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Cowher backs out


This just in, Bill Cowher is no longer in the running to be the Jets head coach.

The Jets released this…

“After reaching out to coach Cowher’s representatives, we were informed tonight that he is not a candidate for the position,” said team spokesperson Bruce Speight.

Many Jets fans had been hoping for Cowher, 51, a proven winner in 15 seasons with the Steelers. He has another year left on a contract with CBS, where he serves as a football analyst, but could consider an early return to coaching for the right position. There was a report early yesterday that wherever he went, Cowher wanted to bring in his own personnel director.

That could have been a dealbreaker, since Johnson had said on Monday that he didn’t consider firing Tannenbaum along with coach Eric Mangini after the 1-4 season-ending slide. Tannenbaum brought in roughly $154 million in free agents during the last offseason, and the class yielded three Pro Bowl players in NT Kris Jenkins, LG Alan Faneca and QB Brett Favre.

“We’re under the impression that he does does not need total control over personnel,” a the source said when a meeting was still on the table.

Johnson said that he does not believe one person can serve as a coach and GM, and the source reiterated the owner’s intent to have two people in those roles.

“Any head coach would have to fit in that structure,” the source said.

Cowher could address the situation on Sunday during the CBS wild card pregame show.

Two candidates on the current coaching staff who will also interview for the Jets head spot are offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and assistant offensive coach Bill Callahan, the former Nebraska coach who worked primarily with the offensive line. Marty Schottenheimer, Miami’s Bill Parcells and Patriots coordinator Josh McDaniels are not yet on the short list.

Mike Shanahan was fired by Denver yesterday as well, and could affect the coaching carousel by becoming a candidate for an open spot, or allowing the Broncos to snare one of the coveted coaching prospects.

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10 Responses to “Cowher backs out”

  1. Alex



  2. David

    Well we knew it was a longshot, but everything after Cowher looks a bit like fuzzy math.

    This snippet from Brian Costello, at the Post, perfectly illustrates why I say the Jets have “QB Conundrum”:

    “A source familiar with Cowher’s thinking said before last night’s decision came down that the former Steelers boss would have to receive assurances from the Jets that Favre was no longer in the picture before agreeing to take control.

    ‘There’s no way he’s taking Brett Favre as his quarterback,’ said one person close to Cowher.”

  3. G-Men!!!

    geez that wasnt predictable. get used to it, everybody’s gonna be turning down this job. nobody wants to coach a team that favre is holding hostage.

    this was funny:

    “I would like to think that Jet fans have more class than you. We wouldn’t go on to another team’s blog and talk smack just because our team was doing well. ”

    where u gonna drop smak, the lion’s blog?

  4. Erik Sec.309


    Keep on blogging. You show how much of a loser you are every day. I’m sure most of the people on the Giants blog are sick of you also.

    “where u gonna drop smak” – OOOOh you sound hardcore.

  5. Erik Sec.309

    Unacceptable if we lost Cowher because of Tannenbaum.

  6. Dan


    Is it time to make up storys? Close person to Cowher says he will not take Brett as QB!!!Cowher would never and did not say anything close to that.Cowher has mentioned that he would take Brett with one arm over 90% of todays QB’s.So making statements of complete BS David is so wrong.Mangini is the one to blame,not Farve.I think Jets are better off without Cowher!In the 15 years with Pittsburg he won one big game,can’t you remember him choking year after year.That last game saved Cowher career.If he lost that game
    he would of been let go and remembered as another choker.
    Cowher wants to run the show,he had enough trouble coaching his team.The money he would want and the power is not worth it.Give Brett a offensive coach and the Jets will be saying
    Johnny who!

  7. Dan


    Last year after game 6 you and those famous Giants fans wanted Eli and the coach driven out of town.After a fluke
    Super Bowl,you think the Giants are a great team.The team is falling apart and will not have another ring this year.

  8. David


    I’m not making up anything. That’s a quote from Brian Costello, so if you want to question the validity of his source then have at it. It’s not so far fetched to me. Do you honestly think Cowher would say anything bad about Favre on national TV? Give me a break. Just because he respects Brett’s body of work throughout his career, doesn’t mean he wants to be saddled with the uncertainty of of the Favre situation going into a new position. Brett could start out hot next year, but recent history suggests his body will not hold up over the latter half of a season.

  9. joe b

    Jane…What draft pick do we lose for the Favre trade. And what draft pickd do we receive for the Vilma & Robertson trades.

  10. charleyjet

    No respectable experienced HC will come here because he has to take Mr. T, yes man for the fool owner, and Favre, Woody’s man-crush. Cowher lost no time in saying thanks but not thanks to that.

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