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View from Cortland


Not mine this time, but JetOrange’s. The poster was in Cortland yesterday and made some pretty keen observations on the comments section of the Shaun Ellis post if you didn’t see them, and I’m going to take the time to amplify a few.

Sanchez vs. Clemens: Mark Sanchez looked great when I was up there for the Green & White scrimmage, but has been mediocre since. The problem with that is that is that Kellen Clemens hasn’t bumrushed him. One of the QBs needs to start looking good enough consistently to give the Jets the person they need in that position.

This isn’t something to take lightly. The first preseason game of the year is this Friday against the Rams and the Jets need Clemens or Sanchez to start inspiring confidence that they can lead this team.

Chansi Stuckey is the No. 2 receiver: He’s reliable. Stuckey isn’t flashy or as fast as David Clowney, but he’s got the No. 2 spot right now. If Sanchez wins the starting job there will be plenty of room for Wallace Wright.

Britt Davis is the secret receiver that Jets coach Rex Ryan mentioned just before camp started. He’s great in practice but froze in the G&W scrimmage.

If these observations leave you unsatisfied, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen will be at Hofstra on Wednesday to add some more. That practice—billed as Family Night on the former Jets training camp site—starts at 5:45 p.m.

Rich Cimini of The Daily News had an excellent story today on safety Kerry Rhodes being disatisfied with his role in the backfield last season under Eric Mangini.

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3 Responses to “View from Cortland”

  1. JetOrange

    Jane , thanks for the props.
    The reason I’m so down on Clowney, is that I was hoping that is deep speed, would liberate this offense. In the tradition of Don Maynard and Wesley Walker, Clowney could have made the Jet offense dangerous.Looking back it may have been Ratliff, that made Clowney, those two bombs in the Cleveland exhibition of last year were the only thing David has ever done. My negative feelings toward DC also stem from his giving up on route, a mortal sin for a receiver, leads to a lot of interceptions and pick sixs.
    Further observations from Cortland.
    1. Mangold looked relaxed and happy on the bike, so the knee isn’t that bad.
    2.Turner subbed for Nick Mangold, everything looked very smooth…
    3. The Hunter experiment,uses the same philosophy that I have in car and home repair, use a bigger Hammer.
    4. Marquice Coles reserve CB was picked on unmercifully, Rex talked about big guys being covered ( Marcus Henry) and still making the play, Coles ended practice with a great knockdown, and on the last play of practice was a nice pick.

  2. Joe b

    JetOrange…How can you even mention Clowney in the same sentence as Maynard and Walker. This guy has done absolutely nothing but twitter. There is not a single starting receiver in J*E*T history to compare him with. One catch, one catch that’s it. Please no more about this guy. He hasn’t proven anything.

  3. Les Wiens

    I must say this is the third time I have read your blog and I am diggin it! I added your blog to my rss reader. Cant wait to see more posts!

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