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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Ellis to face possible suspension


Although Shaun Ellis faced undisclosed reprocussions from the Jets when he was arrested with marijuana last November, he told reporters today he could be suspended by the NFL for the first Jets game of the season.

Calvin Pace will also sit for the first four Jets games due to a violation of the NFL’s banned substances policy.

It’s too early to panic (How’s the leg/back Kris Jenkins?) but a great defense needs its players, especially early in the season.

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10 Responses to “Ellis to face possible suspension”

  1. Brad

    Jane: Can you get the web guys to take Woodhead off of the QB poll. It was kind of funny for almost a whole day. Thanks!

  2. Jane McManus

    You know what Brad? I agree with you. Gone.

  3. Colour1

    Loved your write-up on the Wiffle-ball tourny!! in “TJN” Sunday!! Brought me back to the “Got’m-don’t-got’m days too!!!

  4. JetOrange

    Spent the day in Cortland yesterday,
    Impressions and observations:
    1. The people and businesses of Cortland support Jet Camp, big time.
    2. Stuckey showed yesterday that he is clearly the Number two receiver.
    3. Clowney isn’t going to make this team, can’t get separation, poor route running. Worked as a gunner on specials, completely lame. Very disappointed, he’s history.
    4. Britt Davis on the other hand is a player, can’t understand the lack of BUZZ for this guy.
    5. I think Wallace Wright was on the stationary bike, what’s up with that ?
    6. Brad Smith was passing from punt formation, as the up back, gotta love it.
    7. Allison shows speed, Whitaker flashed, Raymond is okay but so small, if the Jets needed a punt returner , he might have a chance…
    8. Marcus Henry was the second best Receiver on the field today, looks outstanding.
    9. the Jets will keep six Wide receivers, if it is based on merit, these are the guys they keep
    1. Cotchery
    3. Wallace Wright
    4.Brad Smith
    5. Marcus Henry
    6. Britt Davis
    Allison and Whittaker just miss
    9. Devlin works the TE’s hard, they put Keller all over the field.
    10. Wayne Hunter is for real as a TE, is a differance maker in the run game. The guy can run a ten yard out, hands are not bad. The guy is a force.
    11. Bullock as a great upside a real athlete but Simmons is way ahead of him. Simmons all over the field makes plays.
    12.I Love Kareem Browne, but I have a concern, however, Hunter and Browne played together, in a double TE set up, think about it.
    13. Shonne Greene is the real deal, he looks better than Jones already.
    14. Leon looks very smooth, catches punts better than ever,looked outstanding as a receiver, they are trying to send Washington deep on pass plays, exciting.
    15. Cristopher Brock is a LB, is playing FB, does a little long snapping, Better blocker than Caulcrick. Concerned over Jehru, but shows flashes as a receiver, and runs the ball well from the FB position , but the guy has gotta block.
    16. Clemens versus Sanchez, both need confidence and work, performance underwelming

  5. Erik Sec.309


    The Jets should hire you as a scout…..That is what I call detailed analysis!

    I have heard a good amount of negative about Clowney, but lets see what he does in a game situation.

  6. Joe b

    Erik…Clowney will probably do the same thing he did last year. Look great against the 3rd teamers. He only has one regular season reception in two years. Why do you think he never played. Never impressed during regular season. Even when some of the starters were injured he didn’t play. Two years and he has only done one good thing and everybody thought he was the next Jerry Rice.

  7. Erik Sec.309

    Just give him some run with the 1st squad and if he can’t do it, release him.

  8. View from Cortland | Jets Journal

    [...] Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets. « Ellis to face possible suspension [...]

  9. Brad

    Jane, can I take back my comment? 8^)

    From Randy Lange’s blog on 8/11:
    “Once practice is over, Sanchez and Clemens engage in another friendly competition, this time each trying to throw a football off of the crossbar from 35 yards. The two QBs are missing just low with their first several throws.

    Then RB Danny Woodhead walks over, picks up a loose ball, throws — and clanks the pigskin off the crossbar. “You gotta do what you gotta do,” Woodhead says with his Happy Gilmore smile as he picks up his rack and heads for the locker room.”

  10. Alex


    That is hilarious! Life is like that, isn’t it?!

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