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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Leavin’ on a Jet plane


Oh, Brett Favre. It is always dangerous to underestimate how much he dislikes training camp.

The former (and briefly at that) Jets quarterback will play for Minnesota next year, which one might cynically think he’d hoped to do ever since leaving Green Bay during the last offseason. At least the Jets don’t have to give up any first-rounders as a result of this, and I imagine plenty of Jets fans are glad he won’t be competing with Mark Sanchez and Kellen Clemens for the starting job.

The Jets are wrapping up camp this week, with a closed practice on Friday and then coming back for closed weekend practices before Monday’s preseason game against Baltimore.

Rex Ryan had a few things to say yesterday, and noted that David Clowney really helped himself in the game against the Rams. Before catching Sanchez’ first NFL pass for 48-yards, I thought he was in danger of losing his position given the addition of Aundrae Allison and the crowd at wide receiver. Allison is the same kind of speedy wide that Clowney is, and you never want to see a mirror image brought in. (Hello TJ? Meet Shonn Greene…)

”(David) Clowney stepped up big time in that game,” Ryan said. “I think that was huge. We all know he can do it. He’s got that blazing speed. It wasn’t necessarily a surprise. You guys (media) saw that last year. He led the NFL in yardage last year in the preseason. Unfortunately, he had the collarbone (injury) so we all know he can do it. But, it was good for me to see with my own eyes also. That was impressive. He really was.”

Then Ryan said this about his big, brash attitude.

“I mean, I probably won’t call out Channing Crowder again,” Ryan said. “That’s one thing I probably won’t do because that really got blown out (of proportion).  I’ll pick on a kicker or something (laughter). No (it’s not a concern). I’m going to be true to myself. I don’t mean to be disrespectful.  I’m not trying to be disrespectful. When I said that about (Bill) Belichick, I’m just letting him know I’m not intimidated by him. He’s got the same position I have. We’re both head coaches in this league. He just happens to have a hell of a lot of Super Bowl rings. I don’t have a win and I appreciate you pointing that out (laughter). I understand that. We’re not going to just tiptoe our way through this thing. You don’t win and beat a Bill Belichick-coached team by tiptoeing up there. We’re going to be ourselves and I’m going to be myself and that’s just the way it is. How much more motivation are they going to get by putting a quote from Rex Ryan on their wall saying I believe in my football team and that I’m not going to be intimidated by a coach or anybody else?  If that’s where you’re going to draw motivation from, hell, we’re probably going to kick your (butt) if that’s the case (laughter).”

And lastly, if any of you visit training camp, I’ve loved seeing your observations in the comments, so keep it coming!

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28 Responses to “Leavin’ on a Jet plane”

  1. Erik Sec.309

    Does this really suprise anyone? I can’t wait to see the disaster unfold.

  2. simplysimon2

    I must admit I was wrong about you. Being a recovering misogynist, I was reluctant to trust my Jets to a female messenger, but you have delightfully impressed me. I now look fwd to your takes on the current state of Jetdom. Beat reporters can be wonderful or boring companions to watch a season with. You are definitely on the side of the worthwhile. Thanks.

  3. joe b

    Allison is the same type of receiver Clowney is is not a vote of confidence. We definitely need a top WR who is not in the same class as these two. There is some talk that Tan man has been talking to a few teams about a deal for a #1 receiver. All the optimism we had is getting a little tarnished all of a sudden. Monday versus Baltimore should tell if we are gong in the right direction or not. If we can land a top WR for a 2nd round pick we should do it. Otherwise we will have to use our #1 pick next year to get one. Everything is in place except a burner who will spread opposing defenses. PSL sales will dictate what we have to do. Season is not sold out, black-outs are very possible for the lesser games and a losing season will only make it harder for the PSLs to sell.

  4. Erik Sec.309

    The Jets are in such trouble selling the tix for next year, that they called me. Hell, I put my name on the list last year! Guess they didn’t figure that fans are more likely to buy PSL’s when their team gives them something legit to cheer about every once in a while. that being said, this is a very big season for the franchise.

