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Post Baltimore


The starters are out, all that’s left is the final score.

Mark Sanchez got his start, and in under a minute had a pass intended for Tony Richardson intercepted by Haloti Ngata and run in for a touchdown. In less than a minute the Ravens had a 7-0 lead. But that wasn’t all. In the first half, Sanchez had two delay of game penalties, was sacked and dropped a handoff.

Sanchez held on, however, for a 19-yard scoring pass to Leon Washington.

All Kellen Clemens needed to do was look steady and competent, but it was only his second series before he threw a touchdown for an interception as well. Clemens was 5-for-10, 60 yards, a TD and a FG, while Sanchez was 3-for-8, 43 yards and a TD.

Clemens was marginally better by the numbers, but even he knows he has to outplay Sanchez by a wider margin to win the starting job. As it is now, neither looked ready for the nod, and their performances likely pushes back the timeline for naming the ultimate starter.

Bright spots: Kerry Rhodes looked solid in the backfield. Marques Murrell had a strip early in the second half. James Ihedigbo (aka King Ugly) had an interception. Bart Scott.

Problems: Vernon Gholston got burned by Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco on the run. David Clowney’s personal foul for pulling off his helmet after scoring a touchdown. The Wu Tang dance was a better move.

Update: Jets lose 24-23 after a failed conversion.

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19 Responses to “Post Baltimore”

  1. Jason W

    Its time to name Sanchez the starter.

    The offense is going to struggle all season. Might as well struggle with someone who is going to learn and grow from it. We’ve seen what Clemens can do- and it isnt much.

    We’re going to be kicked around the first few weeks, but it will be important learning time for Sanchez. This team will take off after week 4.

  2. Alex

    Yeah, but Clemens was victimized by yet another end-zone drop, this time by Brad Smith. Some kind of talisman out there is working against poor Kellen. Nice rebound by Sanchez, though.

  3. Comma

    First time poster here. Now that the second pre-season game has come to close I can say I’m done. Wake me when we’re heading to Houston. Yes, I’m saying that the coaching staff can come up with their 53 man roster now. Danny Woodhead could run for over 100 yards against that mean blue machine that Giants call a defense and he will still be cut the day after the Eagle game. So excuse me if I don’t get all fired up for “New York bragging rights”. Moving on, there were a few tidbits I noticed on game day:

    1. What do you know? Sanchez is a rookie after all. Throwing that pick to Ngata was probably the best thing to happen to him. Personally, I want Sanchez just to be a humble guy (as all rookies should be…well, except maybe cornerbacks).

    2. Gholston still hasn’t shown anything yet. Fair or not, he better have abestos underwear because his seat is hot.

    3. Dear David Clowney, if you need any inspiration this season then look no further then Coach Gruden. On national TV he gave you the name of “Mr. August”. Just making this roster now won’t keep the haters at bay. Oh, and at least taking your helmet off wasn’t as bad as rookie RB Mike Goodson’s throat slash last Monday. Next time, how about giving it to one of your lineman to spike it?

    4. Rookie free agent Brit Davis’s dropped pass in the endzone. Guy comes out of no place (Northern Illinois…maybe not no place but whatever) and he drops a pass that would have cemented his place on the roster.

    Lastly, anyone got the pre-season stats on Jamal Westerman? JetOrange? Joe B. ? Alex? Jane? Anyone? Just wondering if the production matches the hype.

  4. David

    Well, at this point, at least we can say thank God the running game looked pretty good last night. Let’s hope Schottenheimer won’t short-circuit the one thing they can count on, once the season gets going. I think it will come around, but up to this point I’m not sure Ainge has looked any worse than Mark or Kellen (and no, I’m not suggesting they consider anointing Ainge…just throwing it out there). I guess the Ravens D is baptism by fire.

  5. David

    PS- I’m still in agreement with this observation from Rich Cimini:

    “David Clowney strikes again. Maybe it’s time to give him work with the starters so he can show his stuff against top-flight corners.”

