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King Ugly


Last night, the final night of camp in Cortland, the Jets had the rookie show and the announced that James Ihedigbo was the winner of the King Ugly comptition. The winner gets a toilet plunger as a scepter and a Burger King crown.

Good stuff, but the second and third place winners get cash.

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine came in second and RB Leon Washington came in third. My theory is that Washington finished in the money because his teammates wanted to help him out as he waits for his contract dispute over an extension to be resolved. (By the way, Leon’s newborn was at camp earlier, worn in a swanky designer baby carrier, so I think he’s doing OK!)

Now, that’s bonding.

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30 Responses to “King Ugly”

  1. Alex

    Favre’s opening with the Vikings qualifies for a “King Ugly” award. Sorry, Danny Boy!

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  3. JetOrange

    James Ihedigbo has made this team, before camp he was at least questionable, he stepped up, is a very hard hitter, but he makes bone head plays and makes mistakes in his safety play.
    The question here is , does winning the King Ugly Contest assure you of a roster spot ? What do you tink ?

  4. JetOrange

    It Comes out this morning that Brandon Marshall WR for the Bronco’s is not making the trip to Seattle for a preseason game. As we all know the diva All Pro receiver is trying to shoot is way out of town, remember the Pete Kendell drama ?
    Joe B, is a poster on this site, that is a source of inspiration. Joe B. will tell you that many of the Jets moves are driven by PSL’s, a concept that I agree with.
    Based on this concept, to stimulate sagging PSL sales, the Jets will annoint Mark Sanchez as starting QB on Tuesday, and also announce a trade sending their First Round Pick in 2010 and WR Chansi Stuckey to Denver for Brandon Marshall and a Fourth round pick in 2010. NOTE: PURE SPECULATION .
    This is a great PSL move, but a bad football move. Despite Marshall’s All Pro credentials there is a signicant downside, the cost, the Cap problem that is caused, the Hip and of course the diva issues.

  5. Alex


    Even as a joke, your speculation is too frightening! PSLs be damned!

  6. JetOrange


    My questions to you, does this organization consider PSL’s when they make football moves ?, are they capable of making bad football moves to increase PSL’s ?
    Last year it was Favre, what will it be this year ?

  7. joe b

    First off I don’t see Josh McDaniel and the Broncos agreeing with a trade Marshall to the J*E*T*S that would help them against his former team. Belechick was like father to this guy. And unlike Mangini he is still faithful to him. So now we look at Bowe from KC but GM Scott Pioli has the same type of relationship with NE. So unless we are willing to part with a core player or multiple draft picks I don’t see it happenong for Marshall or Bowe. There are just too many teams out there that need a quality WR. I think it will come down to the final preseason week when teams have to make a roster choice that would effect some pretty descent players. I know Marvin Harrison is still out there. Don’t know if anybody is interested. But if he is healthy, who knows. JetOrange…you know that guy..right!!!

  8. JetOrange

    JOe B.
    Thanks for weighing in.
    The loyalty factor is very valid for both Pioli and McDanials. Pioli , doesn’t have any pressure on him from Bowe, and Scott is just plain smart, so nothing is gonna happen there. I am very willing to keep the current WR’s that are on the roster. I love Marvin ( you are perceptive), but he is 37 , a bit frail, and doesn’t have the PSL impact. Harrison would be a football move done strictly to improve the team ( Henry Ellard was his former coach). As Alex points out what I am truly frightened over is a deal that is motivated by the selling of PSL’s..

  9. JetOrange

    If you thought Plax was a risk, take a look at the legal pattern of BRANDON MARSHALL: I am doing a 180, PSL’s or no PSL’s, If Tannenbaum gives up more than a third round pick he and Woody are idiots…

    Marshall had hip surgery on March 31, 2009, to repair an aggravated hip that bothered him during the 2008 season. His recovery time is expected to last until training camp in late-July.

