safe and the other thinks they are out. So somebody is going to be upset. Girls travel softball is where you get the parents complaints. Some of them pay thousands of dollars for their daughters to play on these teams. They have specialty coaches for pitching and hitting that charge $50.00 per 1/2 hr. So the parents think that daughters are going to get full rides to college. If they took the money they paid for instructions and travel teams it would add up to more than they get from the colleges. I had a game last year 12 Under. the girl pitching walked the first 8 batters ( 5 runs per inning rule)on maybe 35 pitches. She was nowhere near the plate. Actually threw 2 balls over the backstop. She also missed half of the balls thrown back to her by the catcher. In the 2nd inning she did the same thing. After the game her father told me she just had an off day and she was going back to her pitching coach twice a week instead of once. This girl was 12 years old and weighed about 160 lbs. There was no way in hell she would ever be an athlete. She was decked out in about $125 worth of under armour gear and had a glove that looked like it should be worn by Albert Poulhos. The bats these kids use are about $140$180 and if they don’t hit a HR in a couple of weeks the parents run out and get them another. Maybe half these girls make their HS softball team and if they are the exception maybe one out of every 4 teams go on to make their college teams. Full Rides only for the elite. In section 1 we have about 50+ schools and maybe 4 or 5 girls get Full Rides. 50 schools X 15 players = 750 players and only 5 get rides. That’s 007%.

  423. joe b

    I don’t have a clue why those lines are through the blog.

  424. joe b

    Hope you can read between the lines. I don’t know why that happened

  425. David

    I wondered if you were sending us a subliminal message, Joe. You couldn’t pay me enough to referee, but girls high school sounds like the safest bet. We had a horrifying incident occur locally a couple of weeks back, when a life-long ref working a semi-pro football game got his face smashed in with a helmet, after the game. He’s lucky to have lived, but he is facing reconstructive surgery along the lines of what Rudy Tomjanovich had to go through, after Kermit Washington smashed his skull in, back in the 70’s.

    Alex, I agree about Devendorf and Harris…it’s sad, because I knew that neither of those guys were ready yet. Johnny Flynn, on the other hand, has made the kind of transition that I suspected he would. I think this Orange team has great potential…they looked really good against Robert Morris, but young teams are bound to hit some bumps (ie: LeMoyne). We shall see…

  426. joe b

    Alex, when I was a kid there were 8 teams in the NL and I believe 7 in the American. We would play stickball and announce the entire line-up with their batting average, HRs & RBIs. We would announce the pitcher with his W-L record and ERA. If the guy batted lefty we batted lefty. I have been a Giants baseball fan since Bobby Thompsons shot heard round the world, When MLB announce the ROYs this week I never heard of either of them. I have a baseball signed by Thompson & Ralph Branca. Branca was from Mt. Vernon a great basketball town, Ben Gordon, Ray & Gus Williams and Rudy Hackett from the Cuse. . Saw Mt Vernon beat Niagara Falls with Johnny Flynn at Glens Falls. If you like basketball the NYSPHSAA state championships at Glens Falls is a must. I have been going every year for about 20 years. If you do go let me know and I will meet you David you should come and bring your son. He would love it.

  427. Alex


    Syracuse generally played so well that I was ALMOST a little bored! Great win. And, Joe, your Mookie Jones shot well . . . until he got a little carried away and fired up a few bricks. But he looked good for his first several shots. Boeheim’s coaching will help with shot selection, so he looks promising.

    Got to get used to all these new faces on the SU team.

    Have you guys seen that violent soccer gal that they’ve been replaying for about a week? Wow. A thug is a thug, I guess.

  428. joe b

    I hear she scheduled a WWF Death Match with Bart Scott and he backed out.

  429. Alex


  430. Alex


    Wow! There is a lot to LIKE about this team, and I’m not talking about the Jests.

  431. David


    These last two nights were friggin’ incredible. What a team!! It’s a long season, but for two games, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better Syracuse team. They have balance, poise and the length to make those Boeheim zones work to absolute perfection. I had no idea Wesley Jones was going to be this good…talk about hiding a secret weapon.

    As for the Jets…well, maybe I’ll be motivated to say something about them tomorrow.

  432. joe b

    David. It’s Wesley Johnson and unfortunately he will probably only be there one year. He has already played 2 years at Ipwa State and also sat a year for transferring after his sophomore year.

  433. David

    You are absolutely right, Joe…ha ha, I swear I knew that, but they have too much Jones and Johnson going on with that club.

    I agree he will probably be one and done, but such is the nature of college basketball these days. The Orange have a lot of talent and another good recruiting class shaping up, so hopefully it will be able to reload, but at the end of the day it’s that intangible team chemistry that matters most. More heralded teams have accomplished less than a lot of less heralded teams, when you look through their history. I have a hunch this team has the potential to be special, if they keep their bearings.

  434. David

    Great piece on the Orange and Johnson…


  435. David

    So anybody care to make a bold prediction this week? I can envision one of two scenarios and neither are good. Scenario one: the jets come out playing with heart and tease us into thinking we have a chance, before they, yet again, crush our stewed-tomato hearts. Scenario two: The patriots just come out and absolutely smoke the Jets. Either scenario will rip the spirit right out of this team and they will fold up like origami paper dolls for the remainder of the season.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  436. David

    Looks like scenario two is in full effect. I’m so disgusted with this team, that I almost feel like they deserve what they are getting…

  437. Alex

    My home internet service has become so unreliable (i.e., I’m usually not connected at all, and, when I am, it’s as slow anymore as dial-up service) that I wait until I’m on my computer at work, as I am now, to see what you guys are saying.

    I knew as soon as Sanchez threw that pick-six that the Jets had no chance. Four more interceptions. Throw the damn ball away!

    Clemens should have played the second half; he couldn’t possibly have been any worse. Nothing wrong with Sanchez learning from the bench. Joe, I’m now hoping they can REACH 5-11.

    When do the Orangemen basketballers play again next?

  438. joe b

    Going back to a time when Brandon Marshall looked like he would become available. Many of the bloggers on this site didn’t want anything to do with him. He was a problem always getting into trouble with the law. Wee this morning I was listening to Colin Cowherd on the “Herd” and he said that if you wanted to see who the best teams were you just had to look at the number of arrest a team has. He said the playoff teams will have the biggest list on police blotters. Remember when Bellechicken was a character guy, not anymore. And look at Mangini who still is a character guy, Cleveland stinks. Guys who come to the draft with bad reputation and get passed up early usually turn out to be some of the best players. Now to get to the jets. My prediction of 5-11 is really looking pretty solid. The only way to avoid this is to bench Sanchez the rest of the way and see how he reacts to benching. Does he sulk or try to learn from his mistakes. He is only a Rookie and never should have been handled the starting after only 2 preseason games. Rex needs to see what KC and Ainge can do in this league. Sanchez has taken every snap so far this year and has thrown 10 TDs, 16 INTs, 3 Lost Fumbles and 17 sacks. Only 2 QBs have a lower QB Rating than his 61.1. JarMarcus Russell is @ 47 and Derek Anderson is 36.2. Both of them have been benched and Mark should be too. The season has been over for a couple of weeks. He has won 1 game in the last 7 and that was against Oakland. If KC or Ainge play I may watch but if Sanchez starts no way. I have seen enough of him this year.

  439. David

    Agreed…it’s not doing his development any good at this point to keep him in there. He could benefit from a sideline perspective. We were talking about this yesterday as we watched the game. He keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Ne needs to learn how to check down or throw the ball away. He just keeps forcing the ball downfield into coverage on every throw. He needs to pick and choose his spots better.

    Unfortunately, I get the feeling this staff is too stubborn to pass the baton to another QB.

  440. Alex


    I agree about the staff.

    By the way, I forgot to thank you for the link to that great Johnson article. I and my wife (she really is a great sports fan; I lucked out) both had been wondering if that smile of Johnson’s was real or just some sarcastic game face, but after reading what Boeheim had to say about him I’m glad to conclude that it’s real.

    SU BB is going to be a fun season. I’ll be watching the Jets out of habit and duty. Strange: I don’t like pain in any other aspect of my life!

  441. Colour1

    If Rex can get Sanchez to stop throwing “int’s” we would be talking play-offs not “Til next year” AGAIN!!!

  442. David

    Cheers, Colour1…nice to hear from you!

  443. colour1

    Good to be back! Sundays latly have been so bad it wasn’t worth posting a comment???

  444. joe b

    Happy Thanksgiving to All. They can’t ruin that meal, Thank God

  445. Alex


    Thanks for putting a smile on my face on this gloomy upstate morning.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  446. David

    Happy Turkeys to you guys. This week we get to eat them instead of watch them play football.

  447. joe b

    Today was a great day. Great food, great company, watching other terrible teams and not having Sanchez throw any INTs.

  448. David

    Agreed Joe…it was somewhat strangely comforting to watch Stafford spray pics all over the field.

  449. Alex

    A win, but not exactly an inspiring one. They surprisingly just weren’t able to manufacture a way to lose this one.

  450. David

    Yeah…it was a bit of a constipated triumph. I was a bit disgusted that they didn’t have 31 points on the board, by the time it was over, but I guess a win is a win. They will need to do better on Thursday night, if they are going to continue turning it around. I still think they are an 8 and 8 club. I think I’m going to take Friday off. In the meantime…go Orange!

  451. joe b

    I wouldn’t exactly say they won that game. It was more like Carolina lost that game. Sanchez was adequate, nothing special. The INT he threw trying to hit Edwards was a typical Sanchez pass. Dellhoume was brutal. It was a reversal of our game last week. Plus Carolina is not very good. And how about Buffalo whooping Miami. Now we have to wait till Thurs to see which team has the biggest letdown.I did like the way Smith played foe Rhodes. He popped a few Panthers. He is not afraid to hit you. Just ask Anquan Boldin. With 5 games to go I see them winning maybe 1. I will stick to my 5-11. I am watching with a ” I don’t care attitude” If I’m not doing anything else I will watch, but if there is something else to do “I’m doing it” Thursday I’ll be in Jim Thorpe, Pa. If they get NFL network I may watch if not it’s Oregon vs Oregon State.

  452. Alex

    Yeah, how weird that both green teams (Oregon, Jets) are in “big” games at the same time on a Thursday night. Go Ducks. I may go back and forth between both games.

  453. David

    The next best thing to watching the Jets win, is watching New England get their heads handed to them. Thank you Saints.

  454. David

    PS: I bet Bob Kraft choked on his binky last night….

  455. Alex


    Agreed. That was a fun game for Jets’ fans! I hope the Jets learned something about how to cover Welker, for use next year. That was some job the Saints did.

  456. David

    alright, I know I shouldn’t get very excited, but that was a quality win tonight. I was actually quite worried when Sanchez got hurt, because he was having a great game (aside from some dropsies in the first half). The Jets managed to hold on and play a solid game, in the face of adversity.

  457. Alex

    No internet service all weekend and most of last week. I have to keep in mind that the Bills beat Miami handily the week before, so that, you’re right, David, this was a quality win.