    Even if he’s one-trick pony, it’s the one trick that none of the other horses have and they need to at least have the threat to stretch the field.

  6. JetOrange

    Comma , nice post +1

  7. JetOrange


    PUNTER: You know the Jets are going to geet a new guy in this week
    OFFENSIVE LINE: Kracalik had a nice game, in fact all the back up guys did okay. The Jets kept only 7 OL last year, that could go up as high as 9
    QBs: Clemens had an opprotunity to make this a competetion, can’t distance himself, Ainge looked very good.
    RBs: Danny Woodhead got on film, job applications.
    Receivers: Very dissapointing, I have defended Brad Smith for a long time, its getting hard to do so. Britt Davis probably lost his roster spot. Allison up and down (fumbled Kickoff, horrendous) back up return guy. Could increase the speed of the receivng corp. coupled with Clowney. David you Clown…
    D LINE : Pitoitua made this team, Green was very good, DeVito just Okay… Didn’t see the third and fourth stringers
    LINEBACKERS : Westerman played a lot , didn’t see Trusnick, didn;t see any third and fourth stringers play.
    Defensive Backs : King Ugly looked strong, Coleman blew coverage on Mason, 30 yard PI, Mason just blew by him. Drew had a strong game On specials , played a lot of D, played well.
    Marques Coles had the nice pick, that may have got him on the practice squad.

  8. ErikSec.309

    Questions to be Answered:

    1) Can Clowney do it against 1st teamers?
    2) Does Gholston really know how to play football?
    3) Are we going to pick up another receiver? (We need a #1)
    4) Can we give the ball to Leon on every play?
    5) Can the coaching staff please end the Lowery experiment?
    6) Is Danny Ainge actually a good QB or is it the fact the he’s playing against 3rd string/rookies?

    • Jason – We can’t wait until week 5. This is the NFL. Going 1-3 or 0-4 is a death sentence.
  9. JetOrange

    Gruden seemed to have inside information about a trade, Trusnick didn’t play. Trusnick and a second round pick for Braylon Edwards ???

  10. joe b

    It’s just preseason. We get too carried away with games that don’t really mean much. I’m sure the coaching staff saw some good things that we didn’t see. . We are just casual observers that think we know more than them. VG #50 experiment is just about over. He is clueless. There is a reason why guys like Clowney don’t play with the first team. John Gruden said it perfectly “Mr. August”. It’s nice to see some new Posters here. I think by now the J*E*T staff realizes they need a #1 WR. I don’t think Woodhead is going to be around much longer, too small. Brad Smith is a wildcat player, not a WR. We only used our TE once. The running game looked pretty good. But if you can’t open up the field with a burner teams are going to stack up the box. JetOrange I left a post about Mautino & his brother in King Ugly.

  11. David

    We don’t know if somebody is only Mr. August, until they get their number called in September ;) I’m not saying he will definitely turn out to be Mr. September, but lets give it a chance before he is relinquished to the trash bin.

  12. ErikSec.309

    I agree…..Let’s give Clowney a chance against starters. I think he’s earned it based on his August performance against the 2nd teams.

  13. joe b

    David & Erik ,, I hope you guys are right and I am wrong. I would love nothing more than to see Clowney running past defenders during the regular season. But there must be a reason he isn’t playing on the “1st O”. After the way Brad Smith played with the “1st O’. why wasn’t Clowney in there sooner. I don’t feel he has the talent to be a 1 or a 2, but maybe a 3 or 4 in a spread offense. Lets see how much time he get with the 1st O against the Giants. Who knows ? maybe by than they may pull the trigger on a trade.

  14. ErikSec.309

    The only way you truly know if he can play is to play him. Hopefully, they are working on a trade. We need a true #1, because Cotchery is a good #2.

  15. Thomas Jones

    Mark Sanchez is already topping the depth chart on Madden 10.

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  18. Comma


    Thanks a bunch for the compliment. What does +1 mean?

  19. JetOrange


    Apologies, + 1, means I’m with you, total agreement…

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