  5. joe b

    I think they will sell out the regular season games because there will be a lot of single game tickets. So all the average fan will have to lay out is face value for the game. The scary thing is next year when the PSLs take effect. The one game that I think could be blacked-out is the seasons final game against Cincy. Most of the visiting teams are pretty good. If they open the season poorly, and with the tough early schedule, It won’t even matter. I have had season tickets since the early 60s. I am now retired moving out of the area and I wanted to have the tickets turned over to my son in law last year. They OK the change but took away his seniority to change his location. What a joke this organization is. Support them for 45 years and get a kid is the A*s. Told them where they can stick their tickets

  6. Erik Sec.309

    Congrats in retirement…..that just shows that there is no loyalty in sports…..It’s big business.

  7. Erik Sec.309

    what are the actual chances that we could get Brandon marshall? Who or what picks would we have to give up?

  8. David

    Allison caught my eye in a bad way today, with a couple of dropped balls. On the upside, both Jack Simmons and Kareem Brown made nice grabs at points in today’s practice. Brown made his grab over the middle in traffic and I immediately went to my roster, because he looked like a real bruiser crashing into the secondary.

  9. David

    PS…Had a really good time at training camp today. All three QB’s looked pretty sharp to me. I can’t help but think Ainge is going to be a good pro, before he is through. Aside from Allison, I thought the receivers had a pretty respectable showing. Pouha caught my eye in the middle of the defensive line and Rex Ryan provided good comic relief running down the field on kick coverage during a drill.

    Some may recall, I was a big fan of Feely over Nugent last year. Today he also proved to be a class act, by coming down to the end of field to sign an autograph and take a picture with my son and others. I didn’t really expect anybody to come down to where we were standing and he was the first guy to approach fans after the practice. He was banging it through like clockwork during the practice. His last one was from 53 and you had the feeling he could have moved back another 10 yards.

  10. JetOrange

    Joe B.
    Congrats on your retirement. Cimini’s story is a joke, very slimy for an SU grad, he is making the assumption that since Tanny has done deals in August, that he is in serious discussions with Denver and KC. On a slow newsday, he flashes Brandon Marshall., Dwayne Bowe, and Sinorce Moss before our eyes, a true jounalistic creep. From a cap perspective, I can’t see how the Jets could fit Bowe or the new demands of Marshall.Denver is getting alot of negative stuff from their fans after the Cutler fiasco, IMO they fire their new coach before they trade Marshall. Scott Pioli is now in charge of KC, I don’t think he is gonna deal Bowe, although he has diva tendancies. Sinorce Moss, please, the Jets currently have 6 better receivers on their roster, and of course he’s tiny… Not mentioned , was Braylon Edwards from Cleveland, he had a horrible game in GB, dropped a couple of key throws, looked very bad. Mangini gives the Kool Aid about Edwards that it is hand placement and concentration yada, yada…
    Joe B, once again you are very astute about the fact that the jets are driven by their PSL problem, I just don’t think there is anything that they can do.

  11. JetOrange


    Thank you for your observations. I was thinking of rotating Clowney and Allison at the second WR position, running “GO ” routes on each play,almost like a relay race, But there was a reason that Minnisota gave up on their 5th round pick in 2007. Allison returned punt and kickoffs for the Vikings , so he needs to impress Westoff. This is only competition for Clowney. Happy to hear Kareem Browne and Jack Simmons doing well at TE.
    Once again the Jets will probably carry 6 wide receivers (many teams only carry 5).
    1. Jerricho Cotchery, 6’0 207 lbs. 4th round pick in 2004
    2. Chansi Stuckey 6’0 185, 7th round pick in 2007
    3.Brad Smith 6’2 210, 4th round pick in 2006
    4. Wallace Wright 6’1 200 Undrafted Free Agent in 2006
    A couple of observations , all of these receivers are young, about the same size, not one of them has Red Zone Height,or dramatic speed. Not a high round pick in the bunch.

