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Mike DeVito coming up


The odds are stacked against the NFL undrafted free agent. And that’s he way it was for Mike DeVito when he came to the Jets in 2007. He was from Maine, which yielded some good players but was hardly a Nebraska or USC. The defensive end had been a Jets fan growing up in a family he describes as working class and identified with the firefighters and cops that made up the Jets’ base.

Now, DeVito wears his own No. 70 on his green Jets jersey and this season that number should get called quite a bit. DeVito has been studying to fill in for Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis and Marques Douglas along the D Line. Those are big shoes, but DeVito is ready.


“They want me to know all three of the front D Line positions so I can be that rotation guy,” DeVito said. “That’s the guy I want to be.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan said he has a lot of confidence in DeVito, and that the 6-foot-3, 305-pound end is going to see his role expanded this year.

“It absolutely is,” Ryan said. ”He’s a tremendous talent, a big strong guy. He’s smart, tough and dependable. That goes a long way in this league and he’s talented and young on top of that. Those are guys that can really help you whether he’s starting, whether he’s in a platoon situation or in a backup role I’m not sure yet. That will all be determined.

“Clearly, he’s definitely in our plans. We’ve got big plans for him.”


Last season, DeVito played in all 16 games and had 28 tackles. Given that Jenkins has been injured and will miss tonight’s game, and Ellis is suspended for the first game of the regular season due to last year’s arrest for marijuana possession, DeVito should have plenty of opportunities to tackle this season, starting when the Jets host the Rams in the first preseason game.

“This camp I just feel like I’m getting so much better,” DeVito said. “The stuff that were doing the drills, everything is applicable to what I’m going to be doing on the field. I feel like I’m getting so much better learning so much I’m just so excited to put it to the test.”


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13 Responses to “Mike DeVito coming up”

  1. JetOrange

    Okay tommorow night we begin, what are the things you will be looking at ?
    Well these are the things I want to see: A GAME OF TWENTY QUESTIONS
    1. Can we run the Ball, and stop the run?
    2. Can Ropati Pitoitua DE (79) secure a roster spot, this guy is 6’8 is a DE modeled after Richard Seymour, second year experiment, Jets desparate for DL Depth.Maybe, Zach Potter (98) UNDFA Nebraska.
    3. Mike DeVito DE/NT (70), how effective ? where will he play?
    4. Vernon Gholston (50)is Rex giving us a lot of Green kool Aid, or Has Vernon improved. Will he play with his hand in the dirt, or as a true 3-4 LB ?
    5. Looking for Westerman (55) and Cummings (54) to make plays..
    6. Who is better at NT, Green (95) or Pouha (91) ?
    7. With Revis out , who is Better ? Sheppard (26) or Lowery (21) ?
    8. Can Strickland (27) make it as a nickel ? For the last roster spot Batman (31) versus Drew “toast” Coleman (30)
    9. Do safeties Fitzhugh (37)Emanual Cook (38) or CB Marquice Cole ( 34) show enough for a spot on the practice squad ?
    10. The battle of two inconsistant punters, TJ Conley (9) versus the sup par veteran Reggie Hodges (5)
    11. The Jets have cut WR’s Whittaker and Urrutia, the two big guys, need to see the winner of that competition, Marcus Henry (14), need to see what Marcus can do ?
    12. The Jets have not determined their speed guy, contenders, David Clowney ( with Coles old number 87), new guy Aundrae Allison (88) and Paul Raymond (2)... I have trashed Clowney unmercifully, as Parcell used to say, I go by what I see, I hope I’m dead wrong .. Come on David..
    13. Britt Davis WR is a UNDFA (17)needs a strong showing in the next couple of games to make the 53, Practice Squad is a lock.
    14. Hold your breath Turner (75) replaces Mangold, Hunter (78) replaces Woody, and I’m guessing Stanley Daniels (64)will replace Faneca, We are going to have a first hand look at our Offensive Line depth.
    15. Who replaces Turner at Center ? I fear for the backs if Michael Parenton ( 56 )subs for Turner, someone will get killed, lets see if the jets have another Alternative ? Lets see how much playing time sixth round pick Matt Slauson OG gets.
    16. Kareem Brown (84) my guy at TE versus the very versitile Jack Simmons (46). if Jet Qb’s get time Jack is going to have a great night..
    17. Big game for Eric Ainge ( 10 Pennington’s old number), could be heir apparent to the number two job next year. Harvard rather Pizzotti (19) will he show enough for the Practice squad ?
    18. Will Jehuu Caulcrick (39) FB block well enough ? Great inside runner, could be a receiving threat, but he needs to block,FB Brock Christopher blocks better (although he is 32 he ain’t Jim Brown), is versitile as a LB and Long Snapper, will he show enough yo get on the practice squad ( please consider LS James Dearths back problems)...
    19. Little Danny Woodhead RB (22) is he for real ? Can a great performance put pressure on Leon to Sign ?


  2. JetOrange

    Vick signa a two year deal with the Eagles. Backs up McNabb, Philly fans can be rough…

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  4. Joe b

    This game may be very hard to watch from an offensive point. Brick is the only starting OL, so don’t expect too much from the offense. The OL has not really practice together and I don’t think Ryan want to risk another injury so Brick will be out earlier than usual. The makeshift line will be going up against the Rams 1st team D immediately. Against the 2nd & 3rd teams there may be some production. But that is where we were fooled by big plays last year. The defense may be the most enjoyable part of the game. Many backups have a good chance to make an impression. Watch VG, Cummings & Murrell at LB and DLs Pitoitua, Douglas and Potter. On offense watch TEs Brock, Bullock, Simmons and Brown RBs Greene, Caulcruck and Woodhead and WRs Henry and Davis. However, don’t put too much stock in to what you see. It could be Deja vu all over again.

  5. JetOrange

    Couple of interesting things about Mike DeVito. He was a High School Tight End, (Kindly Note I am a self confessed Kareem Brown fanatic). I think it is important to note That the majority of Mike’s career at Maine was at NT, where he was dominant and showed significant ability at rushing the passer from the NT position. Finally, Mike earned the title of NYJ Squat champion last year, a testament to his work out dedication. If you believe in Pina Colada’s and strong legs to hold the point of attack at either the NT or DE position, then Devito is your man…

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  7. Colour1

    Holy Joe Namath web-site is very cool if any of you haven’t checked it out.
    Jane, did you get out to “LI” for the last practice???
    This is it guy’s and gal’s it’s put up or shut-up time, all the “nice nice” stuff goes out the window. I’m taking Clemens!
    “JetOrange” no body takes better notes than you!!!

  8. JetOrange

    Colour1 :
    Thank you for your kind remarks, but I have to ask.
    Joe B cautions quite correctly that you can’t jump to early conclusions, but he is keeping a close eye on this TE situation, and taking note of Vernons contribution on defense..

  9. Joe b

    I have mixed emotions about tonight. I really don’t expect too much. I figure this game will go somewhat like preseason game 4. Mostly backups getting the bulk of the play. He doesn’t want either of his QBs getting hurt with that makeshift line. Figure 2 or 3 series for each depending on how they look. Second half will be a yawner. OL should be backups backups. We will also see some of his projects. Don’t think I will put too much emphasis on tonight. Next 2 weeks should be a preview of what he wants to do. Enjoy tonight. but we can’t take too much out of it. Good or bad.

  10. Colour1

    “T” Rex can’t be happy??? thank you JetOrange!! I wasn’t impressed???
    Very FLAT!
    We need a POWER Back!

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