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NFL on Plax


There’s been a lot of talk about the wide on this blog, so I thought I’d include it. Pretty strong, and I think what has happened with Ellis, Plaxico and other NFL players who get in trouble show there won’t a free pass from the league.

Here’s the NFL’s statement on former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress:

PLAXICO BURRESS is not under contract to an NFL team. In light of his plea today, Commissioner ROGER GOODELL has suspended Burress and informed him that he is ineligible to sign with any team until he completes his jail term. Commissioner Goodell said Burress will be reinstated and eligible to sign with an NFL team upon the completion of his sentence. Burress was notified on June 26 that Commissioner Goodell had initiated a review of the matter for potential discipline under the NFL’s Personal Conduct and Weapons policies. Commissioner Goodell and members of his staff conducted a hearing with Burress and his representatives last Wednesday (August 12) in New York.

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9 Responses to “NFL on Plax”

  1. Erik Sec.309

    Plax made a huge error in judgement, but I can’t help thinking that 2 years is a pretty rough deal. When it comes down to it, he shot himself. Others could’ve gotten hurt or killed, but that didn’t happen. Stallworth on the other hand killed someone and got 24 days…....what message does that send?

  2. JetOrange


    Message…if you want to do a crime do it in Florida ? LOL

  3. JetOrange

    Safety James Ihedigbo wins the King Ugly contest…

  4. Erik Sec.309

    Yeah. I guess Plax would’ve got approx. 10 days in Florida.

  5. JetOrange

    Friday the Jets Leave Cortland, I was able to attend three practices, had a great time, let me add a few obsevations hoping that I do not duplicate anything in a previous post.
    1. Kris Jenkins, live , is an imposing physical speciman, he hurt the calf, when I was there, worked harder than anyone I ever saw on a stationary bike. The guy was intense.
    2. When describing an Offensive Lineman the last word you would think of is smooth. But OT Ryan McKee is just smooth and fluid in drills, the only guy that was close to McKee was Brick. Turner looked very good at OC, nothing got messed up. It’s hot, I can’t understand how Nevin McCaskill OG survives in this heat with all that hair.
    3.The Jets run from every possible formation, never the same formation twice, but they do it with various shifts smoothly and flawlessly.
    4. There is a restaurant about 500 yards from the entrance gate in Cortland , called Doug’s Fish Fry, it is the official Jet Hangout. Cannizaro, gives it this great review, but it is just a step up from McDonalds. Lots of Jets paraphanalia and memrobilia, picture of owner with Rex and Woody Johnson etc. etc. There is a large decal, wall size, of a Jet Helmet signed by every writer and media person in the tri-state area except one.
    5. Receivers, I’m very critical of Clowney, think very highly of Stuckey, impressed by Britt Davis, In practice Henry looks good, he is only 3 inches taller than other receivers but it seems to make a differance,
    6. TE’s, Simmons and Keller are constantly being put in motion or are shifted, it seems to make them more effective.
    I am a crazy person about Hunter at TE, because it seems to make the running game go. My Favorite formation is Hunter lined up as a Standard inline TE, with Keller as a wingback off of Hunters shoulder creating in effect an unbalanced line, Two WR split to the weakside.
    7. Brad Smith can throw like a QB, nice touch, watched him pass from the upback position in punt formation, I will wait for this play during the season.
    8. Body beautiful, James Dearth, who woulda thunk ?
    9. QB’s very even, Ainge gets very few reps but looks good.
    Sanchez rolls out very smoothly, his passes are easier to catch because of a better trajectory. Clemens seems to direct folks a little better, gets guys in and out of the huddle a little more efficiently.
    10. Joe B. may know this one , Ropati Pitoitua DE , reminds me of 3-4 Jet DE Shane Burton, played under Parcells maybe 2001 ?
    11. If your looking for a great guy for your daughter, recommend Jason Trusnick and /or Brandon Renkart don’t know their status but great guys.
    12. Impressed with Westerman and Cummings, Vernon seemed to be wired to blocks.
    Okay , I hope a few folks can get to New Jersey next week and give their impressions… Thanks in advance

  6. Alex

    Doug’s Fish Fry is way better than what you say. You must’ve not had their seafood chowder. It’s not Manhattan (no pun intended), but it sure is Brooklyn!

  7. JetOrange


    I didn’t have the chowder, next year for sure,thanks. you are correct Doug’s a great place to hang out.

  8. joe b

    Burton was a real journeyman. Played for the J*E*T*S in 2000-2001. Had his moments. I think I remember him making an INT even. Could be wrong. Alway played well against the J*E*T*S when he was with Miami. He was one of those guys I thought would be great with the J*E*T*S. He lasted about 8 or 9 years in the NFL. Productive player wherever he played.

  9. JetOrange

    Joe B.
    Both Burton and Pitoitua, strong at the point of attack, but the distinguishing feature, is their height. Burton , a true journeyman, got very little penetration on a pass rush, but he put his hands up, the guy batted down several
    passes each year, as you have pointed out Burton survived 9 years in this league. If I’m the Jet DL coach, I show Pitoitua tape on Burton, the other advantage of this lack of penetration was that Burton patroled the line of scrimmage for draws and screens. Thanks Joe for bringing it to the table, I knew you would know.

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