    I’d love to see them run the table, though I’m smarter than to expect that. One game at a time, as the cliche goes!

  458. David

    One game at a time is right, Alex. I’m not going to let myself get caught daydreaming, but if you follow the years back through the Parcells era, I believe history will serve up evidence of some improbable trips into the playoffs. Anything could happen, as long as they win their games. If they play mistake free football, they aren’t a bad team. If (big if) they play mistake free football and bring their A game every week…who knows?

  459. Alex

    Even Herm had a miracle finish or two. I still relish that shutout blowout over the Colts. Was that during Herm’s era? I think so.

  460. David

    I think it was, Alex. They’ve even managed to fall ass- backwards into the playoffs on occasion. Like the lotto guy says…hey, ya never know.

  461. joe b

    It was the 2002-3 season. Herms first and the score was 41-0. At 6-6 they have surpassed my prediction. But as you said David, it’s too early to start daydreaming. Should beat TB, but you know what happens with “should win ” games.

  462. David

    Absolutely right, Joe.

  463. Alex

    Make me look good, Kellen!

  464. Alex

    I almost forgot to mention Syracuse’s beat down last night. David, are you sitting on top of the world? Joe, did you watch? These guys really are for real!

  465. David

    Very excited about last night’s game (and the added benefit of The Steelers losing). They actually got away with playing some of their sloppiest ball down the stretch. I have always been a big Boeheim fan, but the only bone I pppick with him, is his insistence on only going 7 deep against good teams. The players get tired down the stretch and start to make mistakes. This year’s team as talent to burn, so there is no reason he couldn’t go 8 or 9 deep in these kinds of games. Mookie and Sutherland have both shown some stuff off the bench, so I’d like to see them give some minutes.

    All whining aside, this team definitely has the stuff to contend for the big prize, this year.

  466. David

    Ha ha…I just love dissension on the Patriots:


    My favorite quote: “That’s one thing about Mother Nature. You can’t control that. You can’t run people over getting to work, so there ain’t nothing to really apologize (for). I didn’t try to be late. (There are) cars sitting in the road, you’re sitting there. It’s not the Jetsons. I can’t jump up and just fly. What am I supposed to do?”

    Belichick is an ass.

  467. joe b

    This make the Sanchez injury sound more serious than we are being told….................... “I thought Kellen did a great job in the huddle. I thought he did a great job of making the plays when he needed to make them,” Jones said. “It’s his first game in a long time, so I thought he played well. Hopefully, he can continue to get better each week.”

    Ideally, he won’t have to.

    Jets coach Rex Ryan said there’s a chance Sanchez may be able to return from a knee sprain next week against Atlanta.

    “We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got confidence in Kellen, obviously, but we’ll see how Mark is when we get back,” Ryan said. “I think he’ll be ready to go, but I’m not sure.”

  468. David

    You’re right, Joe…I hope that wasn’t some kind of Freudian slip.

  469. David

    Thinking ahead of myself here, but if (big if) the Jets managed to finish 10-6, I would be pretty impressed with the season. Unfortunately, even if they manage that, I fear those two losses to the Dolphins are likely to come back and bite them in the ass. Oh well, first thing is first…lets see if the Jets can continue winning one game at a time.

  470. Alex

    Internet service at home has quit entirely; my computer may have a virus, so I’m relying on my work computer to keep up with you guys. I noticed today that the Jets have given up fewer points than any other team in the whole league. When you keep in mind all the turnovers that resulted in points against us, that makes the stat all the more remarkable. Parcells (you are what you are) be damned! This is a better team than 7-6.

  471. David

    Hey Alex…it does sound like your home computer is bugged out. If you get it back on it’s feet, I would recommend Zone Alarm Pro, Super-Anti Spyware and System Mechanic. The combination of those three programs, scanning once a week with each, has saved me a bunch of grief…

  472. David

    More on that Jets D, Alex:


  473. joe b

    Sometimes the numbers don’t tell the real story. We are 7-6 on the season. However the only team we beat with a winning record was NE in week 2. Our other 6 wins are against losing teams. Still the D has been playing great. Two games will come back and bite us on the butt. Miami & Jacksonville winning on the last play of the game. I think now we can end up 8-8 or 9-7 or even 10-6. We are not making the playoffs and will pick in the middle of the pack come April. Indy & Cincy might have everything wrapped up and sit their starters which I am not happy about. Hey I could be wrong. I have been in the past. Like I said before I like being wrong. So we will have to wait and see what the next 3 games bring.

  474. David

    Well, at least they are “in the hunt”, so it keeps us on the edge of our seats for another week. I could never embrace the spirit of playing for a low round draft pick. The Jets do a pretty good job of finding value wherever they pick (with the exception of Gholston), so I would rather see them finish strong and have something to build on next year…even if it doesn’t result in a playoff birth.

  475. Alex


    I agree completely. Actually, I’m easy to please: Jets, just be competitive, damnit!

    Funny how anti-Clemens the color commentator was last Sunday. Some of Clemens’s overthrows were smart plays: he was still in the pocket and knew how to throw the ball away without getting a penalty. He was being conservative, as he was asked to be. We still have not seen Clemens with a free hand AND a great line in front of him, complete with a running game. And I don’t think we’ll ever get to see that until Clemens is with another team. Rex just doesn’t have much faith in Clemens, no matter what Rex says to the contrary.

    By the way, doesn’t it make you want to puke to see Duke ranked #7 with one loss?! It’s not as if they’ve been playing ranked teams. Hey! “Puke” and “Duke” rhyme!

  476. David

    Alex, I agree that puke and Duke and go together quite naturally. Duke is one of those programs that always gets the benefit of the doubt, but the nice thing about college b-ball, is that pretenders will eventually be exposed come tournament time.

  477. Alex

    Have a great holiday season, Joe and David! I’ll be away from the internet for the holidays and probably won’t get to read anything here until early January. Still working with the IP to get internet service restored at home (I’m at the office now).

    I feel sorry for St. Bonaventure’s basketball team tonight!

    Go Jets!

  478. David

    Well, I expect this to be my last official rant of the season…not that I will be totally finished posting. I have high expectations for next year, but today infuriated me and I saw it unfolding all day long. So many ways, we self-destructed today, but the epitomizing play, for me, was Thomas Jones personal foul penalty after a huge third down conversion. I spent what seemed like an eternity, screaming at the tv for jets players to let it go and take the big play, but at the 11th hour, jones turned into the ultimate bonehead and finally drew the flag. What a f*cking stupid football team this is!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could go on and on, but I can’t continue. Go Orange! thanks again for nothing, nyj…GRRR.

  479. joe b

    David, so true. What we hoped for when the season began looked so reachable after 3 games. Then the tables turned and MS turned into a rookie QB. This team was ready for this season. But to put all our hopes on the shoulders of a Rookie QB who only played 16 games in college was the ultimate mistake by Ryan. He never really gave either of the other QBs a real look in the preseason. KC was handcuffed from the beginning. When he played he was limited to short throws under 15 yards with 2nd & 3rd teamers. It was as if they said don’t let him look good. Sanchez is going to be our man. He had a 55.7 QB rating in the 2nd preseason game and was named starter. Ryans ego is the real reason we aren’t making the playoffs. There are no more miracle formulas for us to make them. Season over. Happy Holidays to all you guys.

  480. David

    Happy Holidays, my friends! :)

  481. joe b

    Some things to think about. Why did we gave up 3 game winning drives on the oppositions last possession. How many of Sanchez’s 7 losses could have been avoided if Rex took him out after several turnovers. Where is David Clowney (2 receptions after the break)? Why did it take a benching for Rhodes to excel? Why did the Jets go to a zone D on Atlanta’s last possession? Could Sanchez win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship. How much weight will Rex lose before next season? Will Shotty be gone after the season. What are our draft preferences for 2010 ? Will Leon be back at 100% (hope so)? Will Kellen still be a Jet or will he come in with another club and beat us? How many players will we lose to free agency? How many teams with winning records will we beat next year? Will next year be another “Same Old Jets” year ?

  482. David

    Many good questions, with very few answers for you, Joe…except for one. I think Schotty is toast. Aside from his schizophrenic playing selections, his whole philosophy is at odds with what I think Ryan would like to accomplish. Cut him loose and elevate Callahan…it’s that simple.

  483. joe b

    Disregard previous post. go to website below to see how great this organization has bee at selecting it’s headcoaches.Only Parcells and Al Groh have winning records and Groh quit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_New_York_Jets_head_coaches

  484. David

    I haven’t thrown in the towel on Rex, yet. He has at least shown the ability to learn on the job. Ha ha, Groh might have finished a winner, but that’s only because of what he inherited from Parcells. If he had stayed, he would have finished as a loser.

  485. JetOrange

    Wish you and your families all a Merry Christmas, Thank you all for making my year a little more interesting and merry.

    Jane, this post is the smallest of Xmas presents, designed to get the number of posts to 500 for New Years. A very tiny tribute from the fans..

  486. David

    Is this team starting to remind anyone of Rasputin?

  487. joe b

    Lost for words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  488. David

    I knew damn well, from past experience, that anything was possible, but now I’ve really seen it all. It’s probably best to stay at a loss for words until actually succeed in taking care of business next week. I’m not happy about that game getting flexed to 8:20 on a Sunday…

  489. joe b

    As I have said in many of my previous post, I love being wrong. However, I will not jump on the bandwagon or let my guard down. Too many times in the past I have said, OK maybe this is the team I hoped they were and got slapped in the face. Last year i didn’t want anything to do with Favre and when we got to 8-3, I said” well maybe” only to watch him fall apart down the stretch. My prediction of 5-11 is taking a beating. All Jet fans have their hope up high for next weeks (8:20) game. Sunday’s game will also depend on how important the game is to Cincy. I don’t want to back in, But than again a win is a win. So with mixed emotions I am signing off to contemplate what the hell is happening here. If I don’t come back till after the game, I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and a couple of Syracuse wins.

  490. David

    Thank you, Joe. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year also. Ha ha…if you can figure out what the hell is happening here, please be sure and let me know. It is far from a done deal, when you are a Jets fan. I’d like to say nothing would shock me, but after yesterday, I’m not so sure anymore. Ah well, never look a gift horse in the mouth, eh? ;)

  491. joe b

    December 25th, 2009 at 11:29 am
    Wish you and your families all a Merry Christmas, Thank you all for making my year a little more interesting and merry.
    Jane, this post is the smallest of Xmas presents, designed to get the number of posts to 500 for New Years. A very tiny tribute from the fans..
    JetOrange “LET’S DO IT” 9 to go.

  492. JetOrange

    8 to go
    Think of how far the Smith boys have come, lot of criticism on both Brad and Eric, there stars are rising…
    Clowney has been given opprotunities, hasn’t delivered

  493. David

    Yes, I’ll admit to being wrong about Clowney’s potential impact, but I am happy for both the Smiths. :)

  494. JetOrange

    6 to go…
    Joe, thanks, a win is a win
    Do you believe the Wildcat with Brad Smith should be expanded ? I haven’t seen Brad pitch the ball on the Option…and I haven’t seen Brad throw the ball ( except out of punt formation to Eric Smith) Has Rex put the red light on the Wildcat ? Is the risk of pitching on the option, and or Smith throwing, out weigh the potential rewards ?
    Please note Clowneys 14 yard loss on the reverse, Too cute Schotty….

