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Jane McManus of The Journal News on the Jets.

Delayed Arrival


I’ve been silent. As the lone chick on the Jets beat, in my first year, I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. But I’m a loudmouth, so here goes.

Not a fan of the Flight Crew concept.

flightcrew.jpgI don’t like the banner-waving, lady lump-shaking gals in their designer uniforms, which seem to evoke what men’s wear would look like if it was mostly white underwear bursting out of it.

I may be cynical, but the Jets are coming off a huge problem at Gate D, where boozy men respectfully requested that young women lift up their tops. Maybe it wasn’t so polite. Whatever, the story didn’t make the franchise look great.

As a matter of fact, the Jets made a big deal of announcing they had added security to Gate D and that any fan could text security if there was a problem there. The NFL cracked down on revelry as well, changing the rules about revoking tickets for bad behavior and reducing the hours for tailgating.

So this year, the Jets close down Gate D to the Mardi Gras parade — but hey look at that! Nobody has to get out of their seats to see what looks like women with bras popping out of their cutoff vests! And white ruffles under their abbreviated hotpants! It’s right there on the massive jumbotron. What a relief!

Clearly, the Jets noted a need and addressed it. Except that even the people who wouldn’t have sidled over to Gate D during halftime are now subjected to it, too.

It’s not l that I don’t appreciate suggestive grinding, etc. but what I do in my own home is my business! (That’s a joke there, to show I’m not a prude.) But it’s all about the context. I’m sure there are plenty of ticketholders who really, really enjoy the crew. There are even some of my colleagues who get a little glassy-eyed when they walk by. OK, one colleague, but hey, we’re all human.

Although another colleague pointed out that only two of the women on the crew are African-American.

If people buy tickets to the Jets, they are getting them for a football game, and not some gourmet dining, fireworks, entertainment extravaganza.

As long as I can see the scoreboard, the game and the instant replay, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Then I can go home and watch MTV.

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