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Defense and job interviews


Here are some of the highlights from yesterday’s practice, the first after a loss to the Rams in the first preseason game of the season. Clearly, Jets coach Rex Ryan is starting to get tough on players. Then of course there are the issues with the defense. Let’s start with the nose.

NT Kris Jenkins on practicing yesterday:

“I’m tired of doing the same thing on the sideline over and over again. He (Sal Alosi head strength and conditioning coach) won’t change up the routine and it hurt and I just spazzed out, so I just walked out in the middle of the thing and said, ‘I’ll take my chances on the field’ (laughing).  I got out there and was just good to go.”

Jenkins said he wasn’t sure if he would be ready for the Baltimore game, but said if it were a regular season game he’d muster. Here’s the thing, for that first game  of the actual season, Jenkins will be essential given the loss of LB Calvin Pace and DE Shaun Ellis for their maddeningly boneheaded actions.

Ellis spoke yesterday after getting the $100,000 NFL fine for his marijuana arrest last season, and missing the Houston game.

“It hurts,” Ellis said. “It’s a situation that happened last year. For it to carry on into this year, it’s kind of tough. I just wish I would have been able to have dealt with it last year. This year is just going into things fresh with that behind me. But, it didn’t happen that way. I just have to go through it and deal with it, be ready for week two. Yes, I’m going to miss being out there, but I have confidence in the New York Jets that they will get the job done.”

Ryan said this about the Ellis situation.

“I think (what) is important (is) how it is going to affect us,” Ryan said. “Who is starting hasn’t really been determined. We’ll go through that process. But again, we have a lot of confidence in our players. We always talk about the decal. Whoever goes out there is going to make a good account of themselves. We will miss Shaun obviously, but we feel that we have the guys playing behind him.  We should be just fine. Don’t feel sorry for us. We will move forward from that.”

With DE Vernon Gholston already named the starter in lieu of Pace, that leaves a few candidates, namely Mike DeVito or Sione Poucha, possibly Marques Murrell or Howard Green.

Meanwhile, the team is clearly starting to tweak the roster, and waived S Keith Fitzhugh yesterday. After the 23-20 loss to the Rame, the Jets cut WR Paul Raymond.

“You have to be special to play for the Jets,” Ryan said. “There are a lot of guys that would love to get this opportunity but I want that certain mentality. Dropping a punt with Paul (Raymond), if Jim Leonhard dropped a punt I wouldn’t be cutting Jim Leonhard. I wouldn’t be cutting Leon Washington. But if you get a chance to shine there, you have to step up and do it. Not everybody gets to bat with us. So, if you get an opportunity, you have to make the most of it. Some guys only get one shot. You have to make the most of it.”

I would imagine Ryan really, really wants to beat his old team next Monday in Baltimore. Or at least out-play on defense. Ryan talked a little about the pairing of former Baltimore linebacker Bart Scott with David Harris.

“That is the odd couple right there,” Ryan said. “Harris never says anything and then you have Scott who’s talking all the time, running his mouth.”

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