    Receiving Stats (Regular Season) Year Team G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD 1st Fum Fum
    Lost YAC Trgt
    2006 Denver Broncos 15 1 20 309 15.5 71 2 14 1 0 110 37
    2007 Denver Broncos 16 16 102 1,325 13.0 68 7 70 3 1 505 170
    2008 Denver Broncos 15 15 104 1,265 12.2 47 6 65 4 3 419 181
    Totals 46 32 226 2,899 12.8 71 15 149 8 4 1,034 388

    Legal trouble
    According to Orlando-Orange County public records (case 48-2004-MM-012392-O), on Halloween 2004, while a student at UCF, Marshall was arrested in Orlando on charges of assault on a law enforcement officer, refusal to obey, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

    On January 1, 2007, Marshall was present at “The Shelter,” a nightclub in Denver, Colorado, along with teammates Javon Walker and Darrent Williams. The trio was attending a birthday party held for and by Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin. As the players were leaving the club in a limousine, Williams was fatally shot in the neck after an unknown assailant opened fire on the vehicle. Willie Clark was later charged with the murder. Walker has stated in interviews that the shooter was likely a nightclub patron whose motive was retaliation after being involved in an altercation with Marshall’s cousin earlier that night.

    On March 26, 2007, Marshall was arrested in the Highlands Ranch suburb of Denver on suspicion of domestic violence after his girlfriend reported that following a domestic dispute, Marshall prevented a taxi she was in from leaving his house. Charges from the incident were later dismissed on May 25, 2007, after Marshall completed anger management counseling.

    In the early morning of October 22, 2007, Marshall was arrested in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area at the intersection of 14th and Blake St. for driving under the influence of alcohol. A trial was scheduled for September 16, but Marshall instead agreed to a plea bargain four days earlier; he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of driving while ability impaired. He was sentenced to one-year probation and 24 hours of community service.

    On June 12, 2008, Marshall was ticketed for an illegal lane change, then found to be without his license and proof of insurance. The case was eventually dropped as part of a plea bargain for the October 22, 2007 driving incident involving alcohol.

    According to an article published in the Rocky Mountain News on July 28, 2008, Douglas County deputies fielded “about 11” calls to Marshall’s home since January 2006. The article stated that one call resulted in Marshall being arrested (the March 26, 2007 domestic dispute), and some did not involve him at all.

    A September 17, 2008 article on CompleteColorado.com stated that the solicitor’s office in Fulton County, Georgia filed misdemeanor battery charges on September 10 for an alleged incident on March 4, 2008, in Atlanta, Georgia. Marshall was booked on March 6, then released the next day after posting a $1,000 cash bond. The case was assigned to Judge John Mather in Georgia state court. An email from Judge Mather’s office to CompleteColorado.com indicated that no court date had been set, but that the date would likely be in November or December.

    On March 1, 2009, Marshall was arrested in Atlanta for disorderly conduct after allegedly being involved in a fight with his fiancee, Michi Nogami-Campbell. Marshall was released on a $300 bond.The charges were dropped the following day.
    What bothers me hear is the pattern of violance, and he may hang with the wrong associates, bringing this guy to the big Apple could be catastrophic.


    Awards and honors
    Pro Bowl selection (2008)
    AFC Offensive Player of the Week – Week 2 (2008)
    2005 Hawaii Bowl MVP
    Second-team All-C-USA (2005)

    Records and milestones
    Most receptions spanning five games in NFL history (55).[2]
    Only player in NFL history to have at least 10 receptions in four out of five games.[2][28]
    Second-most catches in an NFL game (18).[27]
    Caught 102 passes in 2007 (second-career NFL season), becoming only the third second-year player in NFL history to have at least 100 receptions in a season.[15]
    Ninth player in NFL history (second Broncos player) to have at least 100 catches in back-to-back seasons (2007 and 2008).

  10. joe b

    JetOrange, Great article. You always do you homework. When I look at those numbers my legs get weak. I know we have always considered ourselves as the good guys in the White hats. However with this new coaching staff I wouldn’t be surprised (if we could swing a deal with Denver) if they went after him. Manny & Tanny always preached character. I don’t think Ryan feels the same way. He is a win at any cost guy. Compare the numbers>>Marshall 104 catches ..1265 yards..6 TDs. Cotchery 71 catches for 858 yards & 5 TDs. Stuckey 32 catches for 359 yards & 3 TDs.Smith 12 catches for 64 yards ) TDs and The Clown 1 catch for 26 yards. He would definitely make Cotchery & Stuckey better . I think right about now Belechicken is probably on the phone to McDaniels reminding him of all the things he did for him. And calling him Son!!!!!!