    David Clowney 6’0 188 a fifth round pick of Green Bay in 2007. If you contend that Clowney is a lock, I will agree, but I saw him in Cortland, and he performed Poorly. I certainly understand why Green Bay gave him the pink slip, and I understand why Mangini didn’t play him, direct antethesis of a Rex Ryan player. The man some serious speed.
    Aundrae Allison 6’0 198 a fifth round pick of the Vikings in 2007. Speed always gives you a chance, had a difficult time learning the Viking’s West coast Offense, OC criticized Allison for not running percise routes. Unlike Clowney, AA does a little special teams, Westoff could be his salvation..

    Plax and TO are big guys , Al Toon and Richard Caster were big guys. Every team is looking for that tall redzone receiver, the guy that can run a fade.
    Marcus Henry 6’3.5 207 a 6th round pick in 2008, looks good in practice, sucks in a game , go figure..
    Huey Whittaker 6’4 224 Undrafted Free agent , a step slower than the rest, but has the size that your looking for, has been cut once already.
    Britt Davis 6’2.5 205 Undrafted Free Agent, shorter but faster, very impressive. Ordinarily a perfect candidate for the practice Squad. I don’t think he will last on the PS. Britt had 54 catches in his sophmore year at Northern Illinois, his Junior and Senior year he fought off injuries, production was negligible. Now that he is healthy NFL teams will have a different opinion of Britt Davis.
    Okay those are the guys as I see it, which SIX receivers would you carry ??

  12. joe b

    Thanks guys, but I’ve been retired for a couple of years now. At the time I mentioned I was contemplating moving out of state. I have followed this team since the very first NY Titan home game at the old Polo Grounds. I have seen the Good (SB III & very little more over the years), the Bad (too much to mention) and the Ugly (Rich Kotite years). This team may be the hardest to figure out. They have so many very good players and some very questionable individuals. We have our defense in place and than 2 key players get suspended. Our OL has had more injuries after 1 preseason game, actually before the game, than they ad all last season. RB we look very good, TE, Keller is going to be another Tony Gonzalez. However we are very questionable at WR and QB. Cotchery is a solid #2 and Stuckey is fine as the slot receiver. But we don’t have that burner that we have needed for the last 3 seasons. Now for the QB, let me first say that I was happy to see them move up for Sanchez. However he may still be a year or two away. I don’t know what must be going on in his head after last year behind Favre. I thought if it wasn’t Chad we should have gone with Clemens and especially after Favre collapsed down the stretch Clemens should have gotten the nod for the last 3 games. The experience would have been a great experience for him. Favre set this team back 2 to 3 years. It goes down as one of those Ugly times in J*E*T history.

  13. joe b

    I was talking about Clemens when I said I don’t know what is going on in his head. Not SanchezI

  14. David

    Jetorange, I agree on the six receivers…In addition to your “locks” I think Clowney is pretty close to being a lock as well, which would still leave a very tough decision for number 6. Choosing between Davis and Henry could be a tough call. I though Henry looked pretty good.

  15. JetOrange

    David :
    Henry is a great choice, he has looked good in practice, he blocks well at close to 6’4 he could be a red zone threat, he just didn’t show up against the Rams, let sww if he can be a Raven killer.

  16. Alex


    Not long ago I said the same thing about Favre and Clemens: that the Favre year was a wasted year (in that it held back Clemens’s development and experience). I recall that Dan exploded like uncovered nitro in the hot desert sun.

    Surprised not to hear from Dan, as a matter of fact.

  17. David

    Ha ha…fantastic metaphor, Alex. Any lingering respect I might have held for Favre has evaporated. What are the Vikings thinking?