  495. David

    I don’t want to see the wildcat expanded too much and that’s not because I don’t have faith in Smith, but that I don’t have faith in Schott. His propensity to get “too cute”, as you put it, is precisely what leads to disaster, more often than not.

  496. JetOrange

    David ,
    If Schotty wants to keep his job . he needs to simplify, and streamline this offense, concentrate on execution, and stop trying to outsmart everyone, it ain’t working….

  497. JetOrange

    3 to go…........
    Last week when Rex said we were dead , began to prepare for 2010 season….

    Alot of resignings…
    Free Agent Signings….Major push for Vince Wilfork NT, NE, it will fail… but the Jets sign WR Lance Moore New Orleans and Barry Cofield DT/DE NYG..

    2010 Draft
    1. Jared Olrick DE Penn State, Alternate , Dan Williams NT/DE Tenn.
    2. Mike Johnson OG Alabama, Alt.,Joe Asamoah OG Illinois
    3. Cleveland/ Braylon Edwards
    4. Pat Angerer ILB Iowa
    5. Cleveland/ Edwards
    6. Quan Sturdivant LB North Carolina
    7. Devin McCourt DB Rutgers

  498. David

    I agree with that, J.O. I’ve reached the point of thinking Callahan should be promoted to the position. As I’ve said before, there is just way too much Wile E Coyote in Shottenheimer for my liking. His mad inventions and mistimed plays blow up in his face time and time again.

  499. joe b

    Guys, it not the wildcat. Brad Smith was on with Bob Wischusen and gave it a new name. He said coming from Missouri we should call it the Tiger-Cat. I know nobody liked the reverse to Clowney Sunday, But if it worked, I wonder what the consensus would have been. Not if NE wins early does Cincy sit their stars ?......Who will be the #500 man ?

  500. David

    The reverse was a disaster, but it wasn’t the most outrageous gamble in the grand scheme of things. On a more fundamental level, I have always had a problem with a third down and empty backfield on an obvious passing down. I was amazed Sanchez held onto the ball on those two Freeney hits. I’d rather keep a guy in for protection on those downs.

    Hello 500. Where is Alex?

  501. joe b

    I think Alex is on vacation, he left an earlier blog for everyone….Alex
    December 19th, 2009 at 12:32 pm
    Have a great holiday season, Joe and David! I’ll be away from the internet for the holidays and probably won’t get to read anything here until early January. Still working with the IP to get internet service restored at home (I’m at the office now).
    I feel sorry for St. Bonaventure’s basketball team tonight!

  502. David

    Thanks, Joe. I guess he didn’t get a new computer for Christmas. Watched the SU/Seton Hall game last night. The Big East really is going to be a beast this year. I can’t believe how good these teams appear to be from top to bottom. Sorry for digressing….

  503. joe b

    Hi Guys, Well this is the first post of the New Year. Do I get anything for this? You know, like the first baby thing. Well anyway tonight will be a tough game no matter who plays. The chill factor will be down around 5 degrees. Sanchez has never seen that temp before. I’ll watch as long as I can. Hopefully tomorrow will be a freat day for the Jet fans. On another note, the Cuse didn’t play to well yesterday. Only one 3 point basket. They looked a little flat. But It’s a long season and they will rebound. I hope. Well, I’ll be back again tomorrow W or L. See you than. P.S. Let’s light up another 500 in 2010.

  504. David

    Cheers to ya, Joe. That Big East is a snake pit…I figured Syracuse was due for a wake-up call, so hopefully they will heed it.

    I’m excited for tonight’s game, so I decided I might as well spend some carry over vacation tomorrow. I want to enjoy this and from the sounds of the weather forecast, I’ll have more digging out to do anyway. I’ve perfected a two shovel technique…I’ve been making better time then my neighbors with snow-blowers. Ha ha, I’m the John Henry of the snow shovel community…

    Go Jets!!

  505. David

    Well, Cinci just got some reason to play tonight, if they want that number 3 seed. That’s okay by me…either way, the Jets should be plenty motivated to take care of business tonight. This could make it more interesting, though.

  506. joe b

    Well David, It looks like my prediction of 5-11 was way off. Thank God. Glad to be wrong It’s 30-0 middle of the 3rd qt. Looks like we will be playing next week against Cincy again. I would imagine it will be Sunday because we are playing so late today. This is the best Sanchez has played all year. You may want to take off next Monday too. Alex must be pumped. We’ll have to wait to hear from him. Go Jets

  507. David

    That was a beautiful thing, Joe. I was afraid to say it, but I thought the Bengals might not be a bad match-up for the Jets. Now can they give us a repeat performance? If they keep playing inspired, mistake free football, I believe they are capable of giving playoff opponents a very tough time.

    Lets enjoy our bonus week!

  508. joe b

    One thing scares me. It seems whenever you win a game by such a great margin, you are always looking for some of those points, runs or baskets in the next game.

  509. David

    I agree, Joe, but I think they’ve got what it takes to get it done. I expect it will a much closer rematch, but if the Jets deliver the same intensity and win the war up front, I’m hoping they will have the edge.

  510. Alex

    Happy new year, guys! It has certainly started out happy for us. I’m at my work computer EVEN THOUGH I DON’T HAVE TO BE AT WORK TODAY! I actually drove through the snow and did my share of shovelling just to check e-mail and celebrate with you guys. David, I loved your shovelling description:

    “I’ll have more digging out to do anyway. I’ve perfected a two shovel technique…I’ve been making better time then my neighbors with snow-blowers. Ha ha, I’m the John Henry of the snow shovel community….”

    Ah! Life upstate!

    Interesting to see some discussion here (previous to last night) about the Jets and the wildcat with Smith. Last night suggests someone on the Jets’ staff may actually have been listening to you guys. I’m glad Smith is finally paying some big dividends.

    Joe, I hope that we all have GOOD knots in our stomachs next week and several weeks after. I don’t mind a close game so long as we come out on top. I hope that your last post, Joe, is not too ominous. I know, it comes from decades of Jets-related sufferings!

    I may be absent for another few days till I get the internet-access problems fixed at home. Stay warm, fellas!

  511. David

    Get those connectivity problems fixed, Alex. We need you here to celebrate with us, while we can!

  512. David

    Most people still don’t give the Jets much credit, but surprisngly, Teddy Bruschi seems to:


  513. Alex

    Internet-access problems fixed this morning! It was the modem after all, just as I’d suspected all along, but the phone company just didn’t want to send someone out here to fix it, claiming it just HAD to be my computer. Jerks.

    Read the Bruschi article with interest. I’m surprised. I wonder if we can be this year’s version of last year’s Arizona Cardinals ( barely making the playoffs), except that we go all the way?! Let me ratchet that back a little: I hope we win our next game. Didn’t want to make Joe puke!

    Too bad about Syracuse. Can’t win in the Big East if you’re going to make only one three-pointer. Let’s see if the loss fires ‘em up again.

    Glad to be back!

  514. David

    Glad SU wasn’t playing a Big East opponent last night or they might not have gotten away the way they did. They looked very unfocused for some reason in that first half. Hopefully, they got that out of their system…

  515. Alex

    Unfocussed AND unenergized. It’s also a good thing that Memphis finally cooled off from the 3-point line. Pitt never did, though I didn’t get to watch all of that game, since they blacked it out on SNY midway through the first half; I couldn’t resort to ESPN 360 because I was still having internet-connection problems back then. It’s always a challenge for Syracuse when their zone faces a hot 3-point-shooting team, even when their zone is a particularly good one, like this year. I really like Joseph, both as a player and as a smart young man. He seems to make right decisions a high percentage of the time and he’s not a fountain of cliches when he’s interviewed. And he’s not even a starter!

  516. David

    Your right about Joseph, Alex. I hope he continues to log a lot of minute for them. He and Jardine are pretty important pieces coming off that bench.

  517. David

    I can’t say

  518. David

    I can’t say I’m always a fan of Mike Lupica’s sometimes sanctimonious style, but I thought this was a great piece on this Jets team:


  519. Alex

    Good article. Thanks for pointing it out. Where’s Joe these exciting days?

  520. David

    Ha ha…Joe’s probably relieved that he doesn’t have to babysit me all by himself, now. :)

  521. joe b

    Hi Guys, I just got hooked on Face Book and i’ve been mesmerized on it. Now to get back to football. This is probably the most important game we have played in years. It’s a must win game. If we lose this game all the hype will be gone. The wins over Indy & Cincy will be laughed at by every Jet-Hating fan. We will hear how we backed into the playoffs. We can’t win the big game. We were a fraud. We have to go into Cincy and take over where we left off last Sunday. We have to shut up FAT, BIG MOUTH MIKE FRANCESSA. If we lose he will never shut up. GO JETS

  522. Alex

    You guys are a pisser. Shonn Greene scores two touchdowns.

  523. David

    Yeah, facebook is a lot of fun. I’d love to find you guys on there…

    Today is the big day..gonna meet some friends out for this one! Go Jets!!!

  524. Alex

    I am SO unhappy with the outcome of this game! Shonn Greene scored only ONE touchdown, not the two that I predicted. How disappointing!

    However, I’ll gladly take 135 or so yards at 6.4 a carry.

    Congrats, Jets pals!

  525. David

    That was a beautiful thing yesterday. It’s been a long time since I could sit at our favorite bar with a bunch of friends and watch the Jets win a playoff game. Snachez and Greene were sensational. Braylon Edwards seems to keep stealing about 50 yards a game out of his rookie QB’s pocket, though. I wonder if he has some kind of eyesight problem. He never seems to have a clue where those deep balls are coming from.

  526. Alex

    I worried openly on this site about Edwards way back when about exactly this: Is he going to drop a crucial pass? He’s already done that during the regular season more than once. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed the rest of the way through the playoffs (however long that may be) that none of his drops are going to be killers.

    Seeking advice now: I tried to find the regular-season final team stats on nfl.com (and elsewhere), and all I can find is the stats for the games played yesterday, with those four teams ranked 1-4 in every category. What I’m looking for is the Bengals’ final regular-season defensive ranking; that is, how good a defense (statistically, yardage-wise) did we beat?

  527. David

    Not a bad defense according to this:


  528. Alex

    Thanks, David. I had a dim recollection that they were the league’s 4th-rated D, but I wanted to confirm it. This makes me feel a lot better about our chances next week.

    Regarding the Jets’ big win, I think Joe is just plain speechless!

