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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Delayed Arrival


I’ve been silent. As the lone chick on the Jets beat, in my first year, I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. But I’m a loudmouth, so here goes.

Not a fan of the Flight Crew concept.

flightcrew.jpgI don’t like the banner-waving, lady lump-shaking gals in their designer uniforms, which seem to evoke what men’s wear would look like if it was mostly white underwear bursting out of it.

I may be cynical, but the Jets are coming off a huge problem at Gate D, where boozy men respectfully requested that young women lift up their tops. Maybe it wasn’t so polite. Whatever, the story didn’t make the franchise look great.

As a matter of fact, the Jets made a big deal of announcing they had added security to Gate D and that any fan could text security if there was a problem there. The NFL cracked down on revelry as well, changing the rules about revoking tickets for bad behavior and reducing the hours for tailgating.

So this year, the Jets close down Gate D to the Mardi Gras parade — but hey look at that! Nobody has to get out of their seats to see what looks like women with bras popping out of their cutoff vests! And white ruffles under their abbreviated hotpants! It’s right there on the massive jumbotron. What a relief!

Clearly, the Jets noted a need and addressed it. Except that even the people who wouldn’t have sidled over to Gate D during halftime are now subjected to it, too.

It’s not l that I don’t appreciate suggestive grinding, etc. but what I do in my own home is my business! (That’s a joke there, to show I’m not a prude.) But it’s all about the context. I’m sure there are plenty of ticketholders who really, really enjoy the crew. There are even some of my colleagues who get a little glassy-eyed when they walk by. OK, one colleague, but hey, we’re all human.

Although another colleague pointed out that only two of the women on the crew are African-American.

If people buy tickets to the Jets, they are getting them for a football game, and not some gourmet dining, fireworks, entertainment extravaganza.

As long as I can see the scoreboard, the game and the instant replay, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Then I can go home and watch MTV.

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2008 at 1:48 pm by Jane McManus. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
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40 Responses to “Delayed Arrival”

  1. Brett Favre

    lol, go back to covering womens volleyball McAnus.

  2. Jane McManus

    Ouch! Please keep your insults clean…

  3. joe b

    Jane…What is this thread coming to? Nick & Brick Cooking and Cheerleading bashing? Aren’t there any interesting stories about the JETS/BILLS game Sunday. And I agree with you on the Cheerleaders. Bring back the little motorized jet. But why make a comment, especially since it wasn’t yours, “Although another colleague pointed out that only two of the women on the crew are African-American.”

  4. pg

    Ok, Brett, a couple things:

    – There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of insulting language.
    – What a BIG MAN you are, insulting a female writer while hiding behind a pseudonym!

  5. joe

    “Although another colleague pointed out that only two of the women on the crew are African-American.”

    What the heck does this sentence mean? I mean, in addition to it grammatically not making any sense just being stuck as its own paragraph and beginning with a conjunction, it also has no bearing on what you actually writing about. Is your beef with the objectification of women as cheerleaders, or are you also complaining that whoever is in charge of the squad is a racist? With african americans representing %12.6 of the US population, is 2 out of 23 not pretty spot on with representing what our country’s racial makeup is?

    Does anyone really take you that seriously as a sports writer? Maybe you should forget about being a “female beat writer” and concentrate on just being a writer, oh, and buy yourself a grammar school english textbook while you are at it.

  6. miloslav Mecir

    joe – why not actually consider the point, instead of the grammar.

    Let me clarify-
    Blacks constitute 12% of the nations population.
    However, 17% of New York’s population, ergo(that means therefore, Joe)
    one would expect a team from a very diverse location to be more diverse, no?

    This appears to be a sore point with you, Perhaps you should just get a subscription to all the Dallas games, to watch their cheerleaders.

    Or are you interested in football?

  7. Jonathan Swift

    It would appear that the only difference between the NHL, MLB, and NFL…is that two of those sports don’t have cheerleaders and one does.
    The one that does has MUCH higher ratings(although the TV is NEVER on the cheerleaders.


    The TV is not on them. In the stadium of 70,000 you can’t see them if you sit up more than 20 rows..
    What is the point? Does every season ticket holder get a signed DVD of their best routines?

  8. joe


    so there should be 3.9 african americans on the squad, so they are 1.9 short. Yeah, clearly someone involved with the Jets organization is a racist, lol. I would still stick to my national umbers since most people who are exposed to the cheerleaders would be through TV which is broadcast to other parts of the country outside of NY. But if we “consider the point” as you suggest, isn’t the point of this article about the jets having cheerleaders and NOT the jets having too few black cheerleaders? That is what it seemed like to me, and I was criticizing the comment being tossed in there out of nowhere, which is why I was criticizing her use of grammar just for the sake of getting this stupid point in there.

    And as the question of me being interested in football, I am not the sports writer who actually wrote this idiotic article, I am the sports fan who came here to read about sports and instead was presented this.

    But nice try milosivic, lol

  9. David

    Well, I kind of like the flight crew, but hey, I like Jane too. Thanks for blogging Jets and way to take it on the chin, with that first comment.

