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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Kellen says he’s the one


Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff are getting ready for the optional minicamp next week, and both are ready to get back to football. Now that Jay Cutler is safely with the Bears, the two can focus on the in-house competition. Yesterday after an optional workout at the Florham Park training facility, Clemens said he was ready to take the starting quarterback spot vacated by Brett Favre.

“I’m very confident. It’s my full expectation to be under center opening day,” Clemens said.

Ratliff may not realize just how much we writers love definitive statements like the one Clemens made. Whether it’s Favre saying he expected to make the playoffs or if it’s Joe Namath guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory. Ratliff was a little more subdued when asked if he would be the QB this season.

“That’s my goal,” Ratliff said.


OK, now for the amusing stuff—Clemens found out about the Cutler-to-Bears trade because he got a text from his mother-in-law, that’s right, his mother in law was faster than his agent or his boys. That’s good looking out.


And safety Kerry Rhodes, always good for a laugh, was asked what he learned from last season. “Not to start off good and lose at the end,” Rhodes said.

Updated: RB Leon Washington said he is hopeful the Jets will rework his deal and that both sides are still working on it. … QB Erik Ainge was not at the practice facility again today.

The NFL Network and NFL.com will announce the NFL schedule next Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Lastly, the Jets are doing a Taste of the Jets at 7 p.m. on May 5 at Cipriani’s Wall Street. Tickets are $250 and proceeds will go to combat hunger.

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38 Responses to “Kellen says he’s the one”

  1. Alex

    Go get ‘em, Kellen. If you don’t, I’m going to look pretty fecal around here!

    I could take it, but please don’t make me have to.

  2. joe b

    Jane…I am beginning to worry a little about the upcoming season from stories and comments made on this BLOG. We are putting the season on the line with a QB who threw 5 passes all of last year. A wideout who caught 1 pass in his NFL career. Now we are pondering the thoughts of what a Div II running back is going to do to help this team. Some of us are Brett Ratliffe fans. He hasn’t thrown a single NFL regular season pass. We have the 17th pick in the draft and people are predicting it could be a WR, TE, QB, LB, DE CB or RB. Is there anything positive in our future. We have released a starting QB, TE, WR, CB and LB. We also released our starting RG only to resign him. Luckily before somebody else did. We outright released 4 #1 draft picks since 1995. K.Brady, Pennington, Becht and D=Rob without any compensation. Let James Farrior, Pete Kendall and Jonathan Vilma go with little compensation.. Hopefully Rex Ryan will turn this forsaken program around and we will all live happily ever after.

  3. ErikSec.309

    Can anyone tell me why the Jets would even consider Jason Taylor. He’s 34 and injury prone. Plus, doesn’t seem like he wants to be here any way? Here’s a thought. I heard people saying that we needed help at DE cause Kenyon Coleman is aging. Why don’t we move Ghoulston back there?

  4. Dan

    I wonder if the Jets should pick up Jeff Garcia.His many years and talent in the league would pay big dividends to the Jets if the young QB’s don’t work out as planned…..

  5. ErikSec.309

    Didn’t Garcia just get signed?

  6. Dan

    If he did my mistake..

  7. Alex


    You’re right: Oakland.

  8. David

    Ouch…my condolences to anyone who gets signed by Oakland. I’m really not worried about the QB position, but I’m repeating myself here. If the rest of the team is solid, the QB is going to only have to be a game manager, but I still think these guys have the tools to do a little more than just manage the game. Wait and see…fingers crossed, lest I be part of Alex’s scat show.

    Erik, I agree about Taylor…particularly, when you consider his outspoken disregard for the Jets and their fans. He’s just upset that The Dolphins home crowd typically seems to have more Jets fans, at their home games. The Jets should just instruct the guy to go f*ck himself.

  9. ESD

    Hey Joe B.

    Clear out a space under your couch, cover your eyes and plug your ears.

    Something might happen that you don’t like and at least this way you won’t have to hear about.

    But seriously, what was done in the past is done, NFL teams have to replace starters with “unproven” players.

    That is reality, and if you can’t handle that maybe you should try stuffed animals.

  10. joe b

    ESD…Been following this team since their very first AFL game in 1960. Tried all the remedies and apparantly they don’t work. The Voo-Doo referee doll. The stuffed J*E*T plane. Even went to a palm reader to help me. I have no problem with an unproven player or two. But they are asking an awful lot from these young guns. And after only one championship in 59 years, I can’t help but to be a little of a pessamist. But only the future will tell if I am right or wrong. Where the hell did I put my weejie board?