  529. joe b

    My high school is preparing for it’s 50th reunion and I am putting an album together using the pictures from my yearbook. I want to present everyones class picture. I didn’t realize how many people I went to HS with. I still have to transfer 33 pages of pictures to my site. Than I gotta crop and enhance each picture and get the names. Each picture takes about 2-3 minutes to do. I thought I could do it in a day or 2 but I’m not even a 10th of the ways since Thursday. Great game to watch. It looked a little shaky early on. But they got the job done. I watched NE get whipped today and I kind of feel that that may have been Brady’s swan song. He took a beating this year an Moss quit on him in a couple of games. Some of his close friends are no longer on the team (Vrabel, Seymour and Bruschi) I think he sees the writing on the wall and now would be a good time to get out. He can tell this team is going dow and Today he was Booed by the NE fans. He’s a HOF QB and he can step right into a commentators booth. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Bellechicken pack it in.

  530. Alex

    Funny thing, Joe, today I was also thinking that Bill looked tired somehow and I wondered when he might be thinking to retire. Didn’t think about Brady retiring, but I wonder if he’s not quite old enough for retirement.

    Hope your 50th goes well. I also hope your pals appreciate the work you’re putting in.

    David: SU should move up, with three of the teams in front of them losing. Joe, Mookie hit some more three-pointers today. He really is a good outside shooter. Wonder if he’ll be that good if he has to hit one under pressure. I have a feeling we’ll get to see before the season’s out.

  531. David

    Anybody watch that Cards/Packers game? I know those were two great passing attacks, but Woodson got crucified yesterday. I couldn’t see Revis getting undressed like that. That will be quite an embarrassment if Woodson is named the defensive MVP this week…which I’m betting he will.

  532. joe b

    Alex, In Mookies jr. year of high school he hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to win the NYSPHSAA Federation Championship at Glens Falls. He needs to put a little muscle on. He is only a freshman, so I am sure he will see more & more playing time as he goes on.

  533. Alex


    Didn’t the pro-bowl selection of Revis sort of seal the deal of his defensive MVP? I don’t mean that the two honors are connected, just that if Revis is honored in one way, the other should logically follow. I know! Logic doesn’t necessarily follow in sports. Maybe I’m being naive.

    Joe, thanks for the tidbit on Jones. I hope he sticks around rather than transferring, especially if his playing time stays low, as other young players have done. I hope he’s patient. SU has a lot of good players ahead of him this year.

  534. David

    I don’t know that the pro bowl nod necessarily sealed him as the NFL defensive MVP, because Woodson was also voted to the pro bowl, in the NFC and he has been getting a lot of hype. I normally don’t care a whole lot about this kind of stuff, but I really think Revis deserves this year. Woodson is a playmaker, but he is not a “shut down” corner. Revis has proven that he is the very definition of a “shut down” corner.

  535. Alex

    I agree. Hope he makes it, in that case.

  536. David

    Any thoughts on the Schotty to Bills rumblings?

    I’m hoping this stuff doesn’t become a distraction this week. The Jills have expressed interest in him and Russ Grim of the Cardinals. Both teams have their hands full getting ready for next week’s game. If both their candidates are still coaching, why can’t they wait a couple more weeks to interview them?

  537. Alex

    I seem to recall the Jets doing the same in recent memory in pursuit of a coach, but I no longer trust my memory. I’m still reeling that I spaced out that there’s another whole conference with its own representatives (as in Woodson, for example!) to the pro-bowl. I’ve been a fairly hard-core football fan for too long to have simply forgotten; it must be aging, or the loss of brain cells to rum, or just a failure to concentrate?

    There’s an old Spanish proverb that, roughly translated, means “aging is not a pretty thing.” How true it is.

  538. David

    Don’t worry about it Alex…I’ve had my moments here too.

  539. Alex

    Thanks, David. It actually does help to “hear” it.

    However, I just saw on ESPN that Woodson did indeed get it, as you predicted. Barring injury, Revis should get it next year, especially if the Jets go far in the playoffs; people will remember when it comes time to be voting in 2011. Hard to believe the Jets are still in it, one of the eight best teams left standing, especially when I recall very clearly the view from 4-6.

  540. David

    Well, hopefully it will serve to put a little fuel on his fire for this weekend’s game. It’s hard to believe we are still talking about them…I’d never have believed it, after that Atlanta game. If the Jets and Baltimore could both pull the upsets, the NFC Championship would be at the meadowlands. How wild would that be?

  541. David

    Ha ha…see, I did it already, Alex. Obviously meant to say the AFC championship!

  542. Alex


    You made my night . . . sort of! I say this only because I watched Super Bowl III tonight (nothing can top that -yet?). The similarities between that underdog and 2009’s are remarkably striking: an underdog QB who just has to manage the game, albeit brilliantly; a punishing, relentless ground attack; and an opportunistic and solid defense. The only significant difference I see is the experience at QB. Sanchez is not Namath-but if all goes oh-too-wonderfully, Sanchez could BECOME Namath. Oh dear Lord, please! And I’m not even a religious guy!

  543. David

    If they are on their game, I really think they have a shot on Sunday. Aside from keeping the Chargers offense under control, I think this is the key to success:


    The Jets have to shred the Chargers defense with the ground game. That’s a matchup that should favor us and take some pressure off the D.

  544. Alex

    I just reviewed the Chargers’ schedule and concluded that it’s just not that remarkable. Take the division alone as an indicator: they got to play KC twice and Oakland twice, and not all of those games were blowouts; then the other member of the division, Denver, they split with, losing the first and blowing out Denver in the second AFTER Denver was in its season-ending tailspin, when almost anyone could have beaten Denver. KC and Oakland do not compare with Miami and Buffalo, which provide much stouter competition; Denver does definitely not compare with NE. The Jets are in a much tougher division.

    I’m just not all that impressed with SD. The Jets have a great chance to win this game. Home playoff game ahead, anyone?

  545. David

    I think I’ve started sipping Rex’s kool aid…I hope it’s spike with the good stuff. I saw Greg Buttle say that if the Jets win the toss, they should defer, but I couldn’t disagree more. San Diego has outscored opponents 83-16 in the first qtr. Why would you choose to let them have it first?

  546. Alex

    I have to admit that I found yesterday’s games’ outcomes very discouraging. The two well-rested teams destroyed their tireder opponents. Doesn’t bode well for the Jets.

    I’ll try to stay as optimistic as I was earlier in the week, but it’s going to take some rum to accomplish that. Hard to believe NO ever lost to TB.

    I hope for a merrier post about 7:30 or so!

  547. David

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday, but the Ravens really did a good job of just flat out beating themselves. Arizona’s defense flat out sucks anyways, so I’m not certain it was all fatigue. Dallas just went down 7-0, but they don’t appear be getting beat physically, so we shall see what our late game brings us.

    Today’s recipe must call for lots of ground and pound…

  548. Alex

    Watching Minny take apart Dallas isn’t helping my confidence any. Let’s see what the second half brings. I’m almost afraid about 4:40 p.m. arriving today!

    I’ll have to assume (and it’s not THAT big an assumption) that the Jets are peaking and hence are in for a different fate than their three underdog predecessors this weekend.

    Let’s see. Maybe Dallas will mount a furious second-half comeback and start a new pattern.

  549. David

    I’m hoping Rex has them ready to run through a wall for him. Drink some Rex-Aid, Alex…and don’t forget to add the rum. I’m off to the bar to convene with friends, but I leave you with this from Cimini:

    “Rex Ryan was in vintage form last night at the team meeting, I’m told. Hammering home the message he had been preaching all week, he showed Mike Tyson highlights to the team. Presumably, he didn’t show the Buster Douglas fight. That, from what I understand, was a big hit among the players.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/#ixzz0ctzknnJw

  550. Alex

    Dallas is done with that last interception (filed goal). And Minny just scored ANOTHER touchdown.

    Have fun at the bar. Out of curiosity, how many Jets friends do you have? I have only my wife, and she’s just a Steelers convert, not like you, me, and Joe, who are lifetime sufferers.

    Bacardi is starting to call my name!

  551. David

    Are ya happy now, Jets Pals?!!!
    Alex, I have one of my oldest childhood friends and college roommate who is a Jets fan and I’ve made friends with a couple of other people in our favorite pub, that we make a habit of congregating with…plus my brainwashed family.

    We live for one more week…woo hoo!!

  552. Alex

    Wow. Simply wow. Glad to be able to share this with someone who’s suffered as long as I have! What is it about us, by the way, that makes field-goal kickers in the playoffs miss-I mean every SINGLE time! Maybe this really IS our year.

    Shonn Greene’s emergence has been a major difference this season.

    The Jets held on just as the Orange did yesterday. A bit of nervousness near the end, but all turned out well. I mean “great!”

  553. joe b


  554. David

    One more game separates them from the same place they experienced their previous Super Bowl. That’s a pretty amazing possibility.

  555. Alex

    Indeed it is. The Jets sun is shining through today’s heavy fog. The view out the window is almost pure white, but it’s still sunny and green the way I see it.

  556. Alex

    Have you guys seen this?



  557. joe b

    Alex, yes unbelievable. you can’t root for your team in SanDiego. I would think this guy has a good case for a lawsuit. Thank Goe for You Tube

  558. Alex

    Exactly what I was thinking-lawsuit. Almost literally a police state. Powerless.

  559. David

    What a bunch of crap…I’m actually impressed there were some very cool fans around to speak up though. In Buffalo, they’d all be assisting with the arrest.

  560. joe b

    The Jets are on the cover of this weeks Sports Illustrated. I hope this isn’t the “Kiss of Death”

  561. David

    Check out these stat comparisons:


    If you knew nothing about these teams or their records, you’d have a tough time guessing which one went 14-2 during the regular season.

  562. Alex

    Notice the bandwagon, though, all picking against the Jets. This is 1969 all over again.

  563. David

    I think it gives this team even more incentive to prove the critics wrong. I can handle writers picking against the Jets, but some of them are incredibly dismissive of the Jets chances. Hopefully, this just adds more fuel to the fire. I want the Jets to serve up another slice of humble pie.

  564. Alex

    Amen. When I think of all the Colts’ close wins this year, it seems to me that that’s exactly the kind of team we want to face. We need a close game but one that they CAN’T pull out in the fourth quarter. Then it’s on to making history.

  565. David

    Alex, let’s hope this fathead keeps running his mouth:


    I wouldn’t mind the Jets opening up with a play action pass, but I think the Jets will find longterm success if they run the ball straight at the speed rushers. Let those “lightweight” bookends get mauled and take away their pursuit advantage.

  566. Alex

    I love how they (not in this particular article) “blame” Manning for being a little bit “off” in the last game-just a few inches here and there and the Jets would’ve been destroyed by those passes that fell incomplete. Manning was “off” because he was feeling pressure. We MADE him throw early and off-target. It’s always as if we had nothing to do with it!

  567. David

    I feel your aggravation, Alex. Sunday is coming and regardless of the outcome, I feel good about this team in the years ahead. However, I still have faith in this year…Go Jets!!!!

  568. Alex

    I ditto your sentiments. Even if it should end on Sunday, it’ll have been quite a ride. I’m afraid to believe, but I believe more than I have in quite a few years. You can’t be a true Jets’ fan without being wary! Lots of close games for the Colts; let’s win this one!

