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Sanchez with the exclamation


Mark Sanchez got on the field for his first series of the game and got the call from offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer; go to David Clowney, all the way. Great, he thought, I come in off the bench and I’ll be shooting 3’s cold. He called the play, felt his mouthpiece fall to the turf and heard the laughter.

“First play, what an idiot,” he thought to himself and then launched the perfect long pass to Clowney who had covered half the field in a blink.

First play of Sanchez’ NFL career, a flawlessly orchestrated 48-yard pass to Clowney up the right sideline.

“I may have a different answer if it was incomplete or got picked,” Sanchez said, “but it worked out alright. and Clowney gave me a shot. It worked out exactly the way we wanted it.”


The thing is, Kellen Clemens didn’t look bad. He evaded a sack and moved quickly out of bounds to gain a couple of yards. He made a block on an end around from Thomas Jones to Brad Smith that picked up 28 yards.

Sanchez’ line was 3-for-4 for 88 yards and a TD while Clemens was 4-for-4 for 24 yards, a sack and a FG. Clowney had three catches for 102 yards.

The Jets lost tonight to the Rams, 23-20, which really annoyed head coach Rex Ryan in his coaching debut. He also said that he wasn’t ready to declare a starter in the QB competition, not even for next week’s game against his former employer, Baltimore.

“I am under the understanding that he is going to make the decision once he is ready to make the decision,” Clemens said.

Punting: Reggie Hodges had 98 yards on two punts while TJ Conley had 77 yards on two.

Clowney’s touchdown dance to go up 20-16: “It’s just a Florida dance called the Wu-Tang. You can go on YouTube and see it. It’s just a Florida dance we do down south.”

That’s it to start. I’ll hit you with more audio and notes from the game tomorrow.

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9 Responses to “Sanchez with the exclamation”

  1. www.sell-sport.com

    I can’t wait to see how good of a quarter back Mark Sanchez will be playing for the NY jets

  2. Erik Sec.309

    Clemens wasn’t bad, I just don’t think he makes the throw that Sanchez did. In my opinion, the early score is:

    Sanchez 1
    Clemens 0

  3. JetOrange

    Erik Sec.309

    +1 agreed

  4. JetOrange

    It is the morning after,let us see if any of my 20 questions were answered, Joe B warned me that there were not going to be any clear answers.

    1. Can we run the Ball, and stop the run?

    Inconclusive, but fear and concern has crept in

    2. Can Ropati Pitoitua DE (79) secure a roster spot, this guy is 6’8 is a DE modeled after Richard Seymour, second year experiment, Jets desparate for DL Depth.Maybe, Zach Potter (98) UNDFA Nebraska.

    RP batted down a pass, DL play was
    poor for second stringers, Potter made
    a nice play.
    3. Mike DeVito DE/NT (70), how effective ? where will he play?
    Played DE&NT was Okay, DL play was substandard

    4. Vernon Gholston (50)is Rex giving us a lot of Green kool Aid, or Has Vernon improved. Will he play with his hand in the dirt, or as a true 3-4 LB ?

    Jury still out , wasn’t terrible
    Passes the eyeball test, looks like a beast
    5. Looking for Westerman (55) and Cummings (54) to make plays..
    Both made plays, KC outstanding sack

    6. Who is better at NT, Green (95) or Pouha (91) ?

    Sione by a signicant margin

    7. With Revis out , who is Better ? Sheppard (26) or Lowery (21) ?

    Lowery had a rough night

    8. Can Strickland (27) make it as a nickel ? For the last roster spot Batman (31) versus Drew “toast” Coleman (30)

    All three of these guys made play, Coleman
    horrendous in run support

    9. Do safeties Fitzhugh (37)Emanual Cook (38) or CB Marquice Cole ( 34) show enough for a spot on the practice squad ?

    Cook had a couple of nice hits, someone
    missed a tackle, Inconclusive, like Cole
    on PS

    10. The battle of two inconsistant punters, TJ Conley (9) versus the sup par veteran Reggie Hodges (5)

    Early, edge to Reggie

    11. The Jets have cut WR’s Whittaker and Urrutia, the two big guys, need to see the winner of that competition, Marcus Henry (14), need to see what Marcus can do ?

