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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Where it stands now


No, Rex Ryan is not ready to name a starting quarterback. When both potential starters get interceptions returned for touchdowns within minutes of taking the field in a preseason game in Baltimore, it’s hard to get too excited about either one.

Both rookie Mark Sanchez and Kellen Clemens looked better as they went along later earned touchdowns. Sanchez started the game and, in front of the Monday Night Football national audience, looked a little doe-eyed to start out with a dropped pass, a sack and two delay of game penalties as he led the offense.

Ryan on Sanchez: “I thought he responded pretty well. It ain’t going to be perfect so sometimes you have these type of nights.”

The Ravens defense will hand you those kinds of nights. Ray Lewis was particularly rough on Sanchez, and the linebacker read the rookies eyes to cut off a second pass, and only a drop prevented another interception. The Jets defense has made strides, but former Raven linebacker Bart Scott wouldn’t bite when asked to compare the two units.

“That’s a loaded question,” Scott said. “That’s a great defense over there, and we’re striving to be a great defense over here.”

“I was surprised how much they threw the ball, but that’s good for us in the secondary,” said CB Dwight Lowery. “It challenges us a bit. It shows us where we are as a secondary, and the things that we need to improve on, and the communication, and to make sure that everybody lines up in correct spots, and things of that nature. Because, this defense, we’re still learning it. I feel like we did well as a defense, as a team tonight.”

The 24-23 loss likely pushes back the timeline to name a starter, something that some on the team would like to see happen as soon as possible before the regular season starts.

“I think it would be good to get it resolved and the sooner, the better,” WR Jerricho Cotchery said. “But that’s not up to me. Once we figure out who our quarterback is going to be, we need to get to work together and establish some chemistry. Until then, we just need to keep working as an offense. Whoever it is, we need to get together and play ball. I know we have the potential to be really good as an offense. We just need to jell.”

If you look at the two preseason efforts, Sanchez still looks like he has the makings of an NFL quarterback. The threat of humiliation in the first few minutes of a game can do a lot to spark a player, and Baltimore’s sophomore quarterback Joe Flacco had preseason nights like this as well. Saturday the Jets meet the Giants in the Meadowlands and that defense has a lot to offer as well.

With a chance to tie in the last minute, Ryan attempted a conversion for the win but fell short.

“If this was a regular season game, we probably would have just tied it up and then taken our chances in overtime,” Ryan  said, “but for preseason I wanted to try to go for two and I thought they were up to the challenge.”

WR David Clowney had his second touchdown in as many games for the Jets.

“And I know David Clowney,” Ryan said, “I told our team if we had left him in there in the fourth quarter, we would have gotten another one. He’s doing really well.”

Clowney said the comeback was a good signs for the Jets.

“That was definitely a very good building block for us,” Clowney said. “In the second half, the 2’s and 3’s (second string and third string) are out on the field. Playing like that in the second half lets you know how good your depth is. They say that you’re only as strong as your weakest link so that’s a good sign for us.”

Breaking news! RB Leon Washington is something else! Given these words from his head coach, perhaps the back will have a new contract soon.

“Leon Washington is pretty darn good. Wow. Whoa,” Ryan said.

Ryan praised Bryan Thomas also. Shonn Greene got hit in the ribs, but Ryan said it wasn’t serious. K Jay Feely didn’t make the trip after tweaking his groin.

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10 Responses to “Where it stands now”

  1. joe b

    Jane ,, Is there any gossip on whether they are talking to anybody about a trade for a WR?

  2. ErikSec.309

    If Ryan is so impressed with Leon (and who wouldn’t be?), he needs to be given his extension asap.

  3. Comma

    I can’r belive we’re at the end of August and we’re still talking about getting an impact WR. This topic is getting as old as the whole Brett Favre deal (hey, he still might retire again before the season starts). There just doesn’t seem an end to this until the regular season starts.

    JetOrange talked about a trade for Braylon Edwards for Trusnik and a second rounder in “Post Baltimore” (if I’m correct). I don’t think that works because Trusnik really hasn’t proved anything other then being a spot player and Schotenheimer can’t wave his magic wand and make Edwards start catching the actual ball again.

    Please don’t anyone mention Marshall again. I know it’s unfair, but I wouldn’t want to be within forty yards of him unless I had desire of being shot at by someone who refers to themself as “Big Daddy” or something along those lines.