  569. joe b

    Hi guys, BIG game tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I was looking at the SU team stats today and noticed tha Mookie has the highest 3 pt. % on the team. . He’s 25 for 54 463%..

  570. Alex

    Actually, Joe, I’m surprised it’s that low; he hardly ever seems to miss, at least to me.

    Good luck, guys. Cimini picks ‘em to win, and he tends to be conservative (I think he picked the Bengals in the first playoff game). A lot of people are believing, including Herm.

    Wouldn’t a Jets-winning blowout be a wonderful thing?!

  571. Alex

    David, have fun at the bar today. Joe, where do you watch?

    Good luck, Jets!

  572. joe b

    I’ll be watching from home today on my Big Screen TV (50 inch) which I got as payment when I transferred my ticket ownership. #2 son is coming over. #1 son just had his first child 2/14 so he will be watching with her. It’s never too early to become a Jet fan. LOL

  573. David

    If we win today, I’ll be hosting a little super bowl party at our house. We’ve been riding a successful wave at the bar the last couple of weeks, so I don’t want to break the habit, until they win today.

    This is a great day to collectively change the karma of Jet nation forever. Go Jets!!!

  574. james

    What we need right now is a long drive that ends the half and gets even 3 with us starting the 2nd half with ball

  575. David

    I wound up staying home and watching it with my friend Dave. I was hoping the same as you, James, but I guess I’ll be happy that we have a 4 point lead. I’m not sure anybody expected this type of game…some shocking stuff in that half.

  576. joe b

    What looked like a disaster 5 games ago turned out to be a pretty good season. However I think we need another WR (slot receiver). And what the hell was Clowney doing in this game. He stinks, stinks, and stinks some more. If he is on this roster next year I will be totally depressed and suicidal.

  577. David

    Well, I think Shonn getting hurt really put a knife into us, because if they could have kept steamrolling him, it might have been different. I feel good about next year. Sanchez grew up a lot in these playoffs and next year, I think they will be able to completely un-cuff him.

    Cheers, amigos!


  578. David

    Joe…i agree about Clowney. He was my biggest missed pick of the year…he did wind up being a waste of a roster spot.

  579. David

    PS: Go Saints ;)

  580. Alex

    Who would’ve thought that injuries would play this big a role in the game; just about every time I saw a player lying on the field, it was a Jet. Still, I’m sure we are all well-versed in dealing with this. Go Saints indeed, David. And, yes, Clowney’s role ranged from insignificant to damaging. Did Gholston even make it onto the field?

    We are going to miss Richardson if he retires next year.

    At least there’s overall optimism about next year. Hey, wait a minute. Is that just another Jets’ setup?!

  581. joe b

    As much as I dislike Favre I have to admit he has had a very special year. I didn’t like the way he played the Jets to get to his present position. I think he is a self centered SOB. A total me first A-hole. If he came back to the Jets we wouldn’t have drafted Sanchez and he would have been gone and we would have been left with many questions. We have to keep the nucleus of this team together and hopefully we will be in a very good position for the next couple of seasons. But now it’s on to March Madness.

  582. james

    The most annoying Superbowl from a hype standpoint is the one where going to get. Anybody about to do a story about Archie Manning stop it NO ONE CARES.

  583. joe b

    Deja Vu all over again. First the Giants and now the Saints as Favres throws an INT on his last play in an NFC Championship game.

  584. David

    Still stinging on Monday morning and wish we could fast forward to next September, but am glad the Saints won. I think the Colts will win it all, though. Thank God for March Madness…it will help take my mind off what almost was. Still, on the balance, I must keep reminding myself what an impressive run it was.

  585. joe b

    I should have said Double Deja vu. He also threw an INT against Philly in OT

  586. Alex

    Given that they started in a 14-0 hole, Syracuse looked especially great last night. And I still think they haven’t put together a fully-jelled effort. A great team this year, no doubt about it.

  587. Pit Silas

    I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your position on it is diametrically opposed to what I read earlier. I am still pondering over the various points of view, but I’m tipped to a great extent toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so great about modern-day democracy and the marketplace of ideas online.

  588. David

    I agree Alex…If the Orange don’t get complacent, they can take it to a whole ‘nother level. I’d like to see them string together a few games without careless turnovers. Fortunately, their defense also creates them for the opponent.

  589. Alex


    Unless there’s a red-hot three-point shooter who can hit from way, way outside, I actually enjoy watching them on D. Rautins is fun to watch no matter what he’s doing on the court; he has an exceptional basketball mind. Did you happen to see that nearly full-court bounce pass (one bounce!) a couple of games back?!

    Joe, I hope Mookie doesn’t lose patience; if he stays with the program his turn to start will come, next year probably.

    Pit, I assume what you read said that Syracuse is not that good?! Wow! Whose opinion is THAT?!

  590. Alex

    I should have added at the end of my previous post: probably an ACC fan’s! Let’s remember that “Duke” rhymes with “puke”!

    By the way, has anybody heard anything about the severity of Shonn Greene’s rib injury? It seems to be strangely quiet about that.

  591. David

    Haven’t heard anything at all on the Greene rib injury. He had one good run after the play on which he presumably injured it. Watching him stand on the sideline instead of burying Indy defenders was painful to watch. I’m sure he’ll be fine, though.

    I’m thinking if SU takes care of business on Saturday, they might get a vote or two for the top spot. I’m hoping Georgetown can give puke…err, Duke a shock this weekend, but their lack of depth is definitely a problem.

  592. Alex

    They OUGHT to get some #1 votes! Even Duker Jay Bilas thinks SU should be ranked #1, though, as I’m sure you noticed, being #1 is equivalent to the kiss of death!

    G-town is really unpredictable this year, as is UConn, to a lesser degree. Let’s see which G-town team shows up on Saturday.

    No one’s heard a word about Greene. You’re probably right, that there’s nothing terribly wrong, but the silence concerns me. WHY is no one talking about it? It should be an important issue for Jetsnation.

  593. joe b

    Hey Alexupstate, you can run, but you can’t hide. LOL As soon as I saw the question I knew it was you. I changed from joe b to Mr. Green on their blogs.

  594. joe b

    There are some real idiots on those Jet blogs. One guy wants to trade TJ a 1 and a 2 to move up for the safety from Tenn. Than we would be sitting till the 5th pick we get from Philly

  595. Alex

    Speaking of idiotic, who made up these uncapped-year free-agent-signing rules?! The eight teams restricted in the free agents they can sign SHOULD have been the eight division winners, not the playoffs’ final eight. Why should a 13-3 team be favored over a 9-7 team, just because they screwed up in the playoffs while the 9-7 team got on a roll? That will enable an already strong team to get monster-strong, while a hardworking team that could use a few free agents is weakened? Absolutely moronic!

    But you’re right. One of the reasons I stay on this blog is that you and David have intelligent, mature things to say, and you’re likable people. Those other blogs are loaded with idiots and generally crude rude stupid people, as you point out very well with your above example. I’ll have to go back and look for Mr. Green, now that I know it’s you!

  596. David

    This is the only blog I post to anymore, because I tire of watching the more intelligent posts getting lost in a mile-high pile of venom-spewed bullshit. When this blog eventually just disappears on us, I’ll probably be disappearing with it…unless another low key forum like this one catches my eye somewhere.

    Cheers to you guys!

  597. David

    Wow…SU escaped by the hair of their chinny, chin, chins and Georgetown kicked the puke out of Duke. Wild day of ball.

  598. David

    You know, not to nitpick, but for a big guy Onuaku is a bit of an underachiever on the glass. How can he finish a game with only 1 board? Hell, even as a guard, I’d be embarrassed to finish a game with only one board.

  599. Alex

    The game was blacked out around here, even on ESPN360, but I lucked out and got to see the last five minutes live on ESPN News. Phew! Johnson, I think, gets a lot of the rebounds that Onuaku used to get; Johnson is a vacuum cleaner on the boards. Otherwise, I have no answer. Wasn’t a problem last year, at least not as far as I can recall.

    Been meaning to ask you and Joe a question that I ask for obvious reasons: when the Giants played the Pats in the Superbowl, which team were you rooting for and why? Even if it’s only 50.5% to 49.5%, you had to have a preference, right?! I’ll give you my honest answer after I hear both of yours.

  600. David

    I was rooting for the Giants. I honestly thought they could win the game and even though I am an AFC guy, my hatred of the Patriots runs way too deep to be overturned by any other consideration.

  601. Alex

    I might as well ‘fess up now and say that that’s exactly how I felt.


  602. joe b

    I hate the F-ing Pats. Did I leave anything out ?

  603. Alex

    That’s three for three. I just remember Joe’s Giants’ pals at work who lorded it over him before SB3. I guess it wasn’t enough to affect the scales of loathing!

    Joe, does your hatred go back before Bilichick, or did it pretty much start when he took over the Pats?

  604. joe b

    Back to Steve Grogan days. Bellechicken & Kraft just added fuel to the fire.

  605. Alex

    Jet fuel!

  606. joe b

    Well, not much fanfare on this one. I can’t believe the Colt WRs looked so mediocre yesterday. They looked like Jerry Rice & Lance Alworth two weeks ago. This just goes to show that we need to upgrade our defensive backfield. Revis can’t do it by himself. We also need another RB, hopefully Leon will come back at full strength. The rest of the “D” is pretty solid. The final piece would be a slot receiver who would demand some respect. I like the idea of Chad possibly coming back as a tutor for Sanchez. He has the highest lifetime completion % in football history.

  607. David

    I thought last night’s game was pretty exciting. I have to admit that I thought the Colts would win the game, but I was happy for Brees and the Saints. They put a lot of misery to rest with that win.

    I agree with you about the defensive backfield and the Pennington possibility, Joe. I’m hoping the Jets can target a good prospect in the draft.

  608. Alex

    I thought it was pretty exciting, too. I also was happy for the Saints, since they’ve been waiting two more years than we have and didn’t even have that one SB in their history. They were a lot like us. Our turn next year!

    I agree 100% with Joe’s wish list, including the Pennington part.

    I don’t recall Greene getting any screen passes this year (wait, maybe he got one and dropped it, I think?). I wonder if his hands are as poor as people have been saying.

  609. joe b

    Shonn Greene had 11 receptions in college and none during this season. However TJ only had 10 receptions this year after having 28 & 36 his first two years with the Jets. This years offense was based on the run more so than the pass. Without Leon in the backfield it was always 1 back with TR blocking. We have 3 pretty good receivers. We just need someone to spread the field. This years draft is loaded with slot type receivers that can be had in the 5th, 6th or 7th round. Even undrafted players could help there. If N.O. went for 1 instead of 2, I win $1000.00 in the pool.

  610. Alex

    Quite a free-throw shooting display by Syracuse tonight, but why did it have to come down to that? Not one of their smarter contests.

  611. Alex


    Saw your angry post on the NJ site. I showed it to my wife, and we both agree you definitely have every right to be beyond pissed off! Loyal fans are being turned off in the thousands. Only problem: we all love our Jets. All you can do, I guess, is what you say: not spend any money that goes to the organization. They won’t care, but we can only do what we can do. We can’t do any more.