    Henry did not get much of a chance to play
    Clowney’s coronation, and Davis ascension
    not good news

    12. The Jets have not determined their speed guy, contenders, David Clowney ( with Coles old number 87), new guy Aundrae Allison (88) and Paul Raymond (2)... I have trashed Clowney unmercifully, as Parcell used to say, I go by what I see, I hope I’m dead wrong .. Come on David..

    Wrong,Clowney is not a complete receiver
    but the man can run a GO route, David is King
    once again of the preseason.

    13. Britt Davis WR is a UNDFA (17)needs a strong showing in the next couple of games to make the 53, Practice Squad is a lock.

    A chance to make the 53

    14. Hold your breath Turner (75) replaces Mangold, Hunter (78) replaces Woody, and I’m guessing Stanley Daniels (64)will replace Faneca, We are going to have a first hand look at our Offensive Line depth.

    Hunter’s miss caused the Clemens fumble, Daniels
    whiff caused Clemens to shrugg off DL and run for
    two yards,didn’t run the ball between the tackles
    a little concern

    15. Who replaces Turner at Center ? I fear for the backs if Michael Parenton ( 56 )subs for Turner, someone will get killed, lets see if the jets have another Alternative ? Lets see how much playing time sixth round pick Matt Slauson OG gets.

    Actually Parenton did fine , what do I know,
    Slauson may not make it

    16. Kareem Brown (84) my guy at TE versus the very versitile Jack Simmons (46). if Jet Qb’s get time Jack is going to have a great night..

    KB looked good, Simmons ineffective, couldn’t
    seal the edge.

    17. Big game for Eric Ainge ( 10 Pennington’s old number), could be heir apparent to the number two job next year. Harvard rather Pizzotti (19) will he show enough for the Practice squad ?

    Eric throws a great ball, teams are looking at this
    guy. A tradeable commodity, I would take a Fourth.

    18. Will Jehuu Caulcrick (39) FB block well enough ? Great inside runner, could be a receiving threat, but he needs to block,FB Brock Christopher blocks better (although he is 32 he ain’t Jim Brown), is versitile as a LB and Long Snapper, will he show enough yo get on the practice squad ( please consider LS James Dearths back problems)...

    The battle is on, Christopher could be a lock
    for PS

    19. Little Danny Woodhead RB (22) is he for real ? Can a great performance put pressure on Leon to Sign ?




  5. Joe b

    JetOrange This is a quote from Ryan about Clowney…He liked David Clowney’s three catches for 102 yards and a TD. (Clowney now has 11 pro catches in preseason and regular season combined for a 31.5-yard per-catch average.) “We saw that speed,” said Rex. “I guess they should’ve read the bio.”...He failed to say he only has one regular season catch. I still am not sold on this guy. He blew by a 3rd stringer for the TD. And on the first catch he showed no seperation. The ball was placed in a very good spot, but it also could have been knocked down or intercepted. Can’t knock the teams performance, they were playing without 4 All-Pro players. Next week we should see more of the starters and it will be a better look at our future. Maybe 5 series for both QBs and we will see what Clowney can do against a 1st team D. Wasn’t impressed with Ghoston either. He just throws himself against the OL no use of his hands for seperation. Too much of this game was played by backups to really get a grasp on the game. On another note..There are Black-Out restrictions in the NFL. Games must be SOLD OUT by Thursday to be telivised in local areas. Does anybody know if the J*E*T*S are sold out for the season.

  6. David

    Gholston still qualifies as the bust I always thought he would be, when they originally picked him. I hated that pick, but I’m still holding out hope that Rex is right and I am wrong.

    Clowney continues to show he can do it in a game, He wasn’t given much of a chance in the regular season last year. If he continues to produce in preseason games, I’m hoping he will get the chance to show if he can carry it over to the regular season this year.

    I’m not too worried about the running game on offense yet. Let’s not forget they were playing without three starters on the offensive line. If they had to go into the season without those guys, we would have serious cause for concern, but hopefully that isn’t going to happen.

  7. Erik Sec.309

    The big show (besides the QB battle of course) over the next 3 games will be to see if Gholston can play.

  8. JetOrange

    Eric Sec.309:

    When the bulletts start flying for real , maybe Murrell, will replace Gholston. Last year , Trusnick played ILB, whrn they shifted Westerman inside, they pushed Trusnick outside, Trusnick got a 1/2 sack last night, the Jets have a couple of backup plans in place.

  9. Daily Links: It Ain’t All Bad | JetsVine

    [...] Jane shares this juicy Sanchez tidbit:”First play, what an idiot.” [...]

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