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Leon isn’t happy


Last night when Rex Ryan went though bed check the first night of Jets training camp, he spied Leon Washington studying his playbook.

“He said “hey coach,” with a big smile on his face,” Ryan said. “Obviously, I’m sure he’d like to have another deal done, but Leon’s here and is where he should be – with his teammates.”

Leon Washington spoke today from Jets camp, where he arrived a day late after it was clear that the Jets and his agent Alvin Keels have reached an impass when it comes to a contract extention. Washington played hard, but isn’t happy that the Jets haven’t offered more money in light of three solid years with the team.

And he’s not confident that anything will get done this year.

“No, I’m not confident,” Washington said. “I don’t feel confident that something will get done. It kind of hurts me a little bit because I’ve been here three years busting my tail off. I’ve played hard for the organization and for me not to get rewarded or for me to be put in some type of situation, I’m not going to back down. What I am happy about is that I can still play football.”

Washington said he stands to make $535,000 this season. The Jets have said that they are hesitating to renegotiate in light of an upcoming CBA renegotiation.

“They have their leverage and we have our leverage,” Washington said. “Whatever cards they want to play, whatever leverage they have, I am sure that it is a business. They are going to try to use that to their advantage and, for me, I can use my leverage. But at the end of the day, they make the calls, they write the checks. So it is important for me to come out here. I have a family and I have to feed them. It is important for me to play football.”

Although he said he came to camp because he thought nothing could be gained from it at this time, Washington held out the possibility that he could hold out later in training camp.

“I’m not going to say. I am going to let the situation play out,” Washington said. “I don’t want to say anything and don’t do it or say something that I am going to do and not do that. I’m going to let the situation play out. Hopefully the organization feels the way I feel. I want to be a Jet and get the deal done.”

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11 Responses to “Leon isn’t happy”

  1. Erik Sec.309

    Pay this guy. The organization screwed up badly with Kendal and Chris Baker. We can’t afford to lose this guy.

  2. David

    He’s under contract, but he is definitely undervalued and has reason to be worried. Tannenbaum has proven, time and time again, that he must be a direct descendant of the guy who bought Manhattan for a string of beads. History has shown that he does not bargain in good faith, unless he absolutely has too.

  3. JetOrange

    Eric :

    You are correct and I am with you, pay the guy. But I think it is also important for Management to be responsible. If Kheels is firm at 6 million a year, I want Tannenbaum to stand firm. Let Leon hold out , fine him, and I will even consider trading him to 28 other teams, but don’t cave. If Leon is truly cares about his family, he needs to weigh their immediate financial security, against a game that is violent, derails careers immediatly, and can end on the next play.
    Leon should be paid, 4million with incentives is fair. IMHO Leon is a victim of Alvin Kheels ambition to be the next super agent..

    PS Eric, the Jets did screw up the Kendall deal, but Im of the opinion that Tannenbaum handled the Baker issue correctly.

  4. JayM

    Jane can you ask LW how much money is is asking for? I would like to know if the $6 mil number is correct. tia

  5. Leon to Reporter: “I Have No Confidence in a Deal Getting Done” | JetsVine

    [...] 2: Jane McManus goes into more detail on her blog, as Leon reserves his right to hold out at a later date and talks about leverage and [...]

  6. JetOrange

    JayM makes an interesting point. Leon could really tip public perception,if he is asking for a reasonable amount of money…

  7. Erik Sec.309

    A fair point on the actual value of Leon…..4 – 5 million sounds fair. Baker was a better TE than most ever gave him credit for. I’m going to the NE game (week 2) and I have a feeling he will make some good plays in his home.

    He blocks and for the most part, caught most of the balls that were thrown his way. He was underutilized during his years here. Tannenbaum most definetly made a mistake letting him go.

  8. JetOrange

    The thing that supports your arguement on Baker, Is that the the Patriots brought him in at about 2.7 ( about a 10% reduction) a week after the Jets released him. The Patriots don’t make a lot of mistakes.
    Baker was an adequate run blocker, had superb hands. Where he was lacking was as a deep threat, pass blocking ( gave up three sacks last year), and his lack of ability to run after the catch. Schott decided that the TE was the fifth read, therefore management, is trying to replace the 3 million a year Baker, with a better blocking ( Run and Pass), Tight End for 500,000.

  9. Erik Sec.309

    Where is the better blocking TE?

  10. JetOrange

    Richard Owens( think Becht) 6’4 270, Kareem Browne, and even possibly Jack Simmons…. Speaking of TE’s, Bullock certainly passes the Eye test, he has made some great catches, He is lock on August 1st to make the Practice Squad

  11. Erik Sec.309

    I’ll take your word for it. Sounds like you’ve seen these guys up close.

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