    I’m so sorry that it has come to this.

  612. joe b

    Alex, I just couldn’t believe an organization worth millions was haggling over $200,000. They charged their fans for just about everything. I’ll always be a Jet fan, but I wouldn’t give two cents to that organization. I am sure that I am not the only person who feels this way. And I am even more sure that the Jet organization doesn’t really care. The Jet & giant fans PSLs are paying to build this stadium and getting nothing in return. Sure they can purchase Jet & giant game tickets, but nothing else is guaranteed. Not even Super Bowl tickets if it is ever played here. The NFL is not the only sport that doesn’t care about their fans. MLB, NBA & NHL are the same. Just look at the price for tickets for the Yankees. Some people don’t make in a week what it cost for 2 good tickets. College games at MSG & Meadowlands are ridiculously high. I guess I’m just too old fashion for todays sports. High school states at Glens Falls coming up.

  613. Alex

    Yeah, Joe, I understand. I’m not a druggie, but, really, the Jets are like heroin, if you see what I mean. An addiction that has a very poisonous side to it.

    Did either of you guys watch tonight’s SU game? I swear, I lost weight watching that 23-point lead crumble. Glad they held on at the end. Probably Duke will beat some community college this week and pass SU in the rankings. What a Big-East East-Coast bias the pollsters have. It’s as if 85% of them live below the Mason-Dixon line!

  614. Alex

    And they still think the Civil War was waged last week!

  615. David

    Last night’s game was excruciating, but they held on. Captain Hook had a better set of hands than DaShonte Riley…watching him fumble around with the ball was adding insult to injury, down the stretch.

    Alex…had to chuckle about your remark with the mason dixon line and the civil war. A friend and I once spent a night in Burgettstown, PA (close to the line) and had the misfortune of stumbling into a bar where they seemed to think the war was still raging…

  616. Alex

    Funny! And I absolutely believe you! Glad you guys got out of there alive. Or, at least YOU did!

  617. Alex

    Riley may just have been very nervous—his first big-game appearance, and on national tv. I remember something like that happening to my hands once in a big intramural game when I was in college. My hands just somehow didn’t feel like MY hands. The ball felt foreign to me, like a rock or something. Didn’t have the usual comfortableness.

  618. David


    You are absolutely right…but it was killing me to watch.

    At any rate, he will probably evolve into a good one for us, but if they can give him some primetime minutes, I have to wonder why they can’t spare a couple for Mookie. Far be it from me to question Jimmy B, though…

  619. Alex

    But did you see Mookie in the Louisville game? He got off the weakest, worst-looking three-point attempt I’ve seen all season from him. My feeling is that he’s just not seeing enough playing time. So the ball feels foreign in his hands during a big-game atmosphere. Yes?

  620. David

    Yeah, Alex…the lack of playing time has probably really grounded his potential for this year. I hope he sticks with the team after this season. I definitely think he has a brighter future with this team, if he does.

  621. Alex


    Why do we always have to sweat these games? It wasn’t like this earlier in the Big East schedule. My feeling, and it’s only an indicator, is that when Triche doesn’t shoot well from the outside, SU doesn’t win comfortably, or loses. Just a pattern I’ve noticed.

    Poor Mookie, I’m sure you and Joe heard, is out indefinitely with a broken hand that required surgery. He broke it during practice a few days ago.

    Spontaneous question: how does anybody think Keyshawn would have done with Rex as coach? Just drooling over the possibility of the Jets getting us a nice, big slot receiver, as there seem to be a few in the upcoming draft.

  622. joe b

    Didn’t know about Mookie. Last year it was his hip, now this. I see his HS coach quite a bit when I referee volleyball at the HS. But the weather has been canceling us out recently. They play tonite in the Section I semi-finals weather permitting. Going for 6 straight title. For a little school they produce some special players (Mookie, Elton Brand & Hilton Armstrong) This years version in Daquan Brickhouse.

  623. David

    Between a nasty cold and this snow, I’ve been out of the loop this week. As I watch today’s results unfold, tonight’s game appears to be getting bigger by the minute.

    Alex, I think Keyshawn would have got on just fine with Ryan.

  624. Alex

    That’s my take, too regarding Keyshawn. Get well soon, David. But with #1 and #2 losing today, it looks like a domino roll going against SU. It’s a big game all right. When the dust settles on Monday afternoon, Duke should be #1. Who did they play this week? Tulsa Community College?! Yeah, real tough late-season schedule.

    Snow indeed. The whole world seems white today.

  625. David

    Wow….SU should be number 1 next week. What a game!!! Onuaku took superman pills and I loved the way they crashed the boards tonight. When they bring this kind of intensity, they will be awfully tough to beat. I’m medicating with Dundees tonight, Alex.

  626. Alex

    So glad to see SU win handily! They had their little flirtation with scoring anemia in the first half, but it was brief. I thought that Rautins driving and dishing more than usual was big too. And Johnson is still not even 100%! With all the national loathing toward the northeast, especially the Big East, I wouldn’t bet the farm on SU being #1. They should be, but will they be?

    So sad to see Thomas Jones going. Cimini is right that they should have kept him; for starters, I don’t want to see him running the ball against us in a Patriots uniform. After injuries, this is the part of the NFL I hate most.

  627. Alex


    I don’t know about Dundees. What are they? Beer? Hard stuff?

  628. David

    Hey Alex… http://www.dundeebeer.com

    I’m sure you’ve seen them around. The craft packs have a pretty nice selection of reasonably priced fare.

    I hear what you are saying about the polls. If you want to get really pissed off you can go read the ass backward logic being spewed by that idiot, Gary Parrish on cbssportsline.com. He somehow maintains that Kansas should remain #1, because of a more impressive schedule. I have no idea how he comes to this conclusion, seeing as the Big East is undisputably the toughest conference this year, but whatever…

    I agree about Thomas Jones. I have to admit that I was a bit shocked. I have no doubt that Greene’s time has come, but they still need a viable backup grinder, so I think they will need to be on the lookout.

  629. joe b

    Is it definite TJ is gone? I am listening to the WFAN and they didn’t mention it in the 12:20 report. A Released player doesn’t effect the Jets FA signings. They may move Chauncey Washington into his spot (5’11” 222 and only 24). As good as the Jets OL is most backs could get through those holes. I worry a little about Greene. He seemed to get nicked up a little bit during the year. .......As for the Cuse, they seem to be able to play great in big games. Every team has it’s ups & downs . But this team just keeps rolling. Big East Tourney starts next Tuesday 3/9 and SU should be the #1 seed. Mookies’ HS lost in the Section I semi finals. They had won 5 straight sectionals. 3/14 DST 3/20 spring arrives. NYS high school championships at Glens Falls 3/19-3/21 Feds 3/26-3/28. You should go if you can. Saw Rautins last year and Jimmer Fredette (BYU) 2 years ago.

  630. David

    He’s not definitely gone yet, Joe, but it sounds like he will be, unless he makes some kind of salary concessions. Chauncey Washington sounds like an awfully good fit on paper, Joe. I don’t know much about him, but I like those numbers you cited.

  631. joe b

    Cuse # 1. I still haven’t heard anything on TJ

  632. joe b

    Jets just announced they will release TJ on Friday. I don’t know if this give the Jets any room to sign another FA.

  633. Alex

    SU is #1, but did you notice that some ass gave f*****g DUKE a first-place vote? What planet is THAT guy from?

    Still sorry to see TJ going. We wore him out last year and now he gets a kick in the rear.

  634. David

    Some people just can’t get beyond the legacy I guess, Alex. They could have 10 losses and still find a place in the top 20.

  635. james

    I don’t know the rules but if they have no cap for next year how do they stop the top 8 teams from signing unrestricted free agents of greater value than one they lose did the players agree to that or did that come down from on high.

  636. Alex

    And, David, don’t forget your experience near the Mason-Dixon Line!

  637. joe b

    james, this whole thing is a total clutterf#^k. Nobody know anything about it.

  638. David

    I’m waiting for the Jets to cut Gholston loose…talk about dead weight.

  639. joe b

    Just heard they released Lito Shepperd

  640. Alex

    I haven’t had this confirmed yet, but an inside source tells me that the Jets have committed to hold training camp at SUNY-Cortland for the next five years. Retreat, Buffalo Bills’ sphere of influence! Central New York is now Jets’ territory!

  641. David

    That’s a beautiful thing, Alex. I really enjoyed my trip down there for camp, last summer…looks like I’ll get to do it again.

  642. Alex

    I never admitted it last year, but even though I live very close to Cortland, I’m embarrassed to say that I just couldn’t time it to get to camp even once! Something always seemed to come up (one day it was a series of huge thunderstorms), plus my wife and I were out of town for two weeks of it. This year I’ll be sure to plan around it, if the info I received is accurate and is confirmed.

    Maybe we’ll cross paths! I’ve often wondered what you and Joe look like, just out of curiosity. Maybe one day we’ll be able to shake hands and go for a beer. Some Dundees?!

  643. David

    Ha ha…there’s enough picture of me out there in facebook and myspace. I’d love to share a beer or two sometime, Alex.


  644. Alex

    I’ll try to reach you via facebook later on. Meanwhile, Duke? A number-one NCAA seed?! Hahahahahahahaha!

  645. joe b

    You guys should try to get down to the NYSPHSAA championships at Glens Falls on the weekends of the 20th & 27th.

  646. David

    Ha ha…definitely look me up, Alex. Joe caught up with me there…we can have our own little FB lohud triumverate there.

  647. Alex

    Joe, when I retire, definitely, but until then I just have too much work to do over weekends to be able to get away, I’m sorry to say. Really sorry to say!

  648. Alex

    David, if you get a “friend” request from anybody named “Alex,” it’ll be me. That way, we can make arrangements to meet at Jets camp just on Facebook without the rest of the world (haha) knowing about it. There ARE some very weird people in this world. I’ll look you up tonight when I get home.

  649. David

    I’ll look forward to it, Alex. I guess we wouldn’t want to be stalked by any Brett Favre fans at training camp, eh?

  650. Alex

    Exactly! I’m looking you up now.

  651. joe b

    Jets acquire Antonio Cromarte for a 2011 3rd round pick

  652. David

    Wow, that could be an incredible upgrade at a position of great need. If he can play up to his potential and stay out of trouble, that could be a steal. I want to see that defense right now!

  653. David

    Hey, I’m hearing speculation that the Jets might be talking to the cards about a trading Rhodes for Boldin. What do you guys think of that?

  654. joe b

    Good Bye Kerry

  655. joe b

    I also wouldn’t mind signing a guy like Antwan Randle El. He would be a great slot receiver. Washington released him and the value $$$ might be just right. Of course I would take Boldin first. We stil have our #1 & #2, The Cromarte deal was like moving up to the early part of the draft and giving us 2 first rounders.

