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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

I’m back!


Yes, my imposed absence is done and I have learned never to use the word “loan” as a headline. And I will include mortage, work-from-home, clearance sale, Pay Pal and Nigerian Bank in that category as well.

I don’t have any recent practice pix, so I thought I’d add my friend Jenni’s Vizsla, Ruben, since he’s really cute and I saw him on my trip to Nebraska.

Since I was gone, David Clowney had a flight canceled, Jay Feely said fatherhood was the most important role he had to play and Leon Washington’s agent Alvin Keels implored everyone to finish the day strong.

The one big question is wide receiver, since Plaxico Burress may be on the market. As it stands, he could likely be penalized by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is pretty heavy with the discipline. If the court schedule and commish allow Burress to play, he would immediately upgrade that position.

Although Wallace Wright, Brad Smith, Chansi Stuckey and Clowney have looked good at times during the optional workouts and camp, Burress is the kind of wide that takes a team to the Super Bowl. It’s a matter of how much baggage the Jets are willing to risk.

He was fined some crazy number of times by the Giants for being late and other transgressions. Is that a chemistry killer? Or is the risk worth the reward. This could be a very real question for the Jets, so what would you do if you’re Mike Tannenbaum?

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9 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Nep Oznat

    If I were Tannenbaum I’d not even consider getting Plaxico.
    He’s always been a problem in the locker room and would cause dissension on the Jets as well, he’s hurt all the time, and he’ll end up suspended for part or all of the season anyway, after which he’ll go to jail. Why even THINK about this jerk?

    Don’t sell your soul, Mike! With that D, that OL, that running game, and with Jericho & Keller catching balls who needs him?

  2. Alex


    As Rutger Hauer says with crazed eyes as he crashes his head through the wall in BLADE RUNNER, “That’s the spirit!” All kidding aside, I agree with you, though I still think the Jets should keep their eyes open for any Anquan Boldins that may shake loose between now and September.

  3. IRA

    Jane, Plax was late for his court hearing last week. That tells you all you need to know. I wouldn’t sign this guy. It would be another big mistake just like bringing in Favre was.

  4. Colour1

    with a new QB the last thing is an INFECTION!!! Let him and Vick play with each other! we’ll see how many people want to play with those two!??? To me the Jets have always been a CLASS act! starting with Joe-Willie! This is just wrong to even think that this thug would want to turn his life around??? Whats the saying??? Can’t make a whore into a housewife??? He’s what the correction’s guys call: “A life’er” someone who will get into trouble for life!
    Did OJ learn his lesson??? Once a thug always a thug!
    Welcome back ! Happy Fathers day!
    not to late for that???

  5. joe b

    I think the guy is a slacker. However he is better than anything we have right now. Every team in our division has this type of player. We didn’t want Joey Porter (Miami), we didn’t want Randy Moss (NE)and we didn’t wanr TO (Buffalo). Offensively we have very few weapons and none with his talents. Like I stated early I think he is a slacker, but we need his kind of talent.

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  7. Dan


    Was a big mistake like bringing in whom????

    Favre was not a mistake,it was a gamble and the gamble did not work out.Comparing Plax’s situation to Favre is a stretch….

  8. Colour1

    I’ll say it again!!
    Favre was here for one reason and one reason only so if you Brent Favre fans out there are reading this turn off your computer! He was here for a paycheck and thats it! This was the lay-over to Minnie!! and that ant Minnie mouse boys and girls!!
    Some Jet fans fell hook line and sinker for this run for the championship thing but me??? I not for one felt anything but this man was only here for the money and the warm-up on route to Minnie!!
    I hate it that some Jet fans were taken in for this, I hate it that he took a lot of money for a trip to NYC! and that we could have used that money on up and coming players! As for me I’ll always remember Brent Favre as a BUM!

  9. joe b

    A bum, MAYBE..But I always thought of him as a me first & only guy…Glad he’s gone…NEVER wanted him and posted on that subject regularly.

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