  11. JetOrange

    Joe B.

    Your too funny, I love Belechicken jokes. This is a Woody Johnson franchise decision, and Woody Johnson wants to sell those PSL’s, but Brandon Marshall is a violent guy, and he is violent against women. I am not a big Law and order guy, but Vick got what he deserved with his cruelty to dogs, I feel sorry for Plax, stupidity is not a defense, and he got what he deserves, I’m checking the visiting hours at the Fishkill correctional facility, do you want to come ?
    Brandon Marshall is a greater risk, from Woody’s PR perspective, this creep likes to push around women. You think PETA is bad, every women’s group in the country could be protesting in the Meadowlands, and rightly so. I don’t want to go Mangini on you , no denying the talent is there, it is a perfect fit, I want to win but not with Brandon Marshall…

  12. joe b

    JetOrange. First off I don’t see it happening. I just like playing Devils Advocate. And than again, I wouldn’t rule out anything in todays world.

  13. Alex

    Joe has it right again, as usual. Hang on everybody! The PSL god may need some appeasing!

  14. JetOrange


    ” The PSL god may need some appeasing ”... Thought provoking, funny, and possibly correct

  15. joe b

    Bad news for the NFL fan….. The Jacksonville Jaguars reported today that they expect all 10 of their home games will be blacked out this year. This may be a sign of things to come in the near future for all NFL franchises. PSLs are forcing long time fans to give up their tickets. In this economy many fans just can’t afford $5,000-$20,000 just for the right to own their previously owned seats. There is no guarentee that the cost of the tickets will not rise after you purchase the PSLs. Sponsor, naming right, advertising inside the stadium and in the near future sponsor logos on the jersey and it’s still not enough for the money hungry owners. Finally the fan is speaking out. Don’t be surprised to see some NFL teams owning their own networks like baseball, basketball and hockey do. I will be willing to bet that 50+ games will be blacked out this season. If the J*E*T*S don’t win early who will want to sit in the January cold to watch them play Cincy.

  16. JetOrange

    Joe B.

    Greed kills. It was a different game with Unitas, Raymond Berry, Alan Ameche, Frank Gifford, Alex Webster and Sam Huff. but it was a beautiful game. The game has changed, it got corporate, big money was to be made, fan loyalty could be exploited, communities were asked to build stadiums, new ways were constantly being found to merchandise anything and everything, ethics went out the window as bilking fans became an art form. The demand from fans is insatiatable, it always has been, and they would always drink the Kool Aide no matter what flavor was served. The owners may be killing the goose, the signs are there, don’t hold your breath for them to do the right thing, they will do what they need to do to maximize returns.
    For me , it has already begun. In baseball, it’is easy because I follow the game I love through Minor League Baseball, baseball devoid of millionaires. IN football, I’m a little slower to change, we will follow a little NCAA, the Orangeman will be local for a few games, but this year I’m going to try to catch a few High School games. The Fan has to change the owners will not.
    Joe B. thanks for posting . You remind me that only the real football fans show up in December, when its cold, your team has a loseing record and you can’t stay warm no matter what…

  17. Alex


    “Ethics went out the window as bilking fans became an art form.” So very well said.

  18. joe b

    JetOrange, I know you are a SU fan. They are going through hard times right now. But I remember back in the day. In Nov 1960 I went to Yankee Stadium to see the great Ernie Davis and the SU Orangemen take on the mighty Black Knights of the Hudson, also known as Army. It was a great game. Syracuse came in with a 17 game win streak and were the favorites. But Army wouldn’t back down. It came down to a late FG by Army kicker Tom BLANDA, younger brother of NFL HOFer George. Army won 9-6. It was football when they played the game the right way. They didn’t sit in the huddle and let the clock run out. Sometimes the winning team would run 4 or 5 plays in the final minute. They even passed the ball while winning by 1 point and 10 seconds left on the clock. Every out of bounds or incomplete pass stoppped the clock. I can rmember walking from Yonkers to the stadium at 11:00 pm Saturday evening during a blizzad to see a Giants/Browns game. Back than you could get into the bleachers for $.50 and your HS GO card. Whwn we got to the stadium 5:00AMish the line went half was around rhe stadium and it was still snowing like crazy. HS GO card, try explaining that to todays kids!!! LOL. Took the trolley !!!, subway and bus to Philly to see Navy/ND just to see the great Joe Bellino. Alway loved football, but I am a little dissapointed at the way it has evolved. Defense has been handcuffed, no bump & run, back in the day you could have contact until ball was released,OL use of hands, God forbid you hit the QB too hard. They suspend players for hard hits. I don’t think a player can go all out anymore.