  656. David

    Well, you’ve got to give them credit. If they pull off a good trade for Rhodes and have a smart draft, this could be the kind of year we have been waiting for…

  657. joe b

    How do they let Boldin go to the Ravens for a 3rd & 4th pick. Tanny blew this one.

  658. David

    Agreed, Joe. They have to do something with Rhodes…don’t they? Will they eat his current contract and make him play one more year?

  659. Alex

    I swear, if Pitino recruited my mother, she would hit three-point shots, repeatedly, against only Syracuse. It’s maddening.

    Will respond to Facebook stuff soon.

  660. joe b

    Jets trade Rhodes to Cardinals for a 4th in 2010 and a 7th in 2011. Why the hell didn’t they trade him for Boldin. Don’t understand this move.

  661. Alex

    All I can think of, Joe, is that this is going to be an exceptionally deep draft. They need depth on linemen on either side of the ball. Let’s see what shakes out over the long haul.

  662. David

    Hey Alex…I was worried about the Louisville game. Pitino is one of the few coaches out there who seems to have Jimmy B’s number. Syracuse had some kind of curse on the basket working against them….they missed a whole bunch of gimmies.

    Joe, I hope they get the most out of those draft picks, because on paper, that is really crappy value for a guy of Rhodes caliber. How do they not get at least a second round pick for the guy…and I’d make the case he was worth a first round pick. I don’t like that deal at all, right now.

  663. Elias Vilaro

    You post certainly was one of the best points of my Saturday. I was on Bing looking for something totally unrelated when the title caught my attention. So i am delighted I spent the time to read your post! Feel free to check out my news sports articles should you get some free time!

  664. Alex

    Let’s review: Syracuse goes 1-1 and drops two spots; Puke University goes 1-1 and stays in place. There’s no northeast or Big East bias. Right.

  665. David

    You got it, Alex…right in line for a 1 seed as mandated by the voting snobs…err, Gods.

  666. joe b

    SNY reports that Thomas Jones has signed a 2 year $5 million contract with the KC Chiefs. I’ll predict now, 730 yards in 2010 and 600 yards in 2011. Big mistake, he will be used sparingly. And KC is going nowhere. I guess we can put all the TJ resigning with the Jets stories to rest.

  667. Alex

    I hope you’re not superstitious Joe! Your post was #666!

    Yeah, TJ had a better shot at a championship with the Jets; too bad he let his feelings get in the way of re-signing with the Jets. Now he’ll probably never get one, not that he NECESSARILY would have with the Jets, but KC?!

    Cutting him cost both him and us.

  668. joe b

    Unbelievable. This is the crazy thing about sports. “On any given day” just happened. And losing their big man really has to hurt. You can’t get by all year using just 7 players. The tourney will be hard enough, I hope Onawaku will OK going forward. But if he is not it could end very fast. Sorry David & Alex, but both Cuse & Jets seasons could end because of an injury.

  669. Alex

    It’s the sad truth, Joe. At the very worst time-right at the end of the season, for both teams. On the local sports tonight, they cited an SU player as saying that Onuaku would be okay for the NCAA tournament. Let’s see if that’s accurate or if it’s just a hope.

    I’m sure you saw that the Jets were going to interview Tomlinson, but I also heard he’s just about ready to sign with another team (I forget who). Even if they sign him, TJ would’ve been better.

  670. David

    All I could do was follow the game online at work yesterday and I wondered why the SU big men were posting such poor numbers. I guess that explains Onuaku. They will be in deep trouble if this proves to be a serious injury. It wouldn’t shock me, if they played themselves into a 2 seed over the past week.

  671. David

    PS…(though much hinges on the health of Onuaku)Historically, the Orange have had some of their deeper tournament runs, after suffering early dismissal from the Big East tournament.

  672. joe b

    Alex, I don’t know if they will sign LT but I kind of felt TJ was done in the last 3rd of the season. In the last 6 games he averaged less than 3 yards a game and at 32 won’t have all the tools he’ll need to be as successful. I know he got a lot of yards last season. But there were games where Leon or Shonne would have taken away many of his carries if they weren’t injured. He seemed to lose a step late in the year. I think that Chauncey Washington will get those opportunities that Shonne got and start to see more playing time as the season goes on. LT on the other hand would be a great asset coming out of the backfield on swing & screen passes. He wouldn’t be loaded down with too many carries.

  673. David

    I have to admit that I’m not high on LT. I largely agree with what you are saying about TJ, Joe, but LT’s only value might be coming out of the backfield as a receiver. If he’s not a threat as a runner anymore, how much value will he actually carry as a receiving threat? Defenses will know what he’s up to, every time he steps on the field. I’m betting he winds up with the Vikes, unless he is willing to play cheap for the Jets.

  674. joe b

    Wes Welker out for 2010-11 season …http://sports.espn.go.com/boston/nfl/news/story?id=4991135

  675. Alex

    Wow! Sorry to hear about anybody’s lingering injury, but for the Jets, this is addition by subtraction.

  676. David

    I still think Tomlinson is way overvalued. Keeping Washington better be a top priority. If this second paragraph, from the post, comes to pass I’ll puke:

    “We have Shonn and Leon, and we will add somebody else to the mix,” Tannenbaum said. “That’s a position that we feel we need depth.”

    Ironically, if the Jets do sign Tomlinson, it could force the Vikings to try to sign Washington, to whom the Jets have attached a second-round tender contract.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/report_tomlinson_to_sign_with_jets_V8WCmcpeFylHI6eOM6XlEP#ixzz0iBAOlRta

  677. joe b

    David, ESPN says it’s a done deal. As far as Leon goes I believe he will be back with the Jets.
    I can’t see anybody giving up a #2 for a player coming off such a severe injury. If he does go, I would prefer a NFC team over an AFC team. I think we could run for over 2,500 yards with this 3 headed monster. All 3 are quick and will hit the holes that TJ couldn’t. Plus 2 of the 3 are great pass receivers.

  678. Alex

    Thomas Jones, with fewer carries, would’ve been a perfect fit. Sorry that he’s gone. I know we disagree on this, Joe, but all I can see is that LT is a year younger than TJ.

    Puke U in the South and SU in the West. How do you spell “bias” again?

  679. David

    One could make an argument that SU might have gotten a better draw, by being a 2 seed in the South. I’m not sold on Duke or the ACC this year…but I guess my biggest concern is Onuaku. I’m going to get a little nervous if he isn’t healthy for possible draw against Gonzaga.

  680. Alex

    Fingers crossed for AO.

  681. joe b

    Alex. I don’t know if TJ would have accepted having fewer carries. There had to be more to it than just the money. I heard he was not happy last year during the season and it may have carried over into the negotiations. Ryan is a multi-back coach, so TJ must have ticked somebody off. I don’t know how many carries LT will get,but I feel he is a little quicker and shiftier than TJ. And with our OL may be rejuvenated. Plus he is very good at catching passes out of the backfield. He literally missed 3 games last season and only had 223 carries. If you do the math if he carried 343 times like TJ he would have had 1100 yards. Tj had 210 yards in one game which we lost. Take that game away and it 1200 yards. I think the numbers are pretty close. We’ll just have to wait & see. Now I know you & David don’t like Marshall, but I am hoping that trade goes thru. Go CUSE

  682. Alex


    Because of Rex’s rapport with players, I’d welcome Marshall. Edwards, for example, has pretty much behaved well (okay, maybe one small fly in the ointment). All the sports pundits, however, are saying it’s never going to happen.

    What you say about LT is well argued and thought out. Makes me feel a little better, and I certainly hope you’re right. I’d only be too happy to see it happen!

    Loved your Belichick photo on Facebook!

  683. Alex

    Also loved your yearbook photo. That classic early 60s look!

  684. joe b

    Alex, you are the first person I have sent that picture to. I’ve had it for about a year, waiting for the right time. I thought you would enjoy it. But I couldn’t send it on this blog. David I’m sending it to you today.

  685. johnny

    Can’t believe you guys are still posting here… I clicked the old link by mistake.
    I saw intelligent Jets discussion mentioned… there’s still a bunch of us posting in the Jets Newsgroup (alt.sports.football.pro.ny-jets). Lots of interesting discussion & debate on the Jets, and we’re always looking for new people to ad to the mix (especially since Newsgroups have lost a lot of contributors to blogs).
    You can always find us here, on google groups:
    As for TJ, don’t forget that he got a lot of yards, last season, in the 2nd half of games, after our OL wore out opposing Ds. We got LT for cheap, and with our better OL, he may show he has something left… and he’s a better receiver than TJ.
    I’ll check back here again.

  686. Alex

    Glad they re-signed Richardson. I was sweating that one. That guy can really block!

  687. Ellsworth Tilton

    Wow You did a really good job on this thing.

  688. David

    Ha ha…Ellsworth Tilton, “what on earth are you talking about?”

  689. joe b

    David, I didn’t check my facebook page until this afternoon. My son, his wife and our granddaughter were up yesterday so I was busy all day. Newark was very good. Maybe next year you & Alex can make it to Glens Falls. You see some very good players there. BYUs Jimmer Freddette vs Mookie Jones, Mookie won. Syracuse Trisch vs Mookie, Trisch won. Ben Gordon against Sebastion Telfair. This years 6”9” Tobias Harris from Half Hollows Hills HS, going to Tenn. He made ESPNs top 24 list.

  690. Alex

    SU kicked some serious ass this weekend. I just hope they don’t get stupid and cocky as a result.

  691. David

    I’ve got high hopes for the SU. I’m hopeful that Boeheim will keep them focused on the big picture, because they seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now. Much respect for Butler, but based on what I saw this weekend, they will have a distinct size and speed disadvantage against the Orange.

  692. David

    Back to a Jets note, I love Rex, but I don’t like the way this Washington thing is playing out. I’m sorry, but there is no friggin way Tomlinson has 15 good carries a game in him, as Rex is suggesting. I’m not interest in seeing 15 carries for 30 yards out of our backfield. By also talking about Leon as a third down back, he is pushing the guy right out the door.

  693. Alex

    I agree. Rex is certainly playing with fire on this.

  694. Alex

    Regarding SU: It’s times like these that it’s actually an advantage to have been a longtime Jets fan. A sad day for upstate. Let’s hope Cornell continues its run.

  695. David

    Mea Culpa to Butler…I really didn’t think SU would drop this one, but they did, with each drop of the ball. Ripped my heart out. I took tomorrow off, so I could stay up and watch the Cornell game. They are a very good team, facing a very stiff challenge. It should be interesting to see what they can do, Alex.

  696. Alex

    More sadness, as in this game, too, every bounce seems to have gone the other way. That three-pointer that killed SU was a lucky bounce-in that went against us. As I said, sometimes being a longtime Jets fan has its “advantages.” Anyone recall Shula’s mud in Miami? A dry night and we win.

  697. joe b

    AJ Duhe killed us in that game. It seemed like he was Todds favorite receiver . I refereed volleyball last night so I tevo both games. When I got home Kentucky was up I believe 16-12. Took a quicd shower and when I returned it was over. Kind of reminded me of a Jet/falcons game back in the 80s. The Jets were up 2 scores late. I told my kids I was going to the john, be ready to leave when I get back. When I got back they were losing. I think Billy (white shoes) Johnson returned back to back punts for TDs and the Jets LOST. You just never know when somebody is going to jump up and bite you in the ass.