    The Pats got Randy Moss from the Raiders for a fourth rounder. A fourth rounder. So, unless we’re talking about dollar store prices I’m not interested.

    I blame Jaworski and not Gruden for starting these rumors up again.

  4. JetOrange


    I agree on many levels, I am not interested in getting a Diva WR ( Jets motivated by PSL’s). I can’t hide my major disappoitment in Brad Smith, I have defended the guy for a long time, I’m wrong again, very depressed. You make an excellent point, Randy Moss was obtained for a 4th round pick, unfortunetly not many organizations are as dysfunctional as Oakland.
    Brandon Marshall has some serious problems, problems with violence.
    Edwards can’t catch.
    The Trusnick thing , was that he it was curious that he did not play. Jason would be valued by Mangini, as he installs his 3-4, it makes the deal very attractive to Cleveland, you get a player for the defense and a second round pick next year, from a Cleveland perspective, I would do that deal getting rid of that Diva Edwards in a heartbeat.
    Jane will tell you that journalistic integrity ,ethical behavior, and an interest in truth is not compatible with TV guys like Jaworski &Gruden

  5. David

    Thanks for the chuckle, Comma. I’m inclined to agree with you…

  6. Alex

    It’s Sanchez. What a surprise!

  7. David

    Kellen just didn’t land the knockout blow he needed, Alex.

    n the bright side, there were these observations from Mike Martzas reported by Cimini in the NYDN:

    The former Rams coach, known as an offensive guru, said Sanchez was victimized by protection breakdowns. On the Ngata interception, Lewis was unblocked on a blitz, giving him a free shot at the rookie. Martz credited Sanchez with knowing where to dump the ball, holding it as long as he could before absorbing the hit. “It wasn’t a bad read; (Sanchez) didn’t make a mistake,” said Martz, who suspects that fullback Tony Richardson was late into his pass route. “You just had a guy who quit rushing the passer and was right there in the throwing lane.”

    Martz said Sanchez made only one bad read, the ball that should’ve been intercepted by Lewis. On that play, Sanchez locked on his receiver, Chansi Stuckey, never trying to look off the linebackers.

    On the TD throw:

    “A big-time throw,” Martz said. “He shuffled to the side, but he didn’t take off. He just moved to the side and threw that ball right by the ear of the linebacker, the only place you could put it. He knew the safety would run with the wide receiver. I thought he stayed composed so well.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2009/08/26/2009-08-26_despite_shaky_start_jets_rookie_mark_sanchez_is_still_frontrunner_for_starting_q.html#ixzz0PIPOWkTb

  8. Alex

    I agree that this is not a bad decision. It really was a toss-up, and, naturally, Sanchez got the nod. But three things I must repeat: Clemens played well against this same defense in Baltimore in a real game that really counted, victimized by McCareins’s dropped tying TD pass; Clemens did not receive any scripted calls to throw long against the easy Rams, unlike Sanchez; finally, Clemens actually threw two TD passes last game, but one was dropped in the end zone by Brad Smith. There’s some unfairness there—explaining Sanchez’s stats while minimizing Clemens’s.

    All that being said, I look forward to the season with Sanchez at the helm. Kellen: Don’t lose track of your helmet while you’re on the bench. I have a feeling you’re going to need it!

  9. joe b

    I hate being the Devils Advocate. But after watching Brad Smith and the rest of the 3 stooges, I am in total favor of bringing Marshall in. If they want a #1 & #4 give it to them. It would be like getting a sure thing #1 next year and we will only be giving a #4. We didn’t want Moss and we didn’t want T.O. Where are they now ? In our division making both of our competitors stronger. We have all the pegs in the right hole except for a # 1 WR. He is young and talented and wants out of Denver. I know this blog in not in favor of getting him. But after a few catches and TDs I am sure some people will change their minds. When I was younger I hated Johnny Sample. But when he came to the J*E*T*S and made us stronger I loved the guy. Just a couple of plays will change a lot of peoples minds. There are also a couple of other WRs out there that would help. So lets see what they . It has only been about 5 years that we have needed a #1 WR.

  10. Shriranjan Virk

    I think your article was secretly a great start to a potential series of posts about this topic. A lot of people pretend to understand what theyre writing about when it comes to this topic and generally, hardly anyone actually get it. You seem to grasp it though, so I think you need to run with it. Thanks a lot!

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