  11. David

    I used to love the referee with the velcro apendages. I punched that thing into oblivion, during my younger days. To this day, I’m not sure anyone has located the remains….

  12. Erik Sec.309

    I’ve had so many supersticious charms it is crazy. And I’ve only been a fan for the last 23 years…..Being a Jet fan causes you to try and find luck in inadminent objects…..
    A lot of the so-called experts rave about Percy Harvin’s ability to make plays. I need some more buttering up, but maybe I can warm to the guy.

  13. David

    I have to tell you that in my day, I have had a couple of historic hexes. If only I hadn’t been so drunk, I could still recount them for you…

  14. Alex

    I may be the sorriest of the bunch. I’ve never gone to charms or hexes. I just stupidly think-every year-that this is going to be the year. I’ll admit that the exception is the Kotite years, which weren’t as painful for me as for you guys because I was living in Oregon for a few years and barely got to see any games . . . I mean catastrophes. I only got to see the shovel pass fiasco in a still shot in the newspaper.

    I still remember the 10-1 start. I used to buy the paper just to stare at the standings.

  15. Erik Sec.309

    The Jets are apparently trying to sign Miles Austin. This is interesting. He is 6’3” and I think good. Never got a chance to shine with T.O. and Witten taking the spotlight…..I hope they get him.

  16. Colour1

    Happy Easter Jane!
    also to all of you crazy Jet fans!
    Going to need a lot of prayers this season with all of the unanswered questions ahead!!!

  17. David

    Oregon…wow. I drove through their once. I recall some beautiful countryside. I have a good friend in Portland that I haven’t seen in years, but still keep in touch with. What were you doing out there, Alex? Sorry for digressing on the thread…ha ha, I’m good at that.

  18. David

    meant to say drove through “there” (i hate it when I do that)

  19. joe b

    Colour1..You said prayers…I tried that one many times…Didn’t work…Jesus is not a J*E*T fan!!!!!


    By the time draft day is over we WILL have a new QB & WR. Jason Taylor will never be a JET,He doesn’t deserve to be one.

  21. David

    Hey, I don’t expect anyone to notice this, but as I’m feeling happy tonight, I’m throwing out a link to some music. I’m kind of happy with the brand new song:


    sorry for steering way off topic again, but this thread looks to have quieted, so what the hell.

  22. David

    err…that would be the song at the top of the list…”Calling Time”.

  23. joe b

    Is that a David Bowie cover band?

  24. David

    Oh, you are cruel, Joe. It’s all original and to be honest, while I love Bowie, he isn’t even close to being a primary influence.

  25. David

    I need to take this one tiny step further and tell you, in all honesty, I have never even covered another person’s song, in my entire life. Outside of warming up at the mic with a little Lou Rawls, Ian McCulloch or Jim Morrison. I will admit to once seducing a female by singing Bowie into her ear on a dance floor, but that’s it. Ooh, us thin skinned neurotic musician types should no better than to randomly share their hard work.

    Okay, I’m laughing here. I still love you, Joe…I get what I deserve for posting.

  26. Alex


    Just finished hearing the song you recommended. I have to tell you that I “hear” Morrison only toward the very end. What I “hear” much more is Billy Idol, the way the lyrics are sung, the relative hardness of the guitar work, and even the song’s basic rhythm and feel. That’s not a negative criticism. I think Idol’s music is often unfairly judged and categorized as mere noisy “punk” or overacted video material. Set aside his histrionics and a fair amount of his music and what you’re left with is some solid rock music that, occasionally, is even beautiful. Hope this doesn’t sting you; it’s just the honest opinion of a guy whose music taste heads off much more toward blues as well as Leon Russell, Dave Mason, Traffic, Ten Years After, Santana, etc. We do share a liking for The Doors. Sorry if this post disappoints.

  27. David

    No disappointment, Alex. I thank you for checking it out. Influences and comparisons are inevitable. I do know that Billy Idol and I both shared a similar influence of a guy named Alan Vega, so it’s probably not a stretch. I just do it for myself at the end of the day, but it is still fun to share! :)

  28. David

    PS…have always loved the Doors and can do a really good Morrison impersonation, when the mood strikes. When I’m warming up on a mic, I always love to start singing the changeling.

  29. joe b

    Saw Jim Morrison with Procol Harem at the old FELT FORUM in the Garden . Outstanding concert!!! Saw Van Morrison with a brand new band called Fleetwood Mac at an 11:00 PM show in the Filmore East around 1969-70. Van was so stoned they booed him off the stage. Billy Graham came out apologized and said Van would never play there again. He offered a refund or we could stay and listen to the new band. Fleetwood Mac played until sun came up. One of my best concerts.

