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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Whittaker returns


WE Huey Whittaker was resigned by the Jets today, a day after releasing WR Paul Raymond and QB Chris Pizzotti.

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11 Responses to “Whittaker returns”

  1. JetOrange

    Great news , Huey is back, I wonder if he had a chance to pack is bags, back to Cortland. Practices this week will be Brutal, 8 days until the Ravens, Rex will crack the whip this week, because of the loss, but also because the following week is a short week. if you believe the Jets are going to carry SIX receivers, this is my Breakdown.
    Cotchery, Stuckey, Wright and Smith
    Clowney, Aundrae Allison
    BIG GUYS :

    Huey Whittaker, Marcus Henry, Britt Davis
    It doesn’t even look like a competition for the fifth spot, Clowney by a landslide. Allison hasn’t seen the field, reports that he had trouble picking up the offense in Minnisota, can’t bode well in Schotty’s complex offense.
    Jets are looking for a tall redZone target, IMHO I thought that Henry had it made, based on his practice, and the cutting of Whittaker and Urrutia. Well Huey is back, and Marcus Henry did not have a good game, the drama continues.
    The guy who is the favorite as the big receiver, IMHO, is Britt Davis this unheralded UNDFA out of Northern Illinois.
    How can talented 6’3 205LB WR with a decent 40 time go undrafted ? Well playing for Northern Illinois for starters, but the primary reason was that he was hurt in his Junior AND Senior year averaging only about 20 catches per season. Davis was a dominant receiver when healthy, in his sophmore year had 56 catches in 10 games. Kudos to the Jets scouting department.
    The jets trade up in the draft every year to get great players, the downside is that you lose those valuable middle round picks. The Jets counter that downside by picking Undrafted Free Agent Gems, like Britt Davis, Mike DeVito , Wallace Wright, Marques Murrell, Jason Trusnick and Kenwin Cummings

  2. JetOrange

    Sanchez to start against Ravens a week from Monday

  3. JetOrange

    Does anyone know rhe severityof Caulcricks knee injury ?

  4. JetOrange

    Drew Coleman CB had a decent preseason game against the Rams, had an outstanding practice on Sunday, he is making his move. Back up CB’s Strickland and “Batman”Carrol have looked very good. Which brings us to Dwight Lowery, who had a bad game at corner against the Rams ( we won’t even talk about Dwight’s muffs on specials) Rams Laurant Robinson WR is not going to the Pro Bowl. The current 4th safety on the roster is James Ihedigbo, a great hitter, but makes major mistakes as a safety. Would you consider moving CB Dwight Lowery to Safety ?

  5. Erik Sec.309

    Should be very interesting to see Sanchez get the start. Are Woody and Mangold going to play? Faneca may sit out the entire preseason and it’s hard to truly judge the offense when 60% of the line is on the sideline.

  6. JetOrange

    Eric, they are playing the Ravens, with just Faneca out, you have to limit Sanchez somewhat, you don’t want to get him killed.

  7. Erik Sec.309

    I realize they have to limit his snaps. My point is that it’s unfair to truly assess any QB when he is playing with 3 backup O linemen.

    Kind of like it was unfair for most of the Jet world to call Clemens a failure when he played with a swiss sheese line 2 seasons ago.

    That being said, I still think Sanchez is ahead in the battle.

  8. JetOrange

    Okay to keep your scorecards updated, the Jets cut Punter TJ Conely and signed journeyman punter Kenny Parrish. The basketball TE J’Nathan Bullock was also cut, the Jets signed an Undrafted Linebacker, Joshua Mauga from Nevada, a run and hit guy, nice speed,expierance in a 4-3 and 3-4, I had this guy as a sixth round value, so I think he may have a chance, but the Jets have a lot of great Linebackers.

    Safety Kieth Fitzhugh UNDFA was cut, it looks like Emanual Cook the other UNDFA Safety wins at survivor, so far. The Jets have an open roster spot. Finally , even though the Jets lost to the Rams, Rex has not socked any coaches…

  9. Alex


    I’ve not been saying much about Clemens vs. Sanchez. Like you, I just want the best QB to be out there for my team, regardless of who it turns out to be. Sanchez was impressive, but I note that Clemens didn’t have any long pass attempts scripted for him. Not a coincidence; I agree with Miloslav, that Clemens has little or no chance (unless Sanchez self-destructs). It has not been and will not be truly a fair competition, as many sports writers and bloggers have been suggesting.

    I also noticed the nontight “spirals” that Clemens has been throwing, as others have also observed. But I don’t recall him throwing like that consistently the year he had his eight starts. Is his throwing hand perhaps “secretly” (but known to management) injured? He just doesn’t look the same.

    Did you make it to Cortland with your son yet?

  10. Erik Sec.309


    Tell us the truth…..are you at every practice? You have more insider info than most.

  11. JetOrange

    Eric Sec 309
    No Eric I’m not at every practice, I have been to four, actually 3 1/8, consider the practice, that was shortened by the tornado watch. Eric, you don’t get as much as you think from practice, QB’s and receivers are the stars, and you get a feel for their performances but thats about it. for the other players, you are looking at body types (Kris Jenkins up close) and basically how they move. But on ocassion you get a nugget, I almost had a stroke when I saw
    Brad Smith throw from punt formation, I will be waiting for that play all season.
    I am a long time Jet fan, a draftnik, have strong opinions, and like to follow those last 10 guys on the roster ( they are closer to my income bracket)and of course those 8 guys on the practice squad.
    The reason I post here is because of Jane, she writes a lot about that bottem third of the roster, she has a different slant than the other beat writers, she writes about weird stuff that makes me think, she is innovative, and she swims in an ocean from a small paper in a good old boy network. You gotta love it

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