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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

The countdown starts


The countdown officially begins to the start of the regular season.

I’m sitting in the press box looking at the first official Jets depth chart. It lists Kellen Clemens as the starting QB, no surprise, but it also lists WR Huey Whittaker, who was cut two days ago so you can’t read that much into them.

Right now Jay Feely is testing out the uprights at the Meadowlands.

UPDATE: Stanley Daniels, Robert Turner, Wayne Hunter and Jehuu Caulcrick replace Alan Faneca, Nick Mangold, Damien Woody and Tony Richardson, respectively.

Dwight Lowery and Sione Poucha replace Darrelle Revis and Kris Jenkins.

For the Rams, Keenan Burton replaces Donnie Avery.

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6 Responses to “The countdown starts”

  1. JetOrange

    Okay Jane if the Jets won’t supply you with a decent depth chart maybe we can:


    LWR 89 Cotchery Jerricho 04/4 87 Clowney David P/GB 15 Wright Wallace CF06 2 Raymond Paul CF08
    RWR 83 Stuckey Chansi 07/7 16 Smith Brad 06/4 17 Davis Britt CF09 14 Henry Marcus 08/6 88 Allison Aundrae W/Min
    LT 60 Ferguson D’Brickashaw 06/1 78 Hunter Wayne SF07 69 McKee Ryan CF09
    LG 66 FANECA Alan U/Pit 68 Slauson Matt 09/6 72 McCaskill Nevin SF09
    C 74 Mangold Nick 06/1 75 Turner Robert CF07 56 Parenton Michael CF09
    RG 65 Moore Brandon CF02 64 Daniels Stanley SF07
    RT 67 WOODY Damien U/Det 76 Kracalik Mike CF05 62 Thompson Tavita CF09
    TE 81 Keller Dustin 08/1 84 Brown Kareem W/NE 46 Simmons Jack CF09 48 Bullock J’Nathan CF09 86 Brock Kevin W/Car
    QB 11 Clemens Kellen 06/2 6 Sanchez Mark 09/1 10 Ainge Erik 08/5 19 Pizzotti Chris CF09
    FB 49 RICHARDSON Tony U/Min 39 Caulcrick Jehuu CF08 32 Christopher Brock SF09
    RB 20 JONES Thomas T/Chi 29 Washington Leon 06/4 23 Greene Shonn 09/3 22 Woodhead Danny CF08


    LDE 92 ELLIS Shaun 00/1 79 Pitoitua Ropati CF08 98 Potter Zach CF09
    NT 77 JENKINS Kris T/Car 91 POUHA Sione 05/3 95 GREEN Howard U/Sea 63 Kroul Matt CF09
    RDE 71 DOUGLAS Marques SF09 70 Devito Mike CF07 61 Steinkuhler Ty CF09
    LOLB 99 THOMAS Bryan 02/1 50 Gholston Vernon 08/1 51 Kobel Craig SF09
    LILB 57 Scott Bart U/Bal 47 Renkart Brandon CF08 53 IZZO Larry U/NE
    RILB 52 Harris David 07/2 55 Westerman Jamaal CF09 54 Cummings Kenwin CF08
    ROLB 97 Pace Calvin U/Arz 94 Murrell Marques P/Phi 96 Trusnik Jason CF07
    LCB 24 Revis Darrelle 07/1 21 Lowery Dwight 08/4 31 Carroll Ahmad SF08 35 Barksdale Rashad W/NYG
    SS 36 Leonhard Jim U/Bal 33 Smith Eric 06/3 38 Cook Emanuel CF09
    FS 25 Rhodes Kerry 05/4 44 Ihedigbo James CF07 37 Fitzhugh Keith CF09
    RCB 26 Sheppard Lito T/Phi 27 Strickland Donald U/SF 30 Coleman Drew 06/6 34 Cole Marquice SF09

    Special Teams

    P 5 Hodges Reggie SF08 9 Conley TJ CF09
    PK 3 FEELY Jay SF08 00 Douglass Parker SF09
    LS 85 DEARTH James SF01
    PR 36 Leonhard Jim U/Bal 29 Washington Leon 06/4 22 Woodhead Danny CF08 21 Lowery Dwight 08/4
    KR 29 Washington Leon 06/4 22 Woodhead Danny CF08 36 Leonhard Jim U/Bal

    Players Number, the year and the round that the guy was drafted in ( 06/4 indicates that Leon was drafted in 2006 in the Fourth Round ) SF= Street Free Agent

  2. JetOrange

    Lowery replaces Revis, but you wonder if Sheppard takes the Rams Number One receiver. With Avery out that could be Robinson, we will see. Kindly note, Lowery changed his number from 34 last year to 21 this year.
    Green 95 versus Pouha 91, I’m going with Sione…

  3. Joe b

    Not very happy with the crowd. Especially since we are unvailing our #1 pick QB. OL is letting too many DL in our backfield. Jet D looks pretty good. Harris with a sack, but Leonard made it happen. Feeley is gold. Just watching Sanchez stretching and I pulled a hamstring LOL. Pace..Sack #2 tonight.

  4. Joe b

    Clowney with 3 big catches. However I am not impressed. 2 were against backups and he really didn’t get separation on the first pass from Sanchez. . He has to be more aggressive against starters. He still only has 1 regular season reception. He is going to have to prove me wrong.

  5. JetOrange

    Joe b
    Of course yout right on the offensive line, Hunter missed a block that got Clemens clobbered and lost the ball, and Stanley Daniels almost got Clemens killed by whiffing on a block.
    As you know I am a huge critic of Clowney, he can’t play specials, he doesn’t block, he runs poor routes, gives up on routes but what he can do is run a “GO” route. As silly as that sounds, that may be enough, because it gives this offense a vertical presence. We are no longer in the Pennington era, arm strength is not an issue with any of the three QB’s. I have faith that Henry Ellard can develop David into a complete receiver, for now , Clowney is a one trick pony, but oh what a trick. As Mangini always says “its a process”.
    Once again the Jets will keep Six Wide Receivers, my list as of tonight.
    1. Cotchery
    2. Stuckey
    3. Wallace Wright
    4. David Clowney
    5. Brad Smith
    6. Britt Davis
    Joe, Kareem Brown was okay at TE..

  6. David

    Hmmm, so I guess Clowney made a little noise tonight, eh? He hasn’t made much noise in practice, but maybe he is showing his worth as a gamer. Just a thought….

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