  698. Alex

    And, Joe, our asses are more full of bite marks than those of other fans, such as Steelers fans! Personally, my ass is so full of bite marks I can hardly sit down to take a crap!

  699. joe b

    Guys, I think next year is going to be a tough year @ Cuse. Rautins & Onaku are seniors and I can’t see Johnson sticking around for another year. Plus he only had faith in 7 players most of the year. Mookie may get some playing time. The 3 players leaving scored 50% of the teams points. So unless they recruit well the next couple of seasons could be tough ones.

  700. Alex

    Joe, I don’t know how many rabbits Boeheim can pull out of his hat, but I’m always optimistic with that guy. Looks as if Butler is for real. Helps SU fans feel a bit better.

  701. David

    I have to admit, I’ still kind of optimistic about Boeaheim, he has been on a recruitment roll lately. The beauty of college basketball, is that you are forced to temper expectations from year to year, because of the turnover. Every year seems like a brand new adventure, where anything can happen.

  702. joe b

    A post I made on a news website about HBOs Hard Knocks Gave up HBO a while back. They were still showing “Short Circuit”. Some of their Series were pretty good. After being screwed over by the PSLs, I vowed never to put another penny into this team. I had season tickets since 1964 and they expected me to pay for the rights to sit in my seat. “Opportunity has never knocked this hard” means we screwed enough fans to have some open seats available to non fans to buy & sell. So when the real fans who could afford tickets go to games this year. Ask the guy in the suit sitting next to you if he remembers Richard Caster or Richard Todd or even Lance Mehl. He’ll probably say “Who”

  703. joe b

    Congrats to Jane McManus … Hi Guys, Was just listening to ESPN or the radio. They had Jane as a guest blogger for their new news network Let’s all say “Hello”

  704. Jane McManus

    Hey! Thanks Joe for breaking the news here. I have a new situation at ESPN New York, and I am doing a Jets blog there. I actually commented on my first post that I was hoping you guys would show up there. Anyway, check it out and see if you like the format, but it would be really fun to see you there. Like old times!


  705. Alex

    Glad to hear this. Jane, please post the address to get to your blog.

  706. Jane McManus

    Here you go:


  707. joe b

    I’m on as bwayjoe167. David & Alex if you guys get on, let me know you names on the blog

  708. Alex

    Jane, I tried to post this at ESPN, but the site would not post it. Just an eternal hourglass, even though I was signed in and everything. There are some real creeps at the new site.

    To the bellyachers:

    I would LOVE to see Jane take you guys on in roller derby. We had a much classier group when LoHud was in its prime.

  709. David

    Well, I’m a day or two late as usual, but congratulations Jane and thanks Alex and Joe for keeping my head turned the right direction. I look forward to peeking in on the new blog this week. Glad to see Jane back on the Jets trail!

  710. Rodney Modesitt

    I’m an enormous lover! Thank you writing this

  711. joe b

    Jane. As Lon Chaney said “It’s Alive” We will keep it going.

  712. Alex

    I still check here every so often, but it’s been pretty quiet since the three stragglers went to Facebook. By the way, Joe, my wife loved your comment about my need to wear a fluorescent pink hat so that you can pick me out when I’m in the stands in Cortland! She wanted to make sure I told you so! She’s been getting a lot of mileage out of it!

  713. joe b

    It will probably be a little quiet now for a while. Two possible moves LB/DE A. Thomas and NT John Henderson

  714. joe b

    Peter King wrote: I think the Brett Favre ankle-surgery story from the other day will have little to do with whether he plays this season, the same way something I heard the other day will have little to do with whether he plays. An NFL player who knows the quarterback well told me Favre said to him after the season, “I’m 100 percent positive I’ll never put on pads again in my life.’’
    The reason I don’t make that a headline is simple: Favre changes his mind as often as I drink a latte. Which is to say, a lot. We’ve seen it often in the last 26 months. Let’s just wait and see what the summer brings. And the fall.
    I’ve said a couple of things as a Favre-watcher this offseason: I’m finished predicting what he’ll do, because I’ve been wrong every time I’ve predicted recently. And if I had to go to Vegas, based on the long emotional scene with several teammates and coaches in the locker room after the NFC Championship Game loss to the Saints, I’d bet he plays this fall. He loves that team. But please, keep your money in your pocket. That’s where mine is staying.

    Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/peter_king/05/02/offseason/3.html#ixzz0mxwRBM2A
    Get a free NFL Team Jacket and Tee with SI Subscription

  715. joe b

    Peter King wrotethink the Brett Favre ankle-surgery story from the other day will have little to do with whether he plays this season, the same way something I heard the other day will have little to do with whether he plays. An NFL player who knows the quarterback well told me Favre said to him after the season, “I’m 100 percent positive I’ll never put on pads again in my life.’’
    The reason I don’t make that a headline is simple: Favre changes his mind as often as I drink a latte. Which is to say, a lot. We’ve seen it often in the last 26 months. Let’s just wait and see what the summer brings. And the fall.
    I’ve said a couple of things as a Favre-watcher this offseason: I’m finished predicting what he’ll do, because I’ve been wrong every time I’ve predicted recently. And if I had to go to Vegas, based on the long emotional scene with several teammates and coaches in the locker room after the NFC Championship Game loss to the Saints, I’d bet he plays this fall. He loves that team. But please, keep your money in your pocket. That’s where mine is staying.

    Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/peter_king/05/02/offseason/3.html#ixzz0mxwRBM2A
    Get a free NFL Team Jacket and Tee with SI Subscription

  716. Dusty Dewar

    I’ve tried a variety of pool cleaners. Kreepy Krauly was nugatory – gets stuck in corners, wears out your pump faster due to its action, will get clogged easily. Dolphin – largest waste of cash I’ve ever seen, do not get me started. My neighbor has the Polaris 360 that works off the return line – he hates it, these “Lo-strain” cleaners do not work well. So once I drained my pool to have it replastered, I decided to put in a booster pump and new line so that I might have a Polaris 280. Best choice I ever made. Cleans pool great. By far the most effective pool cleaner out there.

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  718. joe b

    Kreepy Krauly and Dolphins, aren’t they the same team. Cash Flow ? They will just keep raising the prices for tickets.

  719. Alex

    I can still hear the echoes in this empty cave!

  720. Kendra Wilkinson video

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  722. joe b

    What the hell is happening here !!! LOL

  723. Alex

    Exactly, Joe! What weird shit is this?!

  724. joe b

    I wonder if Kendra is a JET fan. Or just a slut !!!!!!!!!!!

  725. Alex

    I wonder if Terrell Roggenbaum is one of her customers!

  726. joe b

    Hi Alex, Hi David. Just keeping it ALIVE.

  727. Alex

    I think that this site is just you, me, and occasional random lunatics! No David.

    If Jane should ever check here she’ll LOL!

  728. Alex

    Hey, Danny Boy, how do you like your golden boy Favre this year? Still have marriage plans?!

  729. rsvp_nj

    Saw that I still had this site bookmarked and figured I’d post something to keep it “live”

    I can’t believe this is still here. I guess they are waiting for Jane to return to us too! Well, my post is the only one in the past two months or so. Who’s next?

  730. Alex

    You mean there’s someone ELSE’s voice echoing in this vast cave?!

  731. rsvp_nj

    Echo heard four months later….

    Wish the damn owners would take care of this once and for all and get business rolling again. None of us need a “crap” year.

  732. Alex

    Hello! (hello, hello, hello) That’s some fine echo!

  733. joe b

    We are still here Jane

  734. Pamala Brubeck

    What did he expect from a man who made his millions ripping off our money. Him and these pill mills are like birds of a feather.

  735. Alex

    Hey km22854,

    Just in case you still check in here, which I doubt. The NJ Jets site has been censoring this post. It’s very frustrating. I wish we had an open blog again, only censored when someone curses or overly insults someone else.

    I tried posting this last night twice on NJ Jets, but for reasons I can’t understand it keeps getting censored, even though I keep getting told that it’s being posted successfully, so I’m going to try here instead and see if it makes any difference.

    Here are the stats, by quarter. Bell got the first long one, as you remembered.

    1 NYJ – Bell 65 pass from Namath (kick failed)
    Balt – Havrilak 40 pass from Unitas (O’Brien kick)
    2 Balt – FG O’Brien 14
    Balt – FG O’Brien 32
    NYJ – Riggins 67 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)
    Balt – McCauley 93 kickoff return (O’Brien kick)
    NYJ – Maynard 28 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)
    NYJ – Caster 10 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)
    3 NYJ – FG Howfield 14
    4 Balt – McCauley 1 run (O’Brien kick)
    NYJ – Caster 79 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)
    Balt – Matte 21 pass from Unitas (O’Brien kick)
    NYJ – Caster 80 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)

    This is such great ammo against those who claim that Namath was just an “ordinary” QB because all they know is his career stats, which were marred by a deteriorating O line and by injuries to Joe. Show me any “ordinary” QB who has racked up stats like these! NO ONE throwing in the 500-yard range has ever had 500 yards (496, technically) on just 15 completions in a single game. Again, that’s 33 yards per completion. Those who have come close to that total or exceeded it have done it on 30 or 40 completions. I’m glad that you and Blank remember. Young Jets fans have no idea.

  736. rsvp_nj

    That classic Jets/Colts game was one of my early recollections watching NFL football. Prior to that I remember SB 5, SB 6, and the classic Chiefs Dolphins Christmas OT game.

    This Jets game cemented my fandom for Namath and the Jets. Caster too.

  737. Alex

    Yeah, me too, tho’ I was a teenager who watched SB3 also. What a curse, right?! 40+ years and still waiting!

    I forgot to thank Joe B, who got me the stats I posted above. He still posts here, occasionally, and has become a good internet friend. He even shares videos of his tiny granddaughter with me! We older Jets fans are the best Jets fans . . . because we can remember. Right rsvp_nj?

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  741. rsvp_nj

    That’s right Alex!

    Heck, I remember trudging off to my bedroom while the Giants were on TV to listen to the Jets home games being called by Marty Glickman and Dave Herman. Yes, the home games were blacked-out, AND the Giants games were played at the same time! They didn’t stagger Jets and Giants game times yet.

    (BTW, for this blog, my reply was “timely”)

    This feels like wandering in to an old abandoned house…

  742. Kasen Rider

    Im thankful for the post. Much obliged.

  743. Alex


    Or a cave with echoes of better times still reverberating off its walls! Amazing it hasn’t been shut down entirely. My response is “timely” too! Talk to you again in about 6 months!

    Like most of the rest of Jets’ Nation, I predict 10 wins in 2012.

  744. Lukas

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  746. Alex

    What the hell?!

    Hello, hello, hello . . . Still an empty cave. Only 6-10. Bad year. 2013 prediction will be more modest: 8-8.

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