  19. joe b

    Terrible spelling..Maybe it was the bus, subway, bus to Philly. It was a long time ago and sometimes I get carried away.

  20. Alex


    I recall some young ass running down Namath because his stats didn’t compare to the “greats” of modern-day football. I just look at what has to have been one of the all-time great games for Jets’ fans: Jets vs, Colts (I forget the actual year), Namath vs. Unitas. I can’t believe this game has never, to my knowledge, been on “NFL’s Greatest Games.” What a classic, and I’m sure you remember it even better than I do. Unitas would march the Colts down the field in 15 plays for a TD, then Namath to Caster in one or two plays and a TD—back and forth several times. The Jets won something like 45-34. Namath threw for 497 yards on about 15 throws! I’ve never seen a performance like that, not even with today’s relaxed rules. Payton Manning has not had to deal with his receivers being bumped all the way down the field until the ball is in the air. Much better football back then, as you say. Namath can’t be judged just by his stats, especially since late in his career he played with a pretty crappy team. I’d rather remember Namath to Caster for 80 yards than Namath on his ass in the Shea mud toward the end of his career. I remember doing the math on that game once, while I still had the exact stats: it was about 33 yards PER THROW, not per completion! Amazing.

  21. joe b

    Game was 9/24/72. The score was 44-34. It was Namath greatest game 6 TDs. Caster had over 200 yards recieving. I think it was in Baltimore. Could be wrong.

  22. joe b

    Not only was the football better. They had marching bands at halftime. I saw Grambling, Fla A&M and many more great bands. Even if the game was a stinker and over by halftime, you still styed around to see the band. Then you left.

  23. JetOrange

    Joe B.

    Joe Bellino what a great back. We are getting a little off topic, I may get some administrative message from Jane, or maybe banned. Not familiar with blog etiquitte or protocol, actually I was wondering why Jane hasn’t weighed in on a couple of these topics , busy girl.
    Joe, SU of course had the National championship year in 1959 and it was Iron man Football , guys played both ways, I think it was better. ( Correct me If I am wrong but I think you were allowed two substitions per play).
    On the 1960 team the Orangeman had a TE in contention for the All Big East team, by the name Of Fred Mautino, at 6’3 240 he was huge for his day ( think Anthony Becht ), well I thought Fred was a lock to make the All Big East Team.
    Syracuse plays Pittsburgh and there is a guy who plays TE for the Panthers named Mike Ditka, he was a beast, of course Mike was All Big East TE. Fred got drafted didn’t make it out of camp, Ditka of course had a Hall of Fame Career. I found out early , there is no such thing as a lock.

  24. Alex


    Just one more question about that game to test your memory-and mine. I seem to recall TD passes to Caster of 78, 80, and 80 yards. Am I close?

  25. joe b

    JetOrange, right now I am looking at page 37 of the November 5, 1960 official program of the Syracuse/Army game. Some of the names on that team were Art Baker, Ernie Davis, Fred Mautino & his brother Lou of Reading Pa. and a back name John Mackey who was a sophomore. Al Vanderbush (General) and Frank Gibson were the Army captains. The kicker was Frank, not Tom, Blanda. Syracuse had tri-captains, Al Bemiller, Fred Mautino and Dick Riemer. HOFer Walt Sweeney was on that team and the legend Ben Schwartzwalder was the coach…Alex I know Caster has 2 long TDs. I think the other one was a 10-15 yarder. He was over 200 yards on about 5or 6 catches. He was a high school football coach at Rye Country Dayschool for a while down here in Westchester. That is just outside of Port Chester and Rye.

  26. Alex

    Thanks. Then someone else must have caught a long one-I think. In fact, had to be for the huge yardage stats to make sense on so few completions.

  27. joe b

    Alex, I think the other long TD pass was to Jerome Barkum. Just guessing though.

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  29. Clubber Lang

    Drago, easy

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