  18. joe b

    Guys Nobody on this blog was a bigger critic about the Favre move than me. I said immediately we would finally lose to the Dolphins and his int/td rate would be high. Dan is probably blogging on the Viking site nowadays. Favre set us back 2 to 3 years with that stupid experiment. I saw on ESPN that he told the Vikings that he still has a partial tear in his throwing shoulder. What the hell are they thinking. I also felt Clowney was not the guy last year and I feel he is not the guy this year. As for Marcus Henry, he should get more looks with the 1st O in the next 2 games. The wins don’t mean a thing. We have to see what we have in our WRs. This game still may not show us much. Woody and Faneca are out on the OL. And we all know that the Ravens want to show Ryan they are still the best D in football. 25 million to an egotisticle over the hill sore armed QB who is turning 40. He will only pad his int record. I guess he’s hoping Adrian Petersen will make him feel young again. What the hellare the Vikings thinking.

  19. JetOrange

    Joe B
    This Favre thing as you pointed out was driven by PSL’s, I wonder if it is the same issue in Minnisota, Favre stokes interest, but I think most folks would agree it is not a sound football decision.

  20. David

    I may very well be wrong about Clowney, but I will put my hat on the dinner table and say that if he gets a chance to play in the games that count, he will prove his worth this year. After all, “Who can cover the Clown?” (I love that…)I am comfortable with Henry getting plenty of chances also, between the two you’ve got speed and size. Rotate them accordingly.

  21. joe b

    Basically Clowney wasn’t doing that great at camp. Than he goes out and has 3 catches, 2 against backups and we are ready for his cornation again. Still need to see more from him. There was no seperation from him and the DB on the Sanchez pass. Ball was just put in a perfect spot. And on the TD somebody blew the coverage because he was 15 yards behind his man on the catch. Let’s see what he does Monday night against a solid D. I still want to see more of Marcus Henry. This guy was a stud at Kansas and hasn’t gotten to many ingame reps from the J*E*T*S. There are also rumors about a possible trade. All these moves like bringing in all the released players is just press fodder. How many guys that were released by other teams early in preseason will actually make the J*E*T*S. Most likely NONE.

  22. David

    Look Joe…the bottom line is that he needs to get a chance in regular season games. I’m not ready to discard him based on anything I have seen thus far. I recall him making at least one pretty difficult catch in the regular season last year, when he finally got a chance two thirds of the way through the season…and then only to get vanquished to the bench again.

    We’ll just have to disagree on this one, until that opportunity comes, because I’m not changing my opinion until then…and my opinion should not be misconstrued as a friggin’”coronation”, either.

    PS – I was openly against the Favre trade last year also. After they made the trade, I just figured there was no sense crying in the spilled milk for the rest of the year.

  23. Alex


    Ditto for me on your PS. I still wonder how far they might’ve gone with Pennington and Clemens. I’ll bet they would’ve at least made the playoffs.

  24. joe b

    David..I am not knocking you..I go on many jet sites and there are a lot of people who feel the way you do about Clowney. And some think he is great. He just hasn’t lived up to the hype yet. That catch you saw him make last season is his only NFL regular season catch. I have seen many guys come along that I thought were going to be great. And a year later they can’t be found anywhere in the NFL.. Last years team was built for Pennington and they just let him go and completely changed theit philosophy. Plus we didn’t get anything in return. They did the same with Vilma. I have dreams about what we could have done last year with Chad & Jonathan. This team does not take care of their own. Hate to think of what Chris Baker may do to us.

  25. Alex

    PSLs, Joe. You’ve called it right all along.

  26. Erik Sec.309

    I’ll admit that I was for Favre and openly went at it with Joe over the issue. Wow, was I wrong!.....Clowney, eh, who knows?

  27. JetOrange

    Joe B

    You are certainly correct on the Clowney coronation, a blown coverage and lack of separation very apparent. I saw him in three practices, ran bad routes, gave up on routes, not a physical player. They tried to work him on specials, very very lame, if he has another good game, it may not be politically correct to cut him.

  28. Erik Sec.309

    What did Iverson say?.......”Practice, Practice, We talking about practice?”.....If Clowney proves that he can do it in games, I don’t care if he gets beat up by the waterboy in practice.

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