  30. Dan

    Best concert.At Varsity stadium Toronto,Canada 69 or 70 in that era.James Taylor,a great looking girl named Linda Ronstadt and a new band called America.Those days my mind was not only going to Carolina.Never thought I would be a Jets fan then.By the way Brett Farve was born in 1969.LOL

  31. Dan

    joe b

    You sound like a true New Yorker.Were you at Central Park
    back in September of ‘81 for the concert of Simon and Garfunkel?

  32. Alex

    Can’t help reminiscing here about the old days. I remember going to see many bands at the New York State Pavilion at Flushing Meadow Park, but an experience similar to Joe’s sticks out. Went to see some flash-in-the-pan band named Rhinoceros and was completely taken by some warmup band I’s never heard of named Santana! And that was pre-Woodstock. Amazing.

    As for drunk-band stories, went to see Rod Stewart (fresh after his leaving Jeff Beck) before he sold out to disco and I thought he was great. Saw him again a year later and he and the entire Faces band were reeling drunk. What a bunch of CRAP! We did not get Fleetwood Mack as compensation. My friends and I had to hitch-hike back to Queens from upstate NY in the middle of the night without the glow of a great concert to keep us happy! Jeff Beck’s TRUTH album is still great after all these decades. That’s when Rod Stewart still had his balls. Some people mistakenly assume he never had any!

    Didn’t realize Dan was as old as the rest of us Jets nuts around here. Sounds as if you really are a Jets fan, not a temporary visitor who just loves Favre. Glad to see it.

  33. joe b

    August 16th of 69 had to make aserious choice. Woodstock, Get married or go see the first ever J*E*T/giant game at the Yale Bowl. Luckilly my future wife knew how important the game was to me. Got married in Feb instead. Then in 1971-72 we went to Florida on vacation and I was driving down some road there and I saw this sign on a bar window.”Delaney & Bonnie Tonite”. Stopped went inside to buy tickets and the bartender told me it was a free concert at 10:00 o’clock. Got there early like 8:00 to be sure to get in. To my delight there were only about 20 people there for the concert. D&B with Dr. John and Billy Cobham. They had a new group who had just released their first single and were being introduced to the public. It was Seales Croft with “Summer Breeze”. We had Burgers & Fries with a mug of coke and a personnel concert for about $12.00. Those were the good old days. Jets, Mets and Knicks were winners. Concerts were about $15-$20 for tickets. And you could go to a nice restaurant for about $20 for you and your date. Retirement is great. But it sucks getting old. Oh, and bridge tolls were .10-.25 CENTS.

  34. David

    Great stuff, Guys…I love reading about these experiences.

  35. Jane McManus

    Me too! Kind of fun to learn more about you than just screen names and favorite draft pick. I wasn’t around in August of 69, but I plan on going to the Broadway revival of Hair this summer!

  36. joe b

    Saw the Original Jane. You gotta see West Side Story and South Pacifice. “There is nothing like a Dame. I’m thinking about changing my name to joe b.en Around!!!!!

  37. Dan

    Sports keep us forever young with the memories that you keep
    and nobody can ever take them away from you.
    In 1980 during the Lake Placid Olympics a friend who had tickets for the gold medal game in hockey,had decided not to go since his Team Canada had been knocked out.With less than 24 yours till game time he offered the tickets to me.I
    took them and offered my brother one ticket.Within hours
    we were to leave.While packing the car my wife informed me that my brother could not go.Since my wife couldn’t go.She
    persuaded me to go alone.She said with my big mouth I would
    meet other people and have a good time.Boy was she right.
    While driving I figured I would arrive about three hours
    before the big game and I would sell my extra ticket.With all the security and caos I arrived at my seat six minutes
    gone in the first preiod.I remember sitting in my seat
    and ended up talking to these six people from California,by the third period you could feel something great was going
    to happen.The last three minutes of that game between Team
    Russia and Team USA was the longest three minutes of my life.The excitement I will never forget and finally when the game ended ( Jesus may not be a Jet fan,but on this day he was a Team USA fan)some people called it a miracle,I don’t know what it was but I never had seen and probably
    never will again a more emotional and exciting day as a sports fan.My plans prior to the game was to head back home
    right after the game.Well I got home three days after the game.Partying for two days with my new six Californian friends will be never forgotten.I promised to keep in touch
    with my new friends but I never did.I still have that extra ticket and it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

  38. David

    Beuatiful story, Dan. God knows I’ve had some memorable road trips in my day. Long live the great American Roadtrip!

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