  10. Islander505

    Dear Jane…

    In reference to your column about the Flight Crew, please answer the following questions..(and out of respect to your outlandish racial bias claim, I will keep the questions as Rainbow Coalitioned as I can).
    And I ask these questions based on the fact that you are a heterosexual female. Even though I don’t know you, I have never met you, and I could be wrong. Please accept that I am merely ASSUMING that you are.

    1/Have you ever gazed (either on TV or at a game)at Tony Romo or Matt Leinart and said to yourself….”Hmmm, I could make that work”?
    2/Have you ever caught a glimpse of the chiseled upper body of an Osi Ueminyora or a Jason Tuck and thought to yourself …”WOW”?
    3/Have you ever had a camera angle that was fixed on Tony Gonzalez and found yourself staring at the other “Tight Ends” on the offensive line (with some exceptions) and caught yourself whispering “That’s what I’m talking about!”?
    4/Have you ever peered wistfully at a pileup of “grinding bodies” during a fumble recovery and said to yourself “Oh God, please bring me back in my next life as a pigskin!!”?

    If you can answer NO to all of these questions than I applaud and commend you for your article about the sexual exploitation of the Flight Crew.
    Your article and point is valid.

    However, if you can answer YES to any of those questions, then I submit that you are a hypocrite and your article is either a reflection of that hypocrisy (I hope), or a expression of outrage based on jealousy.

    Football and CHEERLEADERS have been around a long, long time.
    They are intertwined, from the grass roots level and up.
    The actual game itself has been described by psychologists as an expression of male sexual release, as well as an exploitation of the male body.
    Why should the accessories be any different?
    Or discounted by being called exploitive?

    Just my IDiotic opinion, from two time zones away.

  11. pg

    Wow. Islander505 really notices a lot about football players.

  12. pg

    Anywho. I’m with Jane. I think this stuff is really stupid.

    Hailing as I currently do from Boston, I have what’s happened with the Celtics. Seeing them in the old Boston Garden was all about the basketball. In the new Garden, it’s all about the dancers, and Lucky the mascot, and the insanely hyperactive jumbotron, and “Welcome to the Jungle,” and the stupid exhortations to “Make Some Noise!”

    And, I am no prude. Believe me. But I think this stuff is out of place at an NFL game and sends the wrong message to kids. And yeah, that matters to me, because our kids are rabid sports fans. And I don’t want them thinking this is what it’s about. And I want girls to think of themselves as ATHLETES, not eye candy for the men at the game.

  13. Boonie McSchnoogle

    Jets fans need something to look at.

  14. pg

    Sorry, meant to say “hate” what’s happened with the Celtics.

  15. Islander505

    One more thing Jane…

    If you CAN answer no to all of those questions I asked you….well…..Dr. Ruth has an opening on Tuesday at 10AM.

  16. PC

    Football and cheerleaders go together like apple pie and ice cream or Superman and Lois Lane. It’s a man’s game, a war, a gladiatorial event highlighting bone-crushing hits and brilliant strategies. And during the commercial breaks, everyone can sit back and take a breath and look at some hot chicks grinding around in skimpy outfits.

    Football sans a little eye candy?? That’s not America. That’s not even Canada.

  17. Islander505


    “And I want girls to think of themselves as ATHLETES, not eye candy for the men at the game.”

    Nothing wrong with that thought.
    Now, with that in mind….do you do what you can to promote Title IX?
    Do you encourage your girls to become athletes?
    Do you coach or assist or promote athletics in anyway?
    Do you provide alternative options to eye candy?
    Or are you simply content to go into a PREVENT DEFENSE when it comes to raising daughters in order to keep them from simply becoming eye candy?

    There’s nothing wrong with some eye candy in the world.
    No reason not to have athletes and eye candy.

    It’s what keeps the population from dying out.

  18. pg

    Islander, we have 2 boys, both perennial all-star baseball players. Some of their best female friends are athletes. Our older one is also on the high school cross country team and he runs and trains with some girls who are amazing athletes.

    I coach baseball and actively recruit young girls to play youth baseball, youth softball, and high school softball in our town’s programs. My wife and I constantly counsel our sons’ female friends to stick with sports – softball, basketball, soccer, cross country, whatever – to think of themselves as athletes, and not become spectators. It’s a weird, uphill battle. At a certain age, a lot of them just stop playing and just watch.

  19. pg

    PC – the “Flight Crew” aren’t cheerleaders. They’re pole dancers.

  20. PC

    Pole dancers, please. These are young women you’re deriding, pg. They are enthusiastic professional dancers taking part in a fun American tradition.

  21. Eric Mangini

    >>>>Anywho. I’m with Jane. I think this stuff is really stupid.

    Hailing as I currently do from Boston

  22. lea

    Great post!

    (I felt the same way after reading the no-more-pink-jerseys post.)

    I’m a woman. I don’t have a problem with cheerleaders. I was one in high school. But the Flight Crew is just such a…blatant pander? The outfits are terrible (at least give them skirts instead of panties with belts…) and I’m sorry but the dance skills are really quite lacking (aren’t the routines supposed to be synchronized?).

    To me it’s another attempt by the Jets organization to make itself into a “real football organization” capable of charging big money for PSLs. But it’s just so…desperate. And poorly executed. And, yes, demeaning. I am not a prude either, and I don’t have a problem with most NFL cheerleading squads, but the Flight Crew strikes me as vulgar.

    But of course it’s a big hit with the guys in our section. (So thanks for letting me vent!)

  23. Eric Mangini


  24. Tom


  25. KG81

    I like the flight crew. They are no different than any of the other teams cheerleaders (cowboys, bills, raiders). And lets not limit examples just to football teams … are you against the Nets and Knicks dance teams too? How about high school dance teams? Sounds like you have an issue with Cheerleaders/dance teams in general….

    Ever think that the point of cheerleaders is not just to entertain men but to bring women into this male dominated world?

    Also your attempt to play the race card made no sense whatsoever. Comeon, you’re better then that.

  26. Rieber Groupie

    Janie, a little Kettle Whistle for ya, since I picked up on this link from the irreverant Final Score blog at Newsday of which I am the driving force.

    (Cue the steel drums)

    She gets mad
    And she starts to cry
    She takes a swing, man
    She cant hit!
    She don’t mean no harm
    She just dont know
    What else to do about it

    Jane Says!

    Now, leave the lovely Meredith and the stewardesses alone.

    GO RIEBER !!

  27. Alex

    My wife says that they’re NOT “cheerleaders” because they wear too much! Honest to God! Sure enough, we tuned in to watch some of Chad’s game last week, and there was no way to miss that Miami’s cheerleaders wore a lot less, as impossible as that may seem to some of our bloggers. It’s part of the sport to have cheerleaders; they’re there at every level of football played in this country. There’s no problem with being treated as a sex object; the problem occurs when anyone is treated ONLY as a sex object. Most of the bloggers take Jane’s writing seriously most of the time. If they didn’t respect her writing or this forum, they’d leave. Women CAN be seen as sex objects (as can men, which is Islander’s point), and only a dope will see women only as sex objects.

    The saddest part here is that all these responses are to a blog entry that is not about Jets’ play and players; I’ve never seen this many on any regular topic. We prefer to talk at length about social issues instead of about our team? Wait a minute . . . maybe it’s not so sad after all. Now, if the Jets were 7-0 . . . what would we be talking about?!

  28. Jonathan Swift

    Let’s admit it. Some men like to see women as little more than cheerleaders(or Pole dancers). ALTHOUGH, women’s tennis does get higher tv ratings then Mens tennis. The skirts help, as do the longer points.

    But Danika Patrick couldn’t possibly race cars, without doing a spread for FHM. Sports Illustrated best selling issue each year is the swimsuit issue. I’m amazed MLB is in business without cheerleaders.

    Islander 505 – I would assume you’re right, some women do fantasize about Tony Romo, and being under the pile after a fumble…but then another customer appears, their little fantasy moment is broken, and they get right back to work at the 7/11.(or you come home from work…...lol)

  29. pg

    Well, this thread has certainly been a meeting of the minds.

  30. Bob

    While we can certainly make the argument that this style of entertainment has no connection to the sporting contest we purchased tickets to, why would you single out the Jets?

    Have you been to a Knicks game lately? How about an Islanders game? Barely dressed teenage girls cleaning up the crease? Take a close look at the dance team and cheerleaders at a SJU game. Take a trip out to the Island and watch the Wantagh cheerleaders at a HS football game.

    I have a daughter and have never been embarrassed bringing her to an event where there were cheerleaders.

    I did have a minor problem explaining to her why the Governor of NY was utilizing a hooker, and why the Governor of NJ was having sex with other men.

  31. Islander505

    Jonathan Swift..

    “or you come home from work…...lol”

    At which point all thoughts of a QB Draw quickly disappear from her psyche and I am rudely reminded of the jockstrap I left on the floor of the bedroom.

    (“Uh, honey? That’s not my jockstrap?!”)

  32. Islander505


    “How about an Islanders game?”

    HEY HEY HEY Bob….
    Be careful, be VERY careful with my Ice Girls.

  33. Tips

    Always suspected, but never confirmed, thx Jane!



  34. J2B

    i know it’s your first year on the Jets beat, but the Flight Crew has been around for a few years now. before them, they had the “flag guys”. too bad you missed them

  35. Paul

    Lot more going on here than on the Giants blog

  36. Miloslav Mecir

    The Gov paying for a hooker is illegal.
    The NJ Gov having sex with a man is not.
    I hope you clarified that to your daughter

  37. Tomorrow

    Women are always trying to ruin a good thing.

  38. joe b

    Jane…I have a plan. Not a dream. If you really don’t like the cheerleaders, bring your roller derby team to the next game. I am sure that with one trip around the field you ladies can put an end to them. however,don’t get hurt tonight

  39. Jane McManus

    Funny, Joe! But I guess I don’t feel quite THAT strongly about it! The league will have to do without me tonight because I’ll be in Buffalo for the game. Don’t worry, I’ll be covering the game and not the entertainment!

    I have to say that I wasn’t sure what to expect when I wrote this. I thought I’d get more comments like the first one. But most of these comments have been on the merits pro and con. I’ve appreciated